We are all one.

The interest is what differs between us.

Some are interested in horses, some football. Some take interests in arts, painting, or the different varieties of roses. Some take interest in sharing universal knowledge, some take interest in sharing love. In fact, all of those interests is sharing love. You may feel like you are not loving enough, not delightful enough and not kind enough. That you take not enough interest in others, or are not generous enough in your words of comfort and love. But we tell you, all is love. A sharing of knowledge is love. Playing football is love. Grooming a horse is love. Facing your fears, and working through the darkness is love. Getting up each morning and going to work to provide for your family is love. Feeling pain because you are so afraid of what the future will bring is also love. Life itself is love, and every part of your life is love.

You do not need the grand gestures to act in love. Being brave enough to carry on living is love. Facing your fears and making your best attempt to push through them is love. What you are all doing, in this brave way of living, is loving. Moving ahead towards the light is love. Placing your trust in the Universe is love. Daring to face another day is love. Accepting yourself, just as you are today, is love.

Love has many faces. What you seem to forget is that you are all love, and all is love, so every act is love in action. Facing pain and fear is love. Continuing to live is love.

You being willing to come to this dense dimension so that We can expand is love, and we are more in awe of you than you can ever understand. We see the struggles and the pain you feel as you push through your fears in this daily uphill climb of ascension.

We see how you keep on walking the path of Enlightenment, not just for yourself but for your sisters and brothers who are still in the darkness. This is love. The way you take upon yourself to clear out your own pain, face your fears, and lose your burdens, that is love. When you leave behind yet another fear, what you think is personally your fear, you are in fact clearing the karma of all those around you, all those “before you” (as there is no past, only now) and all those who will come after. You clear the cellular blocks in humanity, not just within you. This is what love is. What you do for you is also done for humanity, and yet most of you take no credit, you just carry on pushing through.

We ask of you now, see your actions as love. See how you love and act in love for all around you, before you, and after you. See how your actions are the actions in love, with love, from a being of only love.

You are enough, you are living love, and you are sharing love every moment you live and breathe. Do not forget the gift that is you, and the gift you give simply by existing in this world. You cannot imagine the love you are being just by being you, for you are all love. So go into the day, today, and acknowledge that all you do is love. See this love spread, even if others can not acknowledge your love. Your love is needed, and it does make a difference, and it will be received in the hearts of those who surround you, even if their minds do not accept it or acknowledge it. Your love seeps in through the cracks in their hearts, and it works miracles, even in the darkest corners.

Your love is precious, your love is a gift, and you are a gift.

Never forget your gift of you to this world.


Spiritual Guide

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