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Your inner power, and your ability to create the life you desire, is connected to your being. Doing is secondary and doing is what happens as a result of being in your power. But being, being is what your power truly is. As you be, you vibrate your power out through your unique field of energy, and into the larger field of energy of the Universe, of all that is. This vibration is a calling, an instruction, and it calls all other energy into action in alignment with its intentions. Your power, the vibration of your power, calls the energy of All That Is, into action. Your vibration of power sends your intentions out to the Universes, like a command. Effortlessly you create through your vibration, simply through being. 

What manifests in your reality is usually the desire to act, as your energy has been raised by the tapping into your power. When you act, you act from this higher vibration that is in alignment with your power, and your actions hold a great deal of power because of this higher alignment. Things fall into place for you, orchestrated by the command of the vibration of your power, sent to the All That Is through the force of your vibration. You create, with very little effort, and a whole lot of power. 

The more you allow yourself to be, to be in the moment and open up to the inspiration of that moment, the more you practice tapping into your power. The simple act of observing yourself and your reality, rather than reacting, will bring your awareness into the moment. As you stay in the moment, you open up to inner guidance, and to truly taking in and experiencing what this moment has to give you. That experience can be focused on what is going on outside of you, or within you, but either way, the feelings these experiences produce, are always felt within you. Everything you live, is experienced within you, and those feelings are felt within the body. And so is your power. It is an energy that creates feelings in the body, and this energy vibrates out into the rest of Source energy, allowing you to create and attract what you want and need for your exploration. But it all starts within you. Awareness of what is going on within you, of what you are feeling in the moment, helps you to tap into your power. It helps because the practice of being aware of what goes on within, trains your senses to recognize the nuances of your energy. Your power can often be mistaken for anger, or fear, or any other explosive feeling. In fact, any feeling IS an expression of your power. But in the expression of anger, if you are not aware of your power, you often act from a place of feeling powerless, and your reaction and actions are not aligned with your inner truth. 

Through the practice of being aware of your feelings, and understanding the reasons for those feelings, you will practice finding your inner power as a feeling. 

Feelings are energy. Power is energy. When you get angry, there is a surge of energy within you. Instead of acting out on that feeling, try to turn your awareness inward. Notice how it feels in your body. Feel the energy of it. This is an expression of your power. Now, you can use this energy to call someone else wrong or use it to hurt someone who hurt you. Or, you can use this to fuel a creation that is to your benefit. You can harness this energy and use it for something that is more in alignment with who you truly are, and who you wish to be. We are not saying to never call people out on their bullshit, or to allow yourself to be abused. We are saying, learn from the situation and act differently next time. BUT, this energy that you feel rising within you in the expression of anger, that is what you want to focus on! This is energy in motion. It is power. It vibrates a desire, and through your conscious choice you can decide what you want that vibration and desire to be.


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