Another round of heart openings and heart activations are currently moving through the collective. As the cosmic energies asks us to open up our hearts, we move deeper into the energy of who we truly are. So many of us hide ourselves from the outside world through an inauthentic identity. We may be sensitive, empaths or carrying deep wounds from our pasts, and all of this can make us feel unsafe and insecure in a world that requires us to hide our true emotions. Living from a space of a bleeding heart, or a heart of ice after hurt upon hurt, may force us to to shield our true self behind a mask of indifference or pretending to not care.

As the heart activations move to us and through us, the ice starts to melt, the wounds demand attention so we can heal, and our focus is drawn to those we love. Most of all our focus is drawn to the love we hold back from ourselves, and the love we try to stop ourselves from feeling for others. How deeply do you love and support yourself? How do you show up for yourself every day, how do you nourish your own heart, and how do you embrace the emotions that move through you?

The cosmic energies are calling our attention to love and to our values. We are in the middle of a great transition of values, of what we value in others and in how we value ourselves. This transition is requiring us to look at our own patterns of how we show up in the world. Is the persona you project into the world, the YOU that you use to participate in the world, your athentic self? It may have been how you identified yourself 5 years ago, but the past 2-3 years have changed so much inside of all of us. Life has changed us through the experiences we have moved through, and if you go wihtin into you core, you will discover that you sense of Self has shifted. Maybe you feel more like yourself than ever before, or maybe you feel completely new and unknown to yourself. Either way there has been a shift, and now the energies are calling our attention to these shifts. We are called to look at the Self that we feel being rebirthed within us now, and we are being called to take note of how that Self shows up in the outer reality.

Are you truly showing up in a way that is aligned with your Heart? Are you moving, talking, walking, connecting and sharing yourself in a way that is in alignment with who you are today? Are you showing up and making decisions from this alignment with your heart and your new values? Is the effort and energy that you put in every day in alignement with your new values and dreams for what you want you life to FEEL like? Are you following your heart, or are you simply moving along to the old beat, the old pattern of who you used to be?

As your heart opens up, as your heart is being activated, you will become more of your true and authentic self. That self has unqiue and bold dreams for your future, and those dreams can only manifest through you energizing your new found values. Let your heart lead the way. Let others see your authentic self. Be bold and open as you connect to the energy of those around you, and let your love choose where you go. Make choices that feel good from your heart space, and let yourself receive all the love that is flowing to you. Most of all: love yourself. Love the vulnerable and strong, the naked and raw, the bold and the brave Self that is being birthed through these heart activations. Let the world see you so that we may love you, in your true, authentic and beautiful Self.


Spiritual Guide

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