Through your feelings you can become aware of what you are vibrating, and your vibration controls and creates your reality. Controlling your inner environment is your power in action. The more you align with who you truly are, the more power you tap into. The more you align yourself with who you are, and become aware of and control your inner world, the more power you send out into the world, in the shape of the vibration you wish to experience in your outside reality. And the more you see the manifestations of your power in your outside reality, the more powerful you feel. The more you believe in your own power, the more you allow yourself to tap into that same power. And so, the circle goes on, with the outside reality reflecting your vibration, creating for you what you command from your power as the Creator. 

In order to live your dreams, to live your purpose, you must lead yourself on your own unique path. You  must follow your own inner guidance, and that means to lead from the heart, not the mind. The mind is the organizer, but the leader is the heart. You run your state of being from the heart, and fuel it with love. 

This may seem irrational, or simplistic, or unobtainable. How can you govern with the soft and mushy part that does not follow reason? Because the heart goes by the higher knowledge, the infinite and eternal wisdom. Your connection to the wisdom of All That Is, runs through your heart. Your connection to Source, to the Love that you are, runs through your heart. Your heart is a portal, to connect to clarity, to the non-physical guides and supporters, to the infinite wisdom that is yours (called your inner being, which is still YOU), to the part of you that is pure love. This wisdom and clarity that is found through the heart, that is beyond the mind. This energy that is found through the heart, that is the source of your power, the energy that keeps you alive. This is the energy you want to connect to as often as you can. This is the energy you want to align with, and to listen to. This is the energy you want to live. This is who you truly are. 

Connect to your heart, to your inner guidance. Go within, be in stillness, and connect. Listen. This is your guidance. Then let the mind organize what the heart instructs and let the Universe supply for you whatever you need outside of yourself. 


Spiritual Guide

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