Making mistakes and the shame of others knowing I made a mistake?
You never really make those mistakes. When you perceive you have made a mistake it is a reflection of your beliefs. The reflection is of who you believe you are. You believe you are flawed. You believe you make mistakes. You believe making mistakes is wrong and so you feel shame when others see you doing this. You believe they now can see how you are not deserving of love, because you have revealed yourself as someone who make mistakes. You feel caught in a lie, the lie that you have tried to put out there as truth: that you are as good as everyone else, good enough and worthy of love. And then suddenly here you are, exposed as someone who makes mistakes and obviously not worthy of love. The shame is both in making a mistake, in being exposed as someone who makes mistakes, but most of all in being exposed as someone who tried so desperately to be worthy of love and now everyone can see the truth of how you are not worthy. That is what you believe about yourself. That you are someone who deceives others into believing you are just as good as everyone else. And you feel shame for being exposed as the mistake that you are. That is your belief.

Can you see why you were being made aware of your habit of focusing on your apparent mistakes? Can you see that this is just a habit you must let go of? In real life you do not ever make mistakes. All you ever do is make yourself aware of your limiting beliefs so that you can move your focus onto the truth of who you are. You need to become aware of your own perfection. You need to move your focus from seeing mistakes and flaws, to seeing the perfection and flawlessness of who you are. The mistakes are illusions of perception. All illusions are a twist of perception. You are not seeing clearly.

Your awareness is being pulled to notice how you believe you make mistakes. You need to change your focus. Only when you stop believing in the illusion will you be able to drag your eyes away from the perceived mistake and become aware of your utter perfection. But you have to stop focusing on mistakes and flaws in order to move your eyes over to the perfection. The perceived wrongs and the truth of right are on two opposite sides. You cannot look at both at the same time. You perception can only focus on one of those sides. It is up to you to choose which one you wish to see. You know which one will bring you the most pleasure.

The evolution of who you are, the expansion of the love that you are, cannot be perceived by you if you keep looking at the illusion of your flaws. You will only be able to perceive the truth of who you are if you turn your head, your eyes, your focus and your awareness to what is right, what is beautiful, what is good. Turn your focus to love and you will perceive it. Focus on love and you will discover that is what you are. But you must let go of the perception of the illusion. You cannot focus on both at once. You must let go of the illusion that you are flawed.

You believe you can only improve if you become aware of your flaws. That would be right if those flaws were real. They are not. They are of the illusion. You can never improve, because all wrongs and all flaws are not really there. They are illusions only. You are already perfect. Only your continued focus on the illusion of flaws is what is keeping you from seeing your own perfection. When you become aware of the truth of your own perfection you will see the perfection in all of creation. What is within you must also be in all of creation, as there is no separation. A flower can have no flaw, it is pure perfection. As you are one with all that is, so you are one with the perfection of this flower, and you must also be perfect. You must change your focus of perception in order to perceive the truth. The truth is you are perfect, just like all that is. You are one, and you are perfect and complete


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