***Question: I just had a manifestation event where I perceived people close to me as not believing in me, and being focused on how I don’t make any money. So this is a reflection of what?

***Answer: Your own lack of belief in yourself, your abilities and your ability to make money from this. Also your focus on money as the only measurement of success, and the dependency on money as the savior of your life.

You think that until you make money from your abilities they are not really there. As if you are just pretending right now, but as soon as someone pays you for what you do that will make it good enough and real. You are waiting for others to approve of you and give what you do value.

You think the only way to get things is to buy it with money earned. You seem to forget that manifesting is the way you bring it all into your reality, and money is a device for your beliefs, not for the manifesting in itself. Money helps you see it is possible to manifest it, so it makes you believe you can have it. The manifesting of itself is done independently of the money. The money doesn’t actually make the manifesting of anything easier, it just makes it easier for you to believe you can have it and so you are vibrating at the vibration that says “I know I will get this” instead of how you would do it without money “I wish I could have this but I don’t know how”. When you have money you leave the how out of the equation as you know you can always buy it. All you think about then is the fact that you will have it.

The manifesting ability in itself is a given. You do it all day every day, with all the things and experiences that are in your life. Everything, in short, is manifested into being by you, as long as it is in your life. Some things are co-created, but as long as you are not manifesting a city or a government that is not the issue here. Everything material, experiences and all the people and relationships are attracted and maintained by your vibration.

Acquiring things is done mostly by money, for you and in your society in general. This is because you believe this is the way to do it. Further back in time you might have given items and received items, traded the actual items instead of the extra device of money. Further back you might have simply taken it by force, or gathered/hunted from Mother Nature. All based on beliefs.

The problem for most of you is the when and how. You tend to want to control when things show up, as in usually you want it now now now. The universe might disagree because in most cases you take longer to adjust your vibration than you think you do. The desire in itself is only a small part of the manifesting process. The desire only changes your vibration a tiny bit. The biggest part is the belief that it is possible, for you, and that is not only is possible but to KNOW it is done. If you keep thinking about it and keep wondering if it will happen or when it will happen, that means that you don’t believe it.

Manifesting always works. You are always creating. It is simply a matter of WHAT you wish to create. It is just a matter of fine tuning your vibration. Again, if you don’t know the exact feeling to go for, just go for the closest available to you and the Universe will give you opportunities to filter and say yes or no to similar things. You will notice that variations of what you want will show up for you and you can fine tune by saying no not this but this.

This lack of belief in yourself, that you have projected out on your loved ones, that is a nudge to get you to see how you are not vibrating what is most helpful to you. Confidence in yourself and your abilities is a necessity. If you don’t believe it how can others? If you don’t see it how can others? Why do you choose to not believe in yourself? Because, yes, it is a choice. And you can choose differently anytime if you want to. You choose to not believe in yourself because you think that is the safest choice. You think that will make people like you as you are humble. You think if you are a fraud and believe it yourself then at least no one can call you a liar. You already admitted to be a failure so no one can fault you there.

You think you need this safety net? Why? What is unsafe? How can you, God, be anything but safe? You create your own reality, so why would you choose to create an unsafe world? You are pretending to be unsafe and less than God. What a silly game you are playing! How about you choose to be safe? How about you choose to think you are the best there is? How could you lose that game? As long as you believe it that is what will be reflected back to you. Does it really matter if it is “true” or not, as long as you experience it as being true? Do you want to experience being a loser and a failure, a fraud without abilities? Or a success, a Master and a magnificent being with Magic abilities beyond your wildest dreams?


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