Q: How do I find inspiration at work? I feel like I am not good enough at what I do…


A: Who you are is more than your job. Who you are is perfect, limitless, complete. You are love energy. What you sometimes do is create art. Do you see the distinction? You ARE perfect, you are wonderful and amazing and powerful, and you DO your job. What you do does not define you. Do not let it limit you. It is wonderful that you have found a passion in your life, but that does not define you. You are so much more.

Coming from a place of knowing your worth, knowing that you are worthy and perfect and complete no matter how you do your job, will create more of a relief in your work. Understand that you are perfect even when the customer is unhappy with your job. What you do or don’t do, is not what defines you. You are good and perfect no matter how you perform at work. When you can rest in this feeling of self acceptance, you take the need out from what you do at work. When you know you are already and always worthy because of who you are (love energy and God), you don’t need to find approval and love through the job you do.

The more you seek this approval and recognition outside of yourself, the more the outside world will reflect the lack you FEEL within. Notice that it is just a feeling of lack, it is not an actual lack. There is no lack in you, you are perfect and complete, lacking nothing. Nothing can be added to you to make you better, because you are already perfect, and have always been perfect. You are enough, and you are more than good enough. You are simply perfect. You are love.

When you do your job, you have the inner wish to make your customer happy. You see their approval of what you do as a confirmation of who you are. You believe their approval is of YOU, not only your work. But they are judging your work and you based in their own limitations. They might have a bad day, be in a bad mood, and so they need to let this out in some way, and take it out on you. They had a fight with their partner and so they don’t like what you have created for them. They need to let out the negative energy, and as you are a professional and not one of their family, they feel it safe to take it out on you. If they had been in a good mood they would probably have loved your work, but when they feel bad they just hate what you have done for them. Do you see how their satisfaction is not really based in your efforts, but in how they feel about themselves?

Understand that you always do a great job. You have the skills and the talent, and all that is needed to do a great job. Their satisfaction and approval of what you do comes from what you believe about yourself, not what you actually do. Have you not seen how some artists can create a work that looks like shit, yet because it is expensive the customers love it? Why is this? Because the artist believe they are creating a masterpiece. Because the artist believes he is wonderful, and so is his art. The reaction you get from the world outside of you is the reflection of how you feel about yourself and your work. If you believe you are worthy, and you do great work, the outside conditions will reflect this back to you. If you believe you are not good enough, the outside world will reflect that too, even if your work is truly amazing. You cannot get a reflection that is different then what you are vibrating within you. Understand that you are a great artist, and the customers will reflect that back to you. Understand also that even when you do a shitty job, you are still worthy, you are still amazing, and you are still wonderful and perfect. What you do at work does not define you. You are already perfect. You are God.

When you feel good, you are aligned with your true powers. Creativity flows to you. When you feel good, you pick up on inspiration more easily. With your skills and talents you can do great work even when you feel down, but the job will be much more enjoyable if you find a way to feel good more often. 

Relax into the knowing that you have all that it takes to do this job, and do it well. You have proven this by now. You are great at this. Take relief from knowing that if the customer is not happy, it is because of their own issues, not because of the job you have done. They have their own struggles, and they are just using your art as an excuse to not feel good. Take relief from knowing that you cannot do anything wrong. If you create something they don’t like, due to a miscommunication, it is all for their benefit. They have limiting beliefs about how it should look, or around communication or something else that you cannot possibly know. They created this event for themselves. You cannot create in their life, no matter how much you try. They created and organized this event, and you were just the tool. You might feel bad for what has happened, but understand this is something they created for themselves, so they can become aware of their own limiting beliefs. Of course, this will not make them love you more, but as you already love yourself and know you are worthy, you do not need their love. You know they can only love you if they love themselves, and their appreciation of you and your work is a reflection of how much they appreciate themselves. The outside world must always reflect the inside world. 

When you are relaxed, and know that you can do no wrong, you can connect to the guidance that is within you. When you feel good, you find your flow and you find inspiration and creativity. It is all within you, right there waiting for you to use it. You already know all you need to know. You already have all the skills and talents to do what you want to do. You are perfect! All you need to do is remember that you are perfect no matter what the customer thinks. You can never do anything to become less perfect or worthy, because you are perfect simply by existing. Being YOU is all you need to do to be worthy, and it is impossible to be anything but you. You exist, so you are worthy. Otherwise you would not have been created. You are God, the Creator, and you did not make any mistakes in your creation of yourself. You are perfect. Allow yourself to love and appreciate who you are, knowing you are enough, and the relief will guide you to inspiration. Feeling good allows you to pick up on this inspiration, and the creativity you always have within you will flow. 

Just remember that no matter what the result is, you are already good enough. You are perfect, just as you are now.




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