When you manifest, when you create, you do so from your vibration. Your vibration is made up of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings, and your desires and fears. When you desire something there is usually a mental image of that thing or situation. That is fine. However, the important thing is how this mental image feels to you. This feeling is what signals the Universe what you are desiring to create, and this feeling is what will vibrate along with the new creation, clarifying what exactly it is you wish for.

This means that if you wish for a new, red car, but you believe this car will make others jealous of you, you will create something that gives you the perception that others are jealous of you. So it might not even be a car at all, and you might never see the connection between the manifestation of your situation with your jealous friends, and your desire for a red car.

The Universe doesn’t care if you recognize the desire manifested or not, it just provides what you have asked for. The magic wand does not judge, it simply creates.

This is why it is important that you are aware of your inner world. You should aim to be aware of how you feel at any time, and to control your thoughts in such a way that you focus on the feelings you desire to experience again. Your focus dictates what you live in your future moments. Your feelings dictate what you manifest. The mental image has no value for the Universe, other than to make YOU feel a certain way. The mental image is for you, not for the Universe.

You think you want a hat. But what if the thing you really desire is a drone that is invisible, and that always protects you from harsh lighting but at the same time gives you the perfect selfie lighting at all times? What if that is what you could receive, and this in turn will make you a billionaire? But if you keep wishing for a pretty hat, you limit yourself and never see the billions that would have come your way if you asked for a nice head sheltering device. If you insist that the pleasant head device be a hat, you limit what the Universe can bring to you. In your vibration you are screaming “hat” and so the Universe puts the drone back in the closet, gives it to some happy nerd in China, and hands you a pretty hat that you will discard once you see something nicer in an online shop.

Often you let yourself be limited by your small dreams. You want to feel good, so you ask the Universe for something nice. The Universe is ready to deliver anything at all to you, and has plenty of ecstatic and exhilarating experiences for you, but you insist on nice because you cannot imagine anything better coming you way. This way you get nice.

We suggest you aim for a feeling. Detach yourself from the mental image. Use the mental image as a tool to get yourself feeling good, but do not need the manifestation to match this image. Once you can clarify to yourself that the image is not what you desire, but something better that can give you a similar feeling, then you have asked the Universe for a nice surprise at the best and highest vibration you will be able to match once the gift reaches you. Know that your manifestation will have to be at a higher vibration, as it is not in your reality yet, and do your best to use the time until you receive it to heighten your vibration.

The higher vibing you can get yourself in the meantime, the higher vibing and more amazing the manifestation will have to be to match your vibe. This is another way that you can control your manifestation: make sure you keep yourself aligned and in a high vibing state of being so that the manifestation will have to keep improving itself to match your vibe.

The higher you rise, the more magnificent the world around you has to be to match you. Aim for the stars, and be a conscious creator, creating better and bigger manifestations to help you move further up on the vibrational ladder. All the things and experiences in your reality are only here to do one thing: to help you expand into more love and less fear. The higher you keep your vibration, the higher vibing tools you will create to help you reach even higher vibes. Make the reality around you a supportive and fun one, and the journey becomes one of thrill and ease. Play with your power, and be the Master Creator that you truly are!


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