The most important thing about manifesting what you want, is to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back from receiving this thing that you desire. The rest is all about getting out of your own way!

Your potential exists as energy, in your own field of energy. It is a part of you, and a co-creation with the Universe that you cannot be separate from. This potential shapes itself depending on your beliefs. Your beliefs, beneficial and limiting, shape your potential. When you are in the vibrational vicinity of any potential, this touches you as inspiration. The vibrational match between you and this potential, creates a force field of energy that helps you attract thoughts about this, called inspiration. When you ponder this inspiration your limiting beliefs will either hold you back from desiring it, because you see it as too scary or too wild, OR you will create a desire for this potential to be actualized and realized in your reality. Often the fear and the desire are both part of your energy, creating and interesting within-battle to fuel your further expansion. The fact that you feel both fear and desire, means you have a highly potent active energy going on, and this energy will create a lot of feelings. A desire with no fear never truly reaches that same intense level of energy, as it will manifest quite easily and quickly, before your desire truly fuels itself. But when you have fear in the mix, you will withhold what you desire from yourself, and that lack of manifestation heightens your desire. You create more energy, until at some point the force and intensity of the desire is greater than the intensity of your fear, and you move past your limitations and manifest what you desire.

When you want something, ask yourself why you not already have it. For instance a house on the beach, in a new place: What do you believe is holding you back from this thing? Is it lack of money? Fear of leaving your family? The thought of the moving process and all those boxes? Reluctance to leaving the home you have now? Fear of not being happy in the new place? Fear of being lonely? Fear of the unknown? Fear of change? Fear of the loss of your job? There are many fears that can and do work together, in limiting your exploration, and all of those fears can be processed and let go of. You do this one by one. As soon as you decide that you want this thing, that you truly want this, life will help you along by instantly creating manifestation events for you to become aware of your limiting beliefs. You many not see the link right away, but life will bring you the events and thoughts that you need, in order to change. Your job is to be aware of how you feel, and actively engage in your current beliefs, when you feel a slight triggering.

When you allow yourself to desire something, this also brings with it thoughts of how that new life with this new thing will be. You imagine the place, how you fit into that place, how you will feel and what you will experience. As you imagine yourself in those new and different conditions, focus on YOU. Who are you? What is different about that person, compared to who you are today? How has she changed? Probably you see her as more confident, more free, more “light”. What would make you feel more confident, more free, more light, right now? Try to see how you can move towards being that version of you, right now. Because YOU are the ingredient that allows for your reality to change. Your reality changes and shapes itself around you. If your reality is going to change, then you need to change too, and you need to make that change first, before the reality can reflect that change.

And then let go. Detach. Don’t hold your need or your desire too closely, let it fly free like a bird. You create the bird, and then you set it free to dance it’s own way, doing the job for you. See it as if the desire is the energy that pulls all parts of your creation into action. See it as the desire is the one doing the job, and you are simply looking forward to it. See it as a thing you know will happen, and so you don’t worry about how or when, you just let it work itself out. That way you take the need out of it, and you simply look forward to it. You allow it to unfold, without clinging too closely. You let go of your attachment, and stay open to be surprised by how this will come about. Staying open means to be aware of inspiration, and to act on that inspiration when it comes. And if nothing comes from that act, then don’t worry about it. It helped to shift something within you, energetically. The necessary change that comes from action, is rarely the outside result of the action, but the energetic change that happens within you when you push yourself to act. That pushing past fear, that choice to act, is most often the change and the important part of the action, and the reason for your inspiration. That inner change will be reflected outside of you. You tend to believe that you action created that outside shift, but the truth is that the choice to act, and your will to go ahead and act, created an energetic change within you. That energetic change within you then created a change in your reflection. Do you see the difference?

Be aware. Be confident of the manifestation, but be detached to how and when. Be curios. Enjoy the process. And most of all, enjoy how you are shifting and expanding in the process of manifesting your desire. That inner shift is always what you truly want!


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