When you let go of judging something as good or bad, you don’t strip life of meaning, you add meaning to all of it. When you judge something as bad, you start to resist it’s existence in your reality. Yet, it is there because it is a match to something in YOU. Judging it as unwanted is fine, you don’t have to like everything. You can see it as unwanted, and yet accept that it is there. The importance is not the unwanted thing in your outside reality, but what it points to in your inner world. If you don’t like something outside of you, it is because it points to something unpleasant or uncomfortable within you. Something that causes you pain. You see, it is not the outside thing that causes you pain, but the fact that this thing outside of you keep reminding you of the pain within. If this unwanted thing in your reality was not there, you would not have to be constantly poked in one of your sore spots.

In this way the judgment is actually very helpful. The unwanted will always tell you that there is a wound within you, a wound that needs attention. The wanted is there to make your life fun, so that part is easy to accept. The way that judgment sometimes can be not so helpful, is when you use judgment to cloud your vision of what the unwanted is pointing to. Sometimes, often, the mere judgment of something as unwanted, creates such a state of distress in you that you are unable to see past your judgment to hear the message. You can only focus on your resistance to what is, your resistance to the unwanted, and how much you want it gone. You spend a lot of energy trying to avoid the unwanted, and fixating on how wrong it is that it appears in your reality. In this stressed and fearful state you attract more of the same: unwanted, and you make the manifestation worse and worse for yourself. As the manifestation of the unwanted grows, so does your resistance, naturally. And the cause to all of this: your judgment of something as wanted, and the resistance to the unwanted. If you could not resist the unwanted, not resist fear or negative emotions, but simply allow them to exist, then you could move past the resistance and to the core. You could discover the message these unwanteds, the fear, brings you, and you could find the wound within you that the unwanted is pointing to. By focusing on the inner pain, the inner wound that creates the outer unwanted, you would be able to solve your pain with much less resistance to life. The pain overall would be much less.

Judging something as unwanted or wanted, is the same as saying something is yellow or blue. It is just a label, you are correct. And it makes life more fun. The “problem” is that some of these labels make you feel fear, you resist the thing as soon as you have a label on it, because you blame the thing itself for your negative feelings. If you are looking at something called yellow, you don’t decide that must be the reason you feel sad. But when you judge something as wrong, bad, unwanted, too much, too little, too short, too tall, ugly, painful, disgusting, illegal, cruel, then you blame that thing you have labeled as the cause of your pain. Then the label is no longer helpful or fun, it is simply making your job harder. The job as creator is already challenging enough, without you judging the tools of your trade as bad tools. The unwanted and fear, are tools of your trade, meant to help you understand you have limiting beliefs, so that you can change. By blaming the tools, by calling the creation wrong, you are simply refusing to take responsibility for your creation. Not helpful, as it makes life more painful, and because it makes it that much harder to uncover the cause of the creation. The creative process always works perfectly, but sometimes your drawings are off, and that is what needs your attention.

If you could let go of trying to remove the outside conditions, or change them, and then focus on the within to create the change you desire to see, then your judgments will be helpful. If you can use the judgments as simply labels that help you direct your focus to where it needs to go, within, then you are using your tools in an excellent manner. Remember, you are the one who add meaning to the labels. YOU decide. When you can judge something as unwanted, and still appreciate it’s presence in your reality, because it helps you to fine tune your creation, then you are using your judgments to great benefit to your creation and your expansion of your own creative powers.


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