You feel limited by your lack of money, because lack and limitation is a vibration you carry within you. You limit yourself in how you express yourself, what you allow yourself to do, and that feeling of limitation is then reflected in your outside reality where you feel limited by money.

You give and give and give and experience getting less in return, because you use your giving to feel worthy and to try to create a sense of worthiness where you feel unworthy of receiving. Instead of feeling worthy just as you are, you try to counter your feeling of unworthiness by giving more and more and more. And the world around you seems to not appreciate and value what you give, because they are reflecting how you yourself don’t see the value in what you do/create/give.

You express a desire to to be able to give to your family instead of them always giving to you. Clearly you feel uncomfortable receiving from them without being able to balance the scale or give more than what you are receiving. Why? Because you don’t see the value in you simply existing. You feel like in order to create balance in your relationship you must give more than you are getting, or give back equal to what you receive, which will look like you over giving because you are unable to see the value in what you give so you give more than what you got. This constant attempt to create balance and become worthy through over giving is what is making you feel so drained in your work. You give and give and yet it seems to never be enough. And it will never BE enough until you decide that you are already enough. The enough-ness comes from your vibration, and it is not determined by a certain amount of giving or a certain result in those that receive. You have to realize that you will never feel like you give enough, until you understand and truly believe that you are enough even if you don’t give anything. You just existing is enough. The giving and doing is then the cherry on top, and it is something you do because it feels good and you enjoy it. It doesn’t add any value to you, and it doesn’t make you more worthy. The doing and the giving will not make you worthy of receiving more, because you already are worthy of receiving anything you desire.

When you manifest money (or anything else you desire) you do so from and with your own energy. When you create an online course you produce energy within your own bubble of reality. That energy is then manifested as wisdom and a product online. You just used your own energy to manifest a product. You simultaneously have a desire for money. Because you now feel worthy of receiving money, after having done/given something, you are now a vibrational match to receiving that money. The money you get when someone buys your content is actually also your own energy. You are giving it to yourself. No one else has the power to create in your reality, so whatever you receive is YOUR energy. You just used the appearance of energy exchange to validate to yourself that you are now worthy of receiving that money. The customer had a desire for knowledge. Through spending money they are now feeling worthy of receiving knowledge, and so they manifest your course. They are a match to receiving wisdom and they “download” this from Source, but it appears to come from you. But you still have wisdom inside of you, so you haven’t actually lost anything.

Because you believe in the manifestation process of “giving something then allows me to receive” as a cause and effect, your reality will produce a line of events that go in this order: You create/give and someone else buys/gives to you in exchange for your product. There seems to be an energy exchange where their desire for your wisdom allows you to receive their money. But that would mean that they have the power to determine if you can get what you want or not. What happens is that you in your reality bubble create something and then that creation allows you to feel like you are worthy of receiving abundance. At the same time the customer gives money to you and that makes them feel worthy of receiving wisdom. Two separate bubbles giving the appearance of an energy exchange because that is the process you both believe in. It manifests as this give and take process because that is the events that opens you both up to receiving what you desire, due to your beliefs that you must do or give something to become worthy of receiving what you desire.

At the core of all this is your belief that you are not worthy as you are, and so you must DO or give in order to create that worth. And in that belief is also the belief that others hold the power to give you what you desire, or withhold it. If they don’t like what you are offering, you will not receive your abundance. If they judge you as unworthy of their money, you will not receive the money you desire. So you keep trying to make the world outside of you see your worthiness through giving more and more. Which never feels good because you keep getting the reflection of not being good enough. You keep getting your beliefs validated.

You don’t feel valued by the outside world because you don’t see the value in what you have to offer, or in what you give. The reflection of you not owning your value is that people around you are not willing to pay for your services, they don’t value what you offer. You don’t see the value in what you do or give because it all comes from you. If you are worthless or without value, then of course what comes from you or is created by you must also be of no value. You have to realize the incredible value in what you give, and then that vibration is what will allow you to receive the abundance and the love that you long for. Currently you see money as an expression of the love and appreciation you are NOT getting. You see the lack of money as validation of how other people don’t love you, how they don’t appreciate you and how they don’t value you. They appear to not see the value in what you do, but this is a reflection of you believing that people don’t love YOU. But is this really true? Are you not appreciated and loved for who you are? Remember that the illusion of you not being valued is creating your current perspective. You perceive what is in alignment with your beliefs.

You do have so much more potential, and the way to tap into that is by believing in yourself. Believing that what you have to give is valuable, important, and unique. Believe that this value comes from YOU, from you being your unique self, and that people love and want what you give because it comes from you. You are the value! Your psychic abilities are a part of this value, because it is simply a part of who you are. You just have to start believing in yourself and in your abilities, and believe that what you have to give has immense value. You were built for this, created to be YOU exactly the way you are, because you being you is what the world needs. What you do is an extension of you, an expression of who you are, and that is why it is valuable. You are exactly what the world needs right now, which is why you are here! You limit your abilities by doubting the messages that come to you, or ignoring them, and by trying to create a separation between the thoughts and insights that you perceive to be coming from you and those that you perceive to be coming from your guides. There really is no separation. You have this idea that information is more valuable coming from your guides, and so when you perceive it to be coming from an entity outside of yourself, you give it more meaning and more importance.

When you perceive the wisdom to come from yourself, you devalue it and doubt it. But the information is Source energy and it is coming to you because you are a vibrational match to receive it. It is like receiving a new car from either the salary you make from a job (getting money from your boss) or getting a new car from your parents. You had to be a match to receive that money either way, and you perceive yourself to be worthy of it because you traded time for money when it comes to your job, but probably you feel guilty for receiving it from your parents because what have you to give them in return? In truth, you manifested that abundance/car from your own energy, and the way you got it was the lesson that you needed to learn. You either need to learn to receive from the ones that love you, or you needed to learn to see the value in what you do at your job. Either way the abundance is coming from YOUR energy, it is you giving to yourself through the perception of receiving it from someone else. The point being that the car is of the same and equal value no matter how you receive it. There are a whole different set of limiting beliefs and a test to your sense of worthiness when you receive if as a gift from your parents, but the value of the car remains the same. The value of the information you receive is the same whether you perceive it as coming from you or from your guides. You just need to learn to see the value in the information that you attract directly. Stop limiting yourself and what you allow yourself to receive, based on your perception of worthiness (or lack of worth).

You are worthy. You are valuable. What you create and give is valuable. You have to start seeing that value in yourself before it can be reflected. If you see money as a representation of love, of being loved and appreciated, you have to start believing that people love and appreciate you before you can perceive them to give you that love and appreciation (money).


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