And I said to her: “Because I believe in their power. I don’t believe in mine”.

You don’t believe in your power. You don’t believe you are powerful. You do believe that others are. Somehow you can see power in them, but refuse to acknowledge your own. Somehow you see a part of your power reflected in them, and you believe the reflection is their power. What you don’t see is that the original, the power you see a tiny reflection of in them, that original is so much more than what you can see in the mirror.

You are so much more.

When you connect to your power, to the power that is you, you will be swept away. You are that powerful. But you fear that power because you can somehow remember that it is huge. You fear it because you can sense it. You know somehow that if you open the floodgates you will be swept away. No longer in control. And that loss of control is what you fear. But dear one, don’t you see that the only true power you can ever find, is that ocean that sweeps you along? You are that ocean. You are that power. Just because you close your eyes to it does not make it disappear. Refusing to see it does not mean it is not there. You can continue to try to fight it, to keep those gates closed, but it is a struggle. Why not open the gates and let yourself be rushed down the river, down to the ocean that is you. And from this ocean you are set free, you set yourself free, and you live from the power that you are.

Your reflection is you. The mirror image you see in them is you. Your power is what you are. You cannot escape who you are. Stop the fight and recognize and accept the power that is within you. This is yours. Use it. Be it. Live from this power. Be who you are. You do not need permission to be who you are.


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