Q: I hear over and over that this is a feeling Universe/reality and the key to manifesting one’s  desires is to  “feel” good as much and as often as you can.  However, our spiritual leaders warn that if you set the intention to “feel good” in order to realize your desires; you are actually trying to control the conditions and you will block that which you want from entering your reality.  So my question is….how can I feel good without trying to control the conditions?  How can I get to the “feel good” spot that reduces my resistance and control and allows my desires to manifest in my reality?

A: Feeling good is not trying to control the conditions. The conditions is what is outside of you. Within you is the Creator and the creative energy. Controlling what is going on within is a good thing, trying to control the outside is neither good or bad, but it is not helpful. It is also impossible. 


What is important when you are feeling good is to do so with no attachment. Just like when you follow up on inspiration. In both instances you need to do so with no attachment to the outcome. When you follow inspiration to act, do so because the act is challenging or fun, and let go of any attachment to what this act will lead to. You cannot possibly know what the act will lead to, because you are not yet a vibrational match to the completion of this act. If you were, you would already have done it. The act in itself is what will change your vibration as you do it, and this change will take you one step closer to being a vibrational match to your desire. So what is occurring is a chain of manifestation events that changes your vibration into a vibration that is the match to the vibration of the thing that you desire. Through this process you change your vibration and become a version of you that is vibrating in tune with a reality where you and this desire are both physical. This means that you change from being the person who is living in a reality where your desire has not physically manifested, but is only a non-physical manifestation (a thought and a feeling), into being a person that exists in a reality where this desire is a physical manifestation. You literally shift from one reality to another. You shift from one version of you to another. You are hopping from one dimension to another.

When you feel good in order to manifest something you are feeling good but with attachment to the outcome. You are feeling good, but you are also constantly aware of the lack of what you desire. Because of your attachment to the outcome of this “act” of feeling good, you are also focusing on the fact that your desire is not yet manifested for you. That means that your vibration is vibrating “I do not have it”. You are vibrating lack of what you want, while trying to feel good. You are feeling good 50%, and feeling bad 50% because you are attached to the idea of the lack of your desire. So when you are attached to the need of manifesting what you want, and through this attachment you are focused on the lack of it, you are vibrating a very mixed vibration. This is not bad, and it does not stop the manifestation process. It simply slows it down. When you feel good for the reason of manifesting something you are slowing down the process because of your attachment to the outcome.

The easier way to manifesting is to feel good, and to accept that the manifestation will come when it is the perfect time for you to receive this. You are absolutely in control of the process, through your manifestation events and through your changing vibration, but as this is quite a complex process we suggest you pick the easy path and leave the controlling to the Universe. If you can let go, surrender into knowing all will happen when it is meant to happen, you can let go of the attachment to having your desire manifested right now. Do not set a deadline on your manifestation. You are not yet of a vibration high enough to see what is best for you. You do not know where your path will lead you. Trust your inner self and the wisdom she/he carries, for they are you. Trust that within you is a wisdom that is beyond what you can now comprehend. Trust that this wisdom knows what is best for you, and when is the best possible timing for the manifestation of your desire. As you detach from needing your desires to manifest at any specific time, you will be able to go through the necessary manifestation events to change your vibration without any pressure to perform or succeed. You will go from one step to another with very little pressure, and with ease. You will enjoy your life even without this desire manifested, and you will see that you do not really need it manifested, because your life is already good. You will detach from the need, and you will feel good simply because you feel good. And that is when you allow the Universe to deliver to you with express speed. Your detachment is the express signal to deliver to you what you desire. Because you are detached you are saying to the Universe that you no longer need this thing. This is the same feeling you will have when the manifestation arrives: because it has arrived you are no longer vibrating “need”. You will be vibrating “contentment” and satisfaction because you now have what you wanted. You no longer need it. But when you can get to this state of not needing, of detachment before the desire is manifested, that is when you super-speed your manifestation. 

Manifesting can seem tricky, but really all it takes is to desire and then let it go and be happy without your desire. Through this process of delayed manifestation you are given the opportunity to realize that your happiness is not in any outer manifestation. Your happiness lies within you. Your happiness and joy in being is totally within your control. As you create desires and go on living without their physical manifestation, you come to discover that you do not need anything outside of yourself in order to be happy. You come to learn that happiness resides within you. You come to see that the happiness you seek IS you. You are the love you are searching for. You are the creator of your own happiness.

If you had manifested your desires instantly you would never have learned this. Through your delayed manifestation, through your desires and then your detachment to the fulfillment of your desires, you discover the beauty and the power of who you really are. You discover the joy and bliss of being exactly who you are. You discover the blessing of being you. For you are the One. And who you are is Joy.


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