The word love holds its own vibration. That is the vibration that is unique, that comes from the letters and the word, how it’s pronounced. Then there is the vibration of love energy, that is also infused in the word love. Then there is the vibration that comes from millennia of years when people have been saying that word, like a mantra. That is another power that is infused in the word.

As you write “love” you infuse your own energy into love. Just like you infuse your own energy into the word “shit”, or “tomorrow”. Your energy is in everything you write, everything you say. Everything you do. Let’s say it this way: everything you do, everything you say, everything you write happens within your energy. It never leaves your energy. It is always within your energy. That means that everything that happens within your energy, is your energy. when you write “love” you bring the energy of love into your energy. When other people read the word “love” that you have written, they read it within your energy. That is why your energy is so powerful when someone is watching you on YouTube, or when someone is reading a message from you, because it is still within you. it is still written within you, it is still an image within you. When someone reads or listens to something from you, it is within your energy. And they are perceiving it as their energy meets your energy, and they are blending, mixing with, into your energy. So in that interaction of their eyes meeting your picture on a screen, or your words, or their ears hearing your voice, there is an interaction of energy. It doesn’t matter if they are on the other side of the world, because space is an illusion.

As you connect through your words, your voice or your written words, or your image, there is an energetic connection, an energetic mixing or blending, and energetic interconnection. That is why it’s such a powerful experience to watch or to read, or to listen, because you are literally joining energies. There is no space. In those moments you are mixing.


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