There is a difference between laziness and just being smart with your actions. Many people are addicted to doing, because they believe that doing is what creates the results. They believe that if they simply do enough, they will get what they desire. They believe that if they just work hard enough, effort enough, they will feel worthy. As if struggles and efforting somehow earns you your worthiness. Which of course is not true, as you and all others are worthy no matter how much or little you do. Doing becomes an addiction to soothe the feelings of not being enough, and through doing more one tries to become more, in order to finally be enough. This kind of doing will never create the desired results, because it can only ever reflect the inner feeling of not being enough. No amount of fear based doing will create the feeling of being enough that so many desire, or create the satisfying results of achieving what you thought you wanted. Long story long: being lazy is not a bad thing. To do as little as possible, and get maximum results, is smart. It is effortless manifestation. And many who are labeled or label themselves as lazy, are simply expert manifesters.

The old approach to life is to struggle and effort, put in a lot of work, to get the results you desire. This is based in fear, in feeling powerless, and it upholds the belief that life is hard and hard work is necessary to succeed. It is an illusion. Manifestation is effortless, and easy, when done from a place of love and power. When you create from pure desire, with little or no attachment, no fear and no limiting beliefs, it is effortless! You see, it is not your action that creates, but your inner power. Your vibration attracts through the energy of your desire, and what you desire can manifest with no effort whatsoever. The only effort is where you need to change your vibration in order to become a match to what you desire, for instance change your beliefs and let go of a limiting belief. The effort is then in you deliberately changing your beliefs, so that you align yourself with the manifestation of your desire. This effort happens on the non-physical level, and is much more powerful than the physical effort of trying to create through actions. Very often the physical actions you take, are only tools to get you to change your vibration. For instance, if you believe that you must work hard in order to manifest something, then doing that hard work will help you feel worthy of the thing you desire. When you work hard, and then feel worthy because you have suffered, you believe you have earned the manifestation of your desire, and because you now feel worthy of it, it will manifest. The manifestation doesn’t happen as a result of your hard work directly, but as a result of you feeling worthy of the manifestation due to your belief that hard work makes you worthy.

So while you see yourself as lazy, this may not be true. And your judgment of being lazy as something bad, is most definitely not true. Thinking of yourself as lazy, as having a bad trait, is most certainly not beneficial. Can you change this perception to one where you see yourself as smart and aligned with inner power? One where you are wise enough to not waste time on struggles, but instead simply sit and wait and do the inner work until you are aligned and can effortlessly create from your inner power? Whatever you choose to believe about yourself will have to be reflected in your outside reality. And all that effort you spend judging yourself as lazy, and trying to not be lazy, can now instead be spent on changing your beliefs so that you see yourself as worthy of receiving whatever it is you desire.


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