Everyone is experiencing their lives in unique ways. What is painful to you might be enjoyable to someone else. Perspective is unique and so your judgment will always be limiting and limited when you try to interpret what an experience means to another person. There is always more love available in all lessons, there is always a higher perspective. Be aware of how attached you are when you judge someone else and how right or wrong their experience is. What is this judgment pointing towards in yourself?

As you experience life and grow into the one you are meant to be, you discover wisdom within you. You discover the inner beauty of the love that you are. This love was always there. Your wisdom was always there. Through the energy that created and keeps creating you, you tap into eternal and endless wisdom. Because you ARE that wisdom. Your experiences and your expansion is what creates this wisdom. It is you. The beauty that you discover in your love within, that beauty was always there. In your feelings of unworthiness you could not see it. Now as you expand and grow, you discover your self worth once again. It was always there. It is you. You are that energy of love. Your expansion is an expansion into remembering who you have always been. 

As you expand and remember the love that you are, you are creating more love within you in this powerful process of loving what you believed was unworthy of love. The compassion you show for the parts of you that you thought were unlovable, creates more love in all that is. Your expansion from unworthiness to worthiness creates more love for all beings, than the love you would have created had you always felt worthy. Every experience of pain that you survive creates an opposite reaction of love. The duality of pain and pleasure is a tool for you to love more. Duality creates an expansion of love. And as you expand so does all that is. Because you are one, and as the part expands into more love, so does the whole. 

When you live in the illusion, buying into the ideas of the illusion, you see yourself as separate from Source. You see in yourself a lack, you see limitations, and you see fallibility. This perception is of the illusion. That means it is not true. You are looking at images that do not exist. But in your perception they seem real. You can choose to continue to believe in this illusion, or you can choose to change your perception of yourself and see past the illusion. You can choose to perceive yourself in your true image, and thus seeing the reality around you as what it truly is: a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. The reality around you will always reflect your beliefs. Or rather, your perception of the reality, will reflect your beliefs. If you believe you are a victim, and thus separate from Source, you will see a reality that treats you badly. If you believe you are not good enough, and thus separate from Source, you will feel not good enough and see this reflected and proved to you in your outside conditions. 

These beliefs of victimhood and unworthiness are due to the belief of separation. If you knew that you are the one, true energy that is Source, you could not feel unworthy. If you knew that you are the creator of all that exist, you knew you could never be a victim. If you were fully aware of your divinity, of being eternal, of being the creator of all creation, you would never feel less than perfect. Any and all negative feeling, any pain and sorrow, it all comes from believing that you are not Source. It is based in the belief of separation. It is the byproduct of your belief that you are not one with the energy that creates life. You buy into the illusion of separation so that you can justify feeling less than. 

Any flaw you perceive within you is a part of the illusion. Any negative feeling you have is a sign that you are buying into the illusion. Any belief in lack or unworthiness is a part of the illusion. 


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