Allowing means to stop resisting what is. Giving in to the divine timing, where you don’t have to stress to make things happen, because a higher power is in control. Letting go of control and just going with the flow is your higher state of consciousness. Everything has been prepared for you to step into your Mastery, your life purpose. You just have to stop resisting yourself and your higher guidance. Allow it to be revealed to you in perfect timing, and enjoy what is, as you pay attention to and act on the inspiration that comes to you. Let yourself be led, by your higher consciousness, into a merge with this same energy. When you don’t know, you can be surprised!

You are the creator of your reality. Your reality is created as a reflection of your beliefs about yourself, as a reflection of your vibration. Your vibration attracts experiences, people and objects into your reality. Only you can create in your reality. Your desires are also a part of your vibration, and when you create a new desire, this gets included in your vibration and the energy of your vibration starts attracting the fulfillment of your desire into your reality. YOU do this, because only you can create in your reality. As your reality is created through your vibration, it is technically impossible for someone else to create for you, because no one else can be your vibration. Your vibration is YOU. 

When you set your intentions for this exploration, on a soul level before incarnating, those intentions created much of your potential. This potential is made up of a wide range of vibrations, some are high vibrating and some are low. Some potential you can only reach from a higher consciousness (less fear and more love) and some you can reach at a lower consciousness. The lower vibrational desires lead you to the higher ones. You have created a path for yourself, through following the fulfillment of your desires. Every time you  discover a new desire for something, that is you intuitively sensing your own future potential. Your soul intentions created this potential, and this potential exists within you as energy. When you are a vibrational match to that potential (in the vicinity of it) you will discover a new desire within you. This desire will then lead to the next desire, and the next, and all will be a part of the path that allows you to explore your souls intention and purpose for this life. 

Your desires can only come to you because you have the potential to experience the fulfillment of this desire! You sense your potential, and your way of pointing yourself to the fulfillment of your soul intention, is to create a desire for the fulfillment of your potential. This means that if you have a desire, any desire, you have within you the potential to experience the manifestation of that desire. Your desires literally guide you towards your life purpose!  


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