There are millions of people out there in the world needing your light, craving your medicine to help them heal themselves. But they can’t find you, because you are dimming your light by telling yourself that you are not good enough, not perfect enough, not smart enough. When you believe you are unworthy, or that people don’t love you, your reality must reflect that. That means that those out there who want to love you and are looking for someone just like you, they can’t see you. They can’t find you because you are insisting on not being worthy of their love and appreciation.

Your fear of being loved and feel unworthy of that love, of being loved and then rejected, or of being discarded after you have opened yourself up to the world, that fear is blocking these people from coming into your life. Your fear of being seen as imperfect, or being exposed as unworthy (how you imagine yourself) means that these people can’t find you. They’re ready for you, but you resist your path out of fear of being seen in the complex and contrasting totality of who you are.

But don’t you understand: these contrasts within you of light and dark, love and fear, sadness and joy, that is exactly what makes you so powerful and so valuable to those in need! 

Let go of the need to be perfect, and embrace your contrast, embrace your humanness. Let yourself be seen in all your glory, light and dark, and accept that this, THIS, is what makes you so endearingly lovable and majestic. Your ability to embrace and hold both your shadow and your light, that is what is needed right now.

Let go of your fear of being seen, your fear of being loved, and let those in need of your medicine find you. Step into the light, in your truth, in your nakedness. The world needs you, just as you are. 


Spiritual Guide

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