Your desires are connected to your soul intentions- your desires and fear will tell you what you could be walking towards, but also what is holding you back. Your desires pull you forward, and your fears hold you back. Which are you feeding into and making stronger? You can feed desires, or you can feed fear. At some point the inner conflict will push you either into action or into a negative manifestation, urging you to move forward and follow your dreams. 

Listen to the guidance of your desires! Allow yourself to be moved forward by the flow that moves through you. Letting go of fear and raising your vibration will unlock more of your innate abilities. It will bring more clarity about your own path, and your mission in this life. This mission is connected to your dreams and desires. Your abilities have been created in order to help you on this mission, to aid you in your exploration of your own unique path.

The easiest way to access your inner power, to unlock your power, is to live your purpose. Before you chose to incarnate into this lifetime, you had certain intentions for exploration. You wanted (and still do) to explore yourself and express yourself in certain ways. There is a path of expression and exploration that is more beneficial for you, than any other path. Once you are on this path, the energy flows more freely, it flows quicker, you create more effortlessly, and you become more of who you are. How and why? Because the part of you that is pure love, pure Source, is always guiding you. This part of you wants to explore according to your Soul’s intentions. Remember, this part is still, and always you. It is not some part outside of you, it is you. 

This pure love part of you wants to explore according to these intentions, and so when you act and be in alignment with these intentions, you unlock more of your energetic power. You act and be in alignment with your truth, with who you really are. When you live in accordance with your purpose, you feel good, because you are doing what you intended and still want to do. This is the highway to your expansion, and to fully becoming who you truly are. The more you align with who you truly are, the more energy/power you access. The more energy you access and use, the more easily you create what you wish to experience, because you have more force behind your creational powers. You vibrate at a higher vibration, attracting more forcefully and quicker, and this creation exhilarates you! Watching your power, seeing your power, feeling your power, feels good. Seeing the manifestations of your power in your outside reality fuels your beneficial beliefs about your power, and this again raises your perception of self to a higher vibrational perspective. You fuel yourself through your own power, and through the use of your own power. It feels good because this is how you are supposed to live! 

You are supposed to be who you are. 

You are supposed to tap into more of the energy that is YOU. 

You are supposed to use the power that you are. 

You are powerful! 

You, as the Source expression, want to explore certain things in this life. When you explore in alignment with these intentions, you enjoy life more. You access more of your power, you find it easier to be who you are, you want to be who you are because you see the value in who you are. When you live in alignment with these intentions, living your purpose, you let go of fear as you explore your purpose, and you give yourself access to more of the power that you are. You explore more of the power that is you, literally exploring who you are, through this specific path. You unlock more of your power because that is a part of this path, and because your power is essential to exploring life and yourself. 

For much of your life you have explored who you are in a very limited capacity. Now is the time to start exploring the power within you. The power of who you are, and the true power of you as the Creator. 


Spiritual Guide

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