Because you have lived around other people, there are expectations about who you should be. Based on who you were in the past, there is an image for you to live up to, being the same today as you were yesterday. This is to make yourself and others feel safe. If you were good enough yesterday, you must be so today. Does that mean that if you were not enough yesterday, you could not be enough today?

You decide how, when and if to change. If you want to be the same as you were yesterday (mostly) then do so. If you wish to change by becoming someone else or showing that other side of you, then do that! You decide who you are. You decide what you want to live out. You decide if you want to change. Just because you were pretending to be who you were not yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to keep on pretending today or in the future. You can change at any minute. But to do that, you need to allow yourself to change. You need to lessen the judgment and criticism for a minute so that you can test the waters in your new Being. You need to allow yourself to test who you are, to test what you truly like and dislike. You need to give yourself time and space to explore the real you, without constantly commenting on how wrong you are for not already deciding or knowing. You are meant to explore. You are meant to try new things. You are meant to expand into the unknown. Part of the fun of expansion is not knowing who you are becoming. The potential in front of you changes as you decide where to go and what to do. The potential is constantly changing and shifting along with you.

That means that every decision you make is changing the potential you have in front of you. By choosing to limit yourself through creating more rules and regulations for who you can be, you are limiting the potential of who you can be tomorrow. By staying open and not limiting what you allow yourself to explore and express in this moment, you are opening and expanding the opportunities and the potential for your future. The more you allow yourself to try out new sides of who you are, to explore different traits within yourself, the more you will find the confidence to accept all parts of yourself.

Exploration leads to acceptance. Acceptance of what is leads to a new perspective, where you, through the eyes of unconditional love can truly see the perfection that you are. Once you allow for the possibility that you are perfect, enough, and complete, you will be led to see it with clarity. But you must allow for that possibility to occur first. You must shape your perception today, into allowing for that potential to be created for tomorrow.


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