Awareness and being present

Your connection to You

Awareness is the key to following your own inner guidance. You cannot follow any kind of guidance that you are not aware of. If you are not aware of it, you are blind and deaf to it. So how do you become aware of the guidance that is always flowing to you? 


By being present in the now moment, you turn all your attention and focus on what is happening here and now, both outside of you and within. You take in the energies that are experience as outside conditions, and you take in what is happening energetically, emotionally and mentally within yourself. Your present moment awareness opens you up to receive information from yourself, from your interpretation of the outside reality, and from the non-physical realms. Presence in the here and now is your starting point. 

It is so easy to get distracted and let yourself drift off into the past, remembering or regretting, or into the future worrying or planning. There is nothing wrong with letting your mind wander, but it takes you awareness out of this present moment. You are not fully present, and your energy is scattered across the dimensions where you focus your mind. You may be in the body, but you are not present in the body. 

When you pull your attention back into this now moment, into your body, you are able to tune into whatever feelings that are flowing through you. Your feelings are the messengers that will give you the information that you need in order to better understand your current vibration, and to understand if this current vibration is a match (or not) to the manifestation of your desires. 

Everything that you desire is available to you, but it may not all be manifested right here in your current dimension. In order for you to experience these desires in a manifested shape, you have to become a match to the reality/dimension where these things exist as physical manifestations. You have to move yourself into alignment with the reality where your desires are already manifested. You do this by changing your vibration so that it aligns to the vibration of you existing in that specific reality where your desires are manifested. You change you in order to experience a different reality than your current one. If currently you are existing in a reality where your desires are not manifest, then you need to change your vibration in order to shift into the version of you that does exist in a vibrational alignment to experiencing your desires manifested. Your feelings will tell you if you are moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. Your feelings will tell you if you are aligning to those other dimensions, or not. You don’t even have to consciously know where to go, and you certainly don’t need to plan or figure out how to get there. You only need to follow the inner guidance of your emotions, and let go and surrender into the flow of the greater energy that is always trying to move you into alignment with what you desire.

When you are aware of what is happening within you emotionally, you are able to tune into these signals and let these signals be your guide in life. Your own inner guidance is attuned to your heart, and your heart is attuned to your Soul and the wisdom and intelligence of Source. You are Source, and as the Soul energy you remember who you are, and you allow in the guidance of Infinite wisdom. 

Heart led

As a human it is so easy to blindly follow logic and your intellect, but this is limiting as your intellect cannot see around corners. Your intellect calculates your future based on your past, so all choices and decisions made from the intellect will always be based on your past and lower vibration, and so it will always be more limited than the future potential. You keep expanding in every moment of your existence, and your vibration is constantly expanding and rising. This means that your potential is also constantly changing and expanding, and as you push past fear and let go of limitations, your potential will then expand and rise. The logical choice made from your intellect will then lead you into lower vibrational paths due to the fact that your intellect cannot see solutions beyond your current vibration. Your soul on the other hand is able to see paths of higher vibrations, and is also able to guide you onto those paths. Your soul will guide you onto a path that forces you to raise your vibration, guiding you to even more expanded potential, step by step. 

If you follow your heart and make decisions based on the guidance from your feelings and intuition, you are allowing your own higher consciousness to guide you onto the most expansive paths, leading you to your highest possible expression of self. Awareness of your inner environment and of your feelings allows you to guide yourself on to these paths aligned to your soul intentions, and pushes you to constantly align to a higher consciousness and expand into your full soul potential. Following your inner guidance, following your heart, is how you expand into the greatness and the authenticity of your true Self. 

Accepting and allowing your emotions

Most human beings fear their negative feelings. You fear your fear because you don’t understand it’s purpose, and you don’t know how to process it. When you don’t know what to do with it, you can’t get rid of it, the message has to linger until you hear the information within the energy. And so you end up carrying and burying your negative emotions within you for years or even decades. Next time you feel negative emotion that in itself triggers more fear, as you dread having to feel it and then trying to find a way to make it go away. Much of your life is centered around trying to avoid emotional pain. Life becomes a battle against your own fears, rather than an exciting adventure towards more love and fun. All because you don’t know how to master your fear, or how to process and interpret your emotions. 

 In order to be able to let your emotions guide you, you must allow yourself to feel. You must allow yourself to feel both the seemingly overwhelming pain, and the intoxicating positive emotions. The more you let yourself feel both the positive and the negative, the more your physical vessel will be able to welcome and hold the full spectrum of emotions, allowing you a wider and deeper experience of your physical and non-physical reality. The more you are able to feel your feelings without getting lost in them, the deeper and richer your experience of yourself and your outside reality can become. The more you embrace your emotions, the deeper your understanding of yourself and the ways of the Universe becomes. 

Emotions are here as the spice of life in a sense, because they enrich your experiences of yourself, and thus the reflection that you perceive in your outside reality. Imagine a beautiful sunset, or an evening with your loved ones, all without any emotions inside of you – without the feelings you are simply the observer. Even the observer will at some point choose to enjoy or resist the experience due to the feelings and sensations that the situation stirs within them. If what you are observing does not create a sensation within you, there would be no reason for the observation. Meditation is close to an emotion-less experience, but even this seeming absence of emotion is an experience of a certain sensation. You either dislike it or you enjoy it, but the emotion is still there. In any kind of presence, there is an emotional experience, if simply the experience of stillness or void. 

Emotions can be frightening because they make you feel out of control. Emotions are so powerful that they allow you to explore either the surrender into bliss, or the resistance towards pain. This is the power of your inner guidance system! The more you allow yourself to feel, to surrender to the sensations, the better you will become at mastering the flow without needing to control it. You will simply float along with the sensations, enjoying the change in your experience, and as you float along and embrace it all, you start to receive the information in the feeling. This is true for both the negative and the positive emotions: surrender to the sensation, to the flow of energy, and open up to the messages they bring. In order to hear the message, you must surrender your resistance and allow yourself to feel. Accept the presence of the feeling, so that you can start receiving the information. Once the information has been received you can start processing the message (the feeling) and let the messenger leave your body and energetic field. 

Every message and messenger will change you in some way. If you resist the message you will be changed into more fear and more wounds. If you allow the messenger to speak and listen to the information, you will become wiser and expand into a deeper understanding of self. If you use this information to change your beliefs you will set yourself free from one or several limitations. Your processing of the information and the fear that has been trapped within you due to your limiting beliefs can then start to leave your energy. This changes your energy composition into one of less fear and more love. You have been changed either way, regardless of your choice of action once the message found you. It is up to you how you want to act once the messenger arrives, and your choice will determine if your change is then beneficial for your further expansion or if you change into a more fearful and limited version of yourself. You have free will to ignore your own guidance, or to welcome it and expand into more love. 


            • Think about how present you actually are throughout your day. Can you let go of some of your planning or worry? Think about how that would change your experience of today. 
            • Can you spend less time pondering of what others think/feel and focus more inwards on yourself? How would that change your experience of yourself and your life?
            • Can you be less distracted by your own thoughts and simply be in the moment experiencing the sensations that flow through your body? What do you feel in your body now? (not in your mind, not your thoughts, just what you feel in your body)
            • Take note of your pattern of reaction whenever you feel fear: how do you normally deal with the feeling, and how quickly do you try to move away from it? Can you meet the feeling with curiosity instead?

The outside reflection and what it means

What your emotions reveal

Emotions are not the only way you receive guidance in this physical reality. Your outside world is also brimming with guidance, through acting as a reflection of your beliefs and your chosen perspective. What you manifest is always going to be in alignment with your vibration, reflecting your beliefs about yourself which then affects your beliefs about the outside world. Your beliefs determine your perspective, which creates a unique experience. As you filter your outside reality through perceiving it all in your own unique perspective, the experience is always going to be in alignment with your beliefs. The same situation will be experienced differently for all involved parties, and you can experience the same situation in different manners if you chose to change your perspective midways. Your perspective is revealed through your emotional experiences, and if you can be aware of your perspective you will be able interpret your experiences in such a way that you learn what beliefs are limiting you in your current exploration of life. 

The outside conditions are always neutral, and your choice of perspective is what creates your experience of those conditions as either positive or negative. When you experience something that triggers negative emotion in you, you have encountered one or several limiting beliefs. This event that triggered you, was a neutral event. It was neither good nor bad, but due to your belief system, this event has been perceived by you as an experience that reminds you of something you are afraid of. It could be that the event through your perspective reinforces your belief that you are not good enough. It could be that the event seen through your perspective points reminds you that you are experiencing lack. It could be any thing that you see as wrong or bad, anything that you resist or wish was different. The event is neutral, but because of your choice of perspective you perceive this event to point out to you this fear within you, and being reminded of this fear is what causes negative emotion. 

Your reflection

The system has been designed so that you hurt yourself through a negative feeling, in order to get your attention and point out to you that one or several beliefs need to change. Isn’t this a very helpful and excellent design? It is, and it is even more helpful when you learn how to use and interpret the signals. You see, the outside event can be interpreted in so many ways, and you often misinterpret both the event and what it represents or reflects to you. The most important thing in this interpretation (in order to get information about why this is triggering pain in you and what needs to change within you) is to be clear about what is happening outside of you, and what is happening within you. Whatever is happening outside of you is neutral, and other people’s actions and reactions are their reflections. Whatever is happening within you is your perspective and your reflection. 

If you meet up with an old friend and this friend calls you fat, you can choose to perceive this as a compliment or an insult. The words spoken and your interaction with your friend are neutral. If you believe being fat is bad, you might judge this as negative. If you believe being fat is bad, but you see yourself as skinny, this may not upset you at all. In fact you could perceive it as a joke and have a good laugh about it. If you believe fat is good, but you believe your friend is being sarcastic and you feel like you are too skinny, this could trigger negative emotion in you. If you believe fat is good, and you perceive yourself to be fat, this would be a compliment and you would feel good. 

The neutral event happens outside of you, your friend’s comment happens outside of you and is also neutral, but your reaction happens within you as it is an emotion within your body. What happens within you is your reflection! 

The emotional reaction you have to any event is your reflection of your beliefs. 

Through your emotional reaction (that happens within you) you are using the neutral event to signal to you which belief is currently limiting you from manifesting one or several experiences that you desire to live. You are holding yourself back from expansion into a certain direction, into a specific version of you, and this specific belief that is now being triggered is the next step on your path forward. In this ingenious design you don’t even need to keep track of your own beliefs and which one to address next, because your higher consciousness is doing all of that for you! Your higher dimensional energies co-create with you and tell you which belief to change at all times, through signaling to you via your emotions that occur in a neutral outside event. 

All you have to do, is to process the fear that has been stored inside your own energy, and change the belief so that it is no longer limiting you. Through that change you shift your energy and move into the manifestation of your desire, or you move one step closer to that state of being. As you change one belief, you also affect and change all other beliefs, more or less depending on their connection and importance in connection to the current belief. All your beliefs are tied together and intricately connected to your perception of self, so when you change one belief this creates a ripple effect of change into all other beliefs. As one part change, all other parts must also change. The same is true for the human collective consciousness: as you change one belief in your pattern of beliefs, that change will ripple out and affect all other beings in the human collective. As you free yourself from a little bit of fear, you also help all others parts of the human collective to free themselves from fear. The part cannot be separated from the whole. 

Interpreting the signs

Your reflection is not about what the other person does, how they feel or react, or even the situation itself. Your reflection is about how you feel. Only you can interpret the event and what it signals, because only you can feel your own reaction to the event. The signal is unique to you, and your reaction does not even have to be related to this current event. Most of the time you are reacting to events that go years back, where the original wound is still bleeding within you, signaling to you on and off as you are being triggered and then suppress it further. The earlier mentioned event could be triggering a wound that has nothing to do with your body or your appearance. It could be that you take the comment as criticism, and this triggers an earlier wound where you felt that you could never do enough, never be enough, that no matter what you did or how you acted you were always wrong. Or it could be the comment triggers a wound around receiving, how you don’t feel worthy of receiving compliments or any kind of love, and now this comment triggers your feelings of being unworthiness. 

You can and will use any opportunity to make the actions of others be about you, because through using all events as a reflection of yourself you can get to know yourself on a deeper level and once again discover the truth of who you really are. Your reality centers around you, not only because you need the reflection to move out of the illusion, not only because YOU are the creator of your reality, but also because your intention for this life time is to explore and discover already existing parts of your energy, AND to explore and discover completely new and expanded parts of your energy. Just remember that other people’s actions are only about you in YOUR reality. In truth, their actions are a reflection of themselves and has nothing to do with you. 

These new parts are of a higher energy than your current vibration, and so in order to explore these energies you must let go of fear so that you can raise your vibration and become a match to this energy that is now existing as potential within your unique and specific field of energy. You are calling this potential forth and manifesting it into your energy (no longer simply Source energy with no identity) and in that process this potential will bring to the surface anything within your current energy that is blocking the potential from being actualized. Anything that is not a vibrational match to you integrating this new potential into a manifested part of yourself is going to come up for processing and release, so that you can integrate the potential into the individual energy of the oneness of You. 

You are constantly in the process of expanding, and this constant expansion means that you must constantly free yourself from limitations in order to keep up with the constant need for inner change. This is why you are always feeling so much! Many humans do not experience their feelings as intensely, or as often, and this is not due to lack of abilities to signal, but due to their fear of feeling. Because they do not know what to do with their feelings, the emotion triggers fear, and as a result they learn to dim their feelings so as not to constantly be living in fear. Suppressing your feelings becomes a survival tactic, but this will only work for so long. In this time of ascension, all must learn to accept and allow their feelings. All must learn to read the language of feelings, to interpret the signs and signals from within, and learn the language of life. 


          • Think about your usual reaction when someone’s actions/words trigger you. How much of your thought process is then focused around them and their behavior, and how much is focused around yourself? How can you turn to curiosity so you can uncover more information about yourself?
          • When you are triggered, try to focus on finding the illusion, and see how powerful you are when you interpret the situation from a higher perspective. How much of your interpretation is 100% fact and how much is assumption?

Self doubt vs self trust

Be the leader of your life

You are always receiving messages from your higher self, from your guides and from non-physical spiritual teachers. There is so much support for you as you journey this physical reality, but you still have to choose to let it in and to hear it. Once you hear it, you have to choose to believe in it. This requires you to trust yourself, to trust that what you are receiving is true and real, and not just your imagination. This is a choice. Those that trust their intuition, their inner guidance, are not receiving better or clearer messages than those who don’t trust. They are simply choosing to believe in what they are receiving, and that decision reduces the doubt and fear, which again allows the messages to be heard more clearly. Note that the change is not in the messages being given, or in the quality or quantity of messages sent, but in the receiver. If you want to be able to receive and hear more of the guidance, the change must happen within you.

Doubt comes from the mind, and trust comes from the heart. When you let your head lead you, doubt tends to creep in. Intuition is beyond reason and logic, so as soon as you move into your head you will feel doubt coming in, unless you can back up the intuitive wisdom with actual facts. The more that you rely on the logical mind to guide you through life, the more you will limit yourself by repeating past patterns into your current now. Intuition is the inner knowing that comes from you connecting to other dimensions, seeing into the future through your senses. This cross-dimensional experience is possible because the Soul-you is not bound by the limitations of fear like your human you is. From a soul level you can see the potential paths in front of you, and you can sense where each one is leading. This is what is communicated to your human self through intuition, where you intuitively pick up on where to go or how to journey. Your intuition can easily pick up on what those around you are feeling and believing, through you reading their vibration. It is impossible to find a logical explanation for your intuitive hits, and so you often disregard this as simply you being confused. This is what happens when you once again let your head lead you instead of the heart. The only way past this pattern of not trusting yourself and your inner guidance, is to choose to take a leap of faith. You have to choose to trust your intuition before you can see the physical reality reflect that you did right in trusting yourself. You always have to lead the creation from within. 

When you receive intuitive signals as thoughts, you might immediately start doubting this. You ask yourself how you could possibly know this, and how it must be your imagination. This is your fear creeping in, because you don’t want to admit to your own power and your own abilities. You would rather continue to walk through the darkness relying on others, than to have to own your own power and leading yourself by your own light. This is how fearful you are of trusting yourself. Society has led you to believe you are powerless, because when you believe you are powerless you are much more easily controlled. Now is your chance to step into your power again, through being your own guide, and deciding to trust yourself. 

What would happen if you started believing in yourself and your own guidance? What would happen if you took a chance on the thoughts and inspiration that is constantly flowing to you? You would have to break out from your own cage of limitations. Inspiration is never asking you to make the safe choice, to stay small. Inspiration is always asking you to expand, to move deeper into self love, to take bolder action towards your dreams, to express more of who you are. Fear of your own greatness, and of facing that greatness, is what holds you back. If you were to truly admit how amazing you are, and how powerful you are, there would be nowhere to hide. Doubting yourself and the messages your receive, is safer. Trusting yourself feels like jumping without a safety net.

The thing is, there is no need for a safety net because you can never hit the ground. There are no mistakes, no failures, no wrong turns, no hopeless or horrible places to end up. You are creating your own heaven or hell, and you can create that regardless of the outside conditions. As you step into that power, the power of the creator, you start creating from desires rather than from fear. Moving towards love rather than away from fear. By trusting yourself and your ability to navigate the reality that you have created yourself, you set yourself free. When you no longer need to follow guidance from someone else, you can start believing in your inner reality. Your within experiences become your truth, because you know that you inner reality is what creates your outer reality. Your inner guidance is based in your (within) dreams, and so it makes sense that only your within guidance can help get you to where you want to go. 

If you are trying to navigate your way to a place that only exists in your dreams, then nothing outside of you can get you there, because only your within world is connected to your dream. When the dream exists within you, the guidance to get you to that dream must also exist within you. You have created a new dimension through your desires and your dreams, and with that creation you also created a path from where you are now, to the dimension where your dream has manifested into reality. But because that dream is still not manifested in this reality, the path and the guidance only exists within you, because the path runs through you and future versions of you. You are the path. 

Comfortable with contrast

Messages from Guides

Even though you may feel lonely on your ascension journey, you certainly are not alone. You have a huge team in the non-physical realms, offering guidance and wisdom from higher dimensions. You can tap into this at all times, and all you have to do in order to receive it is to open up. Opening up means to see yourself as worthy of that help, to believe that you have the ability to perceive and receive it, and to trust the thoughts and sensations that come to you even if it seems strange and even if there is no physical evidence of it. Once again it comes down to your individual choice of honoring your abilities, or not. Once again it comes down to believing in the guidance that you receive, or valuing the guidance others receive more than you value yours. If you choose to value theirs above your own, you are refusing to take responsibility for your own life. You created this life for yourself, and keep creating it. But are you truly owning it? Are you truly filling it with you and your energy, your desires, or are you still living as only a definition of who you are for others? This is your life, and you get to fill it with whatever you choose, but you must still choose. If you choose to fill it being only a reflection of others, then it serves you well to follow their guidance and their preferences and expectations of you. If you want to fill it with your energy, your joy, your dreams, your journey, then you must start making choices based on what feels right and what feels like truth to you. 

You are constantly bombarded with thoughts. Some of those thoughts come from fear, and some come from love. Your guides fall into the category of love. They send you thoughts of a higher vibration, so that in order to hear these thoughts and accept them as valid, you must align yourself to higher and higher frequencies. This request for you to raise your vibration is indeed a part of their guidance, always urging you upwards and onwards. They see your potential, so they can see what you are capable of. They see your true, authentic self, and their perception of you is not limited by fear. They see you as limitless and powerful, and the more that you allow yourself to entertain these thoughts that they send you, the more you will raise your perception of self, gradually letting go of your limited perspective of who you are. If you choose to believe in these thoughts, if you choose to ponder the possibility of your greatness. 

Your guides are here to help you, and they would never ask you to do something that is not beneficial to you. You, on a soul level, would never ask yourself to do something that is not beneficial and for your highest good. It is impossible to fail if you start trusting your intuition, and the more you practice the easier it gets. It is all about how you feel when you receive the message. How does this message feel to you, how does it feel in your gut? Does it feel like truth, if you disregard all the information out in the world and all the things your friends tell you to do? It might take some practice to recognize what the feeling of truth feels like to you, but by trial and error (once again, choice of perspective) you will quickly learn to recognize your “yes” and “no”. Of course, this means that you have to get used to regularly feeling your emotions. You cannot use your emotions to guide you if you don’t want to feel. If you are afraid of the feeling of fear, you will never learn what is a “I am afraid but also excited about this challenge”-fear and what is a “this is just not right for me, this is someone else projecting their desires for themselves onto me, and me trying to live up to their wishes so I can be loved”-fear. Remind yourself that if you make a decision from fear, your inner wisdom will gently guide you back to love. It wasn’t a wrong decision, it was a decision that allowed you to get more practice, and to learn better the nuances of your emotions. It was perfect! 

You are never without guidance. You just have to allow it in, and ease up on your judgment. You don’t have to resist life so hard, or resist the messages that are coming to you. You don’t have to resist yourself and your desires anymore. It is safe for you to start following your own guidance, safe for you to start trusting yourself. It is impossible to fail, and all you have to do is dare to take this step that is in front of you today. Then tomorrow you do the same. It is your path, your life, your heart leading you on. Choose you. 


        • How do you expect inner guidance from your higher self or from angels/guides to sound like/feel like? How do you expect to receive it?
        • Have you ever made a choice from intuition even though reason told you not to? If so, how did it go? If no, why not, what are you afraid of? 
        • Do you trust yourself to make the right decisions for you life? Why, why not?
        • What is something you have wanted to do for a long time, but never dared to do?

Acting on inspiration

Anchoring your faith

Inspiration is a wonderful idea, and not so wonderful when you have to act on it. Inspiration is usually going to ask you to push through your fear, and very often that is going to be a mixed experience. The value of that action is immeasurable. When you choose to act on inspiration regardless of the fear that this inspired idea triggers, you are choosing to believe that you are more powerful than your fear. You are choosing yourself over fear. 

When you receive inspiration, through your guides, your higher self, or people around you, that idea tugs on your heart strings. The idea is connected to a piece inside of you, and as you feel the idea tug on your heart, you also feel the fear within you at the thought of having to act on your inspiration. For most people, this is the time when they choose to turn their backs on inspiration and rather choose their old cage to ensure they don’t have to face their fears. But you are not like that. 

You manifested that inspiration. It didn’t come to you out of nowhere, it came because you are now a vibrational match to this idea. This inspired thought plays a role in your next step, in your expansion at this time, and you are ready to receive it. The idea is going to connect to one or several of your desires (again connected to your soul intentions) but you may not know which one or how, until you have found the courage and the willingness to trust yourself and act on that inspiration. Even choosing to act on that inspiration is a part of the purpose for receiving it. By choosing to trust your inspiration you cultivate faith in yourself, and you let go of doubt. The practice of repeatedly taking action on inspiration is anchoring your belief in yourself, and is anchoring you honoring yourself by respecting the messages your receive. 

As you start pushing through the fear, experiencing the contrast of your desires and your fears all mixed into a unique emotional sensation, you are in practice processing the fear. You feel it, you don’t let it hold you back, you prove that you are greater than your fear, you see the fear was not as horrible as you thought, you see that it was worth trusting yourself, you find your courage and confidence by seeing how strong you are, and you discover what is on the other side of that fear: freedom to be you, and expansion into more of who you are. All of this can only come if you choose to act!

Engaging with your future Self

When inspiration comes to you it is non-physical, it is an idea without a physical component. In order to manifest your desires into physical reality, you have to change to become a match to having this object or experience. Through taking action you anchor your vibrational changes into physical reality. As an idea, a non-physical concept, your idea is not anchored into your vibration. You entertain the belief, but it is not yet truth to you. It is a wobbly and insecure alignment. When you choose to act on your inspiration you anchor the belief into your physical vessel, into your physical reality, through physical action. You turn non-physical into physical. You manifest thought into form. This is you anchoring your new vibration into your physical reality through repeated action. 

If you doubt yourself, and you want to change your vibration into one of self trust, you have to choose to trust yourself and act on that trust over and over, until you have anchored the belief of trusting yourself into your vibration. You align yourself to self trust every time you choose to trust in yourself through taking action on inspiration, and you anchor trust in your intuition every time you choose to believe your inner guidance. The more you do this, the more you trust in yourself and your own guidance. The more you trust your messages the easier it will be to hear and receive new guidance, because you are no longer afraid of receiving this guidance. You have less fear of having to act on inspiration because you have experienced that it always works out for you. You trust yourself and the messages that come to you because you have experienced that these messages always lead to good feeling experiences. The doubt melts away by your willingness to trust. 

You anchor self trust by choosing to act on the new belief, even before you know if you are trustworthy or not. You choose which truth to manifest, by choosing which belief to energize through action. 

Surrendering to your journey

You hold the blueprint to your journey. Your journey is unique and different from all others’ journeys. Within you is the map of where you want to go, who to travel with and how to get there. Your journey has already been mapped out for you, and the signals to tell you where to go and when to step forward are all within you. You are always supported and always guided, inside and out, in both physical and non-physical dimensions. 

A key component to understanding this is Oneness. You are one with all other parts of Source. Separation is only an illusion. When you ask, answers are instantly coming to you through the united field of energy that you are an integral part of. There is no separation between you and the beings/entities that mirror your beliefs back to you, between you and the beings/entities that guide you from the non-physical, and there is no separation between you and your higher self. It is all One energy, one pulsating, co-creating, harmoniously vibrating union of energy, that delights in experiencing itself through the unique, individual perception of this oneness. The One energy guides you because you are it, and so it is guiding itself. The One energy knows you and you are always connected because it is you and you are it. Information flows effortlessly between you and all other parts because you are one. 

You carry the blueprint of your ascension within you, and from this blueprint your soul (you) knows exactly when to go where. You are guided by your own inner ascension map, and it is impossible for you to get lost or make mistakes. You are here to enjoy the treasure hunt as you navigate your inner and outer reality looking for parts of yourself. You reunite with forgotten parts, and expand into new parts, constantly experiencing your own energy from new facets and new angles. The ascension into your true essence is a journey of love, where your own love lights up your path and the love of all other parts of the One (that is also you) reflects that love back to you through your surroundings, as the Source love is constantly flowing through you, allowing you to do what you came here to do: love. 

As a human you are conditioned to try to control. You want to control your journey, in fact you have this expectation that you should be able to control your journey. Which is not true. You are not supposed to control your journey, you are meant to allow yourself to be led on this journey. You are meant to surrender into receiving, and surrender into being taken care of. You are meant to be the creator, not the worker bee! Through focusing on your creative powers, creating from within, creating from energy, you work with the system rather than against it. Through opening up to inspired thoughts, choosing to take action on those ideas and trusting your ability to do whatever it is you desire to do, you align yourself with your inner power. You align yourself with the power of Source, which is you, and the Universe which is also Source, will do you bidding for you. It is a beautiful co-creation, but this can only happen if you do your part: the commanding and the energetic creation through aligning your vibration to that which you want to experience. Stop trying to control the Universe by refusing to listen to inspiration, by refusing to take action due to the fear of fear. Use your emotions as the signals they are, and not as a moral judgment on yourself. Fear does not mean you did a bad job, it means you did a great job in discovering a belief within you that is limiting you and that you now can let go of! 

In Harmony with Self

So focus on working with the Universe, working with the signals, instead of trying to resist the system. Surrender into the guidance, and surrender into receiving all that you have asked for: support, help, abundance, love, expansion. You can have it all, it has already been given to you. You just have to open up to receive it and recognize the answers as they come to you. 

Remember that the people and signs that guide you are also love: your reflection in others, your feelings of fear or joy, your outside conditions when they challenge you and please you, your angels and guides, it is all Love. Your perception of it as anything other than love, is simply your perspective of yourself in the midst of an illusion of separation. The more that you return to seeing yourself as Love, you will see your journey as an expression of that one love, and your experiences with fear will also be felt as nuances of love. Love that is gently, or sometimes forcefully, guiding you back onto the path of limitless exploration of your own power. Through trusting the love within you, and trusting the love that surrounds you, you can open up to receive all the guidance that is constantly flowing to you. Open up and receive the help, the guidance, so that you may remember who you are.


        • What is your pattern of reaction/action when receiving inspiration? Do you take action or not? Do you try to figure out where this will lead you, and logically weigh if it is worth your time? 
        • How do you cope with fear, if you are afraid but still have to do the thing you are afraid of?
        • Think about one big fear you have. Who would you be without this fear? If you were not afraid of this, who would you be? How would it feel to be you without this fear?
        • Which parts of yourself do you reject as wrong, and why can you not accept these?
        • How would you live your life if you did not feel fear? How would that differ from how you live today?
        • How would your life be different, if you surrendered? How would you be different? 


Private calls are my favorite tool for transformation! These containers allow us to go to the depths, to uncover layers upon layers of gold within the client. I love these calls for their intimacy and the connection that grows from these spaces. 

If you are interested in setting up a private call with me, please use link to schedule a time that works for us both. Calls are on Zoom, 60 mins, and the recording will be sent to you after the call. 

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