You are desperately seeking validation and appreciation. How can you expect someone else to validate you when you don’t accept yourself? Because you don’t. You just don’t.

You want from him what you won’t allow yourself to be. You are all the things you see in him and love, yet you cannot love these things in yourself. So you create/attract someone to you that you think will heal you, complete you, be all those thing to you that you long for. But the completion you seek is not from another soul, it is the integration and acceptance of all that you are.

You must accept your own greatness first. Seeing it in others will never make you whole. You will never feel complete as long as you seek outside of you what must first be found within.

He is not supposed to make you whole. He is not supposed to give to you or provide to you anything other than a reflection of your own denial. What you seek is you. What you seek is your own love. You seek parts of you that you have yet to accept into the complete You. This is the twin soul reunion that you desire. The completion of you.

These parts of you are not in hiding or missing, they are simply unrecognized by the you that you are now. Nothing is missing, it is just not recognized and appreciated.
Once you acknowledge all these parts of yourself, you will no longer desire and long for him. Or any others for that matter. Sure, you will experience love and companionship, but not from this desperate need that you now feel. What you crave, is you. The completion of all that is you. You want to feel whole and complete. You want to be all of the power of the light, all of the endless love that you float in, that is you. This longing is for a wholeness within you, not for a union of you and someone else.

You could make him love you, but we promise it would not make you feel what you so desire. A union with someone outside of you will never make you feel complete. That is an illusion. Just as the illusion that you are not all you need to be. There is no lack within you, no missing part. But there is a lack of recognition of all that you are. There is a lack of acceptance in you. Acceptance of self. This longing and this journey of exploration is about finding those parts of YOU, not of anyone outside of you. We know it is much easier to ask for someone outside of one self to complete you. But this cannot happen. You and only you hold the parts to your completion. The search for those missing pieces will never stop, not until you surrender and accept those pieces within yourself.

The twin flame is an image of the reunion of Self. It was never meant to be a search for wholeness outside of Self. You cannot complete what is already whole. You are not a half of anything, you are already complete. What you search for is the recognition of this complete being. Everything you need is already within you. You are the twin flame.


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