In a way everything in your reality is directly manifested. Everything is the same energy, and everything is brought into existence through your intentions.
Many things in your reality you believe must come from money. You have this idea of money as a tool. You believe you must have numbers in your bank account (another number) or you must have paper in your pocket, and using these numbers or pieces of paper will magically produce to you what you want. You manifest a house by moving numbers from one account to another. Is this not magic?

Your strong belief in this magic is what makes it work. If one of the parties involved in selling a house did not believe in the magic of numbers on a screen, the house would not be yours. But because the society you live in has agreed upon the magic of numbers on a screen, you get your house through moving numbers.
You get food from the store by using paper slips. You give paper and receive bread and milk. Is this not magical manifestation?

It is all about your beliefs. You don’t believe money can buy you a partner or a child, so in these cases you use other methods. You don’t believe money can buy you relationships or connections with others, so in this you create from pure energy to pure energy. In the cases where you don’t put your trust in money you are able to create from nothing, into your reality, exactly what you are desiring to live. In the cases where you believe money is needed, such as for food, clothes, housing, you use money as the middleman to get what you want. But have you ever received food from a friend or a neighbor without paying for it? Or maybe plucked an apple directly from the tree? Money is a tool to make you believe you can get what you want. It is a tool because you have decided to use this tool. Over centuries you have gotten used to money as the middleman for achieving what you want, so now you stick to it.

The lack of trust in your own abilities is what is stopping you from surpassing money completely. You do not yet have enough faith that you will receive what you need without money, and so you don’t. Your faith in your own powers has yet to come into fullness. You do not yet believe you are God.

You change these beliefs like you change any belief. Through practice. Step by step you need to change your beliefs about who you are. For these beliefs about manifestation are not so much beliefs about money, but beliefs about who you are, and what you are capable of. You need to understand and realize the powers that you hold, the power that you are because of what and who you are. You need to accept and love who you are today, the one who believes in money, the one who sees herself as imperfection. When you can accept who you are today, you can move on to acceptance of all you have been. Then you move to change your perception of who you are and have been, and change this perception to allow for a wider perspective. Allow for the fact that you were God all along, but you simply could not see it. Allow for the fact that you have created all of your reality, every single piece of it every single day. All of this while staying in your limited perspective. So now that you have a more expanded perception of who you are, can you allow for the possibility that you might also have powers that are beyond your current perception? Can you allow for the possibility that you who created your universe, and keeps creating it every time you wake up in the morning, can you believe that you can create anything you desire?

Move into this acceptance of your immense powers, stemming from the truth of who you are. Move into it step by step, doing the inner work, and widening your awareness of the power and the love that is you. Allow for the unknown to be your playground, and you will grow beyond your expectations. For you are the Source that creates all that is, and anything you wish for shall be yours.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Thank you Astrid. This is powerful insight and guidance. Becoming the God within is a beautiful process of unfolding through love and acceptance.

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