Q: How do we all find and develop, or remember our abilities? 
A: Yes, remembering would be more correct. You all have these abilities and you have lived, manifested them into your life, several times before. So it is more a question of remembering and then allowing and manifesting them into being in this life. 
You are wanting these desires to unfold to feel good, not for the sake of having the ability in itself. That is not the way to manifestation, as you well know. Feel the feeling first, my dear. These abilities in themselves will not make you feel any better than you feel now without having them in your reality. You try to use these manifestations, and other manifestations, to feel good, but this does not work, as you have found for yourself with the channeling. You felt better before the channeling, didn’t you? Because you had this to look forward to, and in the anticipation and wondering how it would unfold you found your joy. Can you not see that the manifestation process is what you want, rather than the manifestation in itself? If you can find that joy in anticipating, and in watching it unfold, you will have joy every day of your life.

Your life is unfolding and manifesting all day long, you are just so used to it being a certain way that with your expectations you define it to be the same way in your immediate future. With your expectations of it being like it has been, you are locking the manifesting of life in the same pattern as your “past”. If you can loosen up on your expectations that all is a continuum and that all needs to be as it has been, you will see more changes in your life than you had imagined possible in such a short time. Only your expectation of a gradual change is what decides that it has to be gradual. Your ideas of how things unfold is limiting the unfolding of what you want. 
You need to let go of this belief that there has to be a continuing and gradual change from one state to another. This is false, and it is no longer necessary for you. You can expect big and sudden changes in your manifested environment, just like you can expect the same for your body and your abilities. Try to understand that the potential to all this is at all times floating around you in the space between.

The space between objects is potential not actualized or manifested into being.

You decide what this will manifest as. At all times it is ready to be utilized into anything. Your beliefs and expectations is what limits this to be manifested into. Your belief that manifestation is a gradual and time-consuming process is what stops this potential from manifesting instantly. You expect to see signs of growth, this gradual process from small manifestation to the actual object of your desire. But this is not necessary. You can go from the grain of sand to a large and completed pyramid, in the blink of an eye, literally. Your reality can change instantly if you allow it. Your channeling was not there, then it was there. What you use to explain this is that looking back you can see it was always there, you just didn’t recognize it for what it was. This is the same for any manifestation. The objects of your desire is always there, in the space between, in the potential of everything that surrounds you. You just don’t recognize it because you have a habit of seeing emptiness when it is in truth potential. What you see as emptiness is indeed fullness, the fullness of potential of everything. 
We suggest you use your imagination to see everything that is unfolding as a sign of something new being manifested. Try to see if you can change a thing that is recurring according to a pattern, into a change in action. See if you can take an everyday occurrence that has been in this pattern for a long time, and see if you can view it today as a sign of something new coming into manifestation. The clue is in viewing something “old” as something new, thus tricking your mind into believing there is gradual change. This will allow your beliefs to widen, and you will make yourself ready for the manifestation of something new. When you can see the potential change in what already is and has been for a long time, your mind will allow you to manifest this new change more easily and at a quicker speed (according to the illusion of time) because you have tricked it into seeing a change. After a while your mind will then be used to constant changes and the easy and quick manifestation will be a habit of behavior for you. This is when the fun starts! 


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  1. Hi Astrid ! the last article is very brilliant ! I’ll have some questions though.. see you by e-mail. Thank you very much ! 🙂

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