Let go of expectations of how this experience should be. Let go of expectations of who you should be, as you ascend. You don’t know who you will be in this higher consciousness, only that it is perfect. But your idea of the higher consciousness is likely very limiting, so if you cling to this idea and image of who you are becoming, you are going to struggle in shifting into more authenticity as this authentic self does not align with your ideas. 

You have to let go of control, and just surrender into “the becoming”. This shift is one of allowing and going with the flow, as you cannot force and control your way to a higher consciousness. The higher consciousness is a vibration of flow, of allowing, of ease. You have to align with those states of being in order to get to that state of being. 

Get used to not knowing. You don’t need to know it all.

Surrender to your path. Surrender to the moment. Surrender your need to control where you go, how you go there, how fast or slow you go. Surrender the need to know why you are where you are, and why you are the way you are. Surrender the need to know what is going to happen, where you are going, and what you will do next. Simply surrender. There is a reason you cannot see too far ahead. There is a reason why you don’t know how to get there. There is a reason why things don’t seem to go as planned. If you knew, you would limit yourself through doubt and fear. The one you are becoming, is yet out of your vibrational reach. If you knew, you would BE it. 

Giving up on the need to control your future past this moment. Accepting that you cannot control past this moment. Trusting that all will be well, because you are One with the Love energy that has put you here. Knowing, believing, that there is an easier and better way, through giving in. When you have done all you can do, give in, and detach from the outcome. Embrace not knowing. The unknown is where all your potential lies. Once it is known, it has manifested, and it cannot be changed. But while in the unknown, your potential can change, adapt, expand and grow. The unknown is where your treasures are. Accept not knowing as part of your path, and most of all, believe that the unknown is GOOD!


Spiritual Guide

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