There are new souls being birthed constantly. Source energy is infinite. The energy that is Source, is expanding at all times. When you think or desire something new, you create new energy, called expansion. This energy is not just a desire, it is also pure Source energy. All energy is pure Source energy. As all of Source energy expands in a multitude of ways, this new energy is being created. The energy that is your soul now, is a mix of different energies. For instance some of your energy might be Archangel Raphael, some energy is the trait of Patience, some energy is pure Source energy, some energy is the trait called Beauty, and some energy is part of who you were in the 1600, and much, much more. This unique collection of energy that is Jane Doe, has never been put together in this exact way before. You are a unique soul, belonging to a larger group of energy that is your Inner Being’s Inner Being.

See it as an upside down pyramid: at the bottom is you, Jane. You see yourself as an individual, a small collection of energy that makes up you. Above that on the next level of the pyramid (a wider field of energy because the pyramid is the narrowest at the bottom and widest at top like a V) is your Inner Being. Your inner being holds within its energy the energy of Jane in the 900BC, in 1600 and all other “past” lives. So that is a wider cloud of energy than how you perceive yourself to be now, because you only perceive Jane of 2020’s energy. Above that is the energy of your Inner Being’s Inner Being. This is a collection of energy that holds even more of who you are. Remember, that because Source can be at all places at all times, simultaneously, and because there is no separation, that means that the same Archangel Raphael trait in you can also be in a million other soul energies too. There are no cut lines between what is you and what is someone else. The energy is everywhere all at once. When more energy is created in the Universes, this allows for new mixes to create new “individual” experiences as new souls. At the top of the pyramid is Pure Source. In this stage you experience yourself as all of Source at all times, everywhere. You can go in to each individual experience and yet not be attached to any of it, because you are all of it. In between this Source experience and the experience of the individual as Jane, are countless of possible mixes of energies that you can experience yourself as. Each layer up on the pyramid means that you include more and more energy into your awareness of who you are. Right now you are still pure Source, but due to the choice of illusion of separation, and your choice to experience yourself in this descended dimension, you are perceiving yourself as just Jane, not Jane AND for instance your husband. As you raise your vibration and ascend into higher and higher dimensions, you will become aware of more of the consciousness that is “your” energy, meaning you will start to include more and more energy in the experience of you as an individual. When you become one with you Inner being, you will include the energy field of that consciousness, which is also you now, but you are just hiding that remembering from yourself right now.

An advanced soul is a soul that has expanded quite a lot from its initial creation. Usually this means it has experienced a lot of lifetimes, often in quite challenging conditions, and has learned a lot from that. You can choose (soul level choice) to live easy lives, with little expansion, because of the enjoyment of that. Or you can choose to live more challenging lives. Different souls want different things at different times in their evolution. An advanced soul could choose to come live as Hitler in order to experience that hatred and that admiration, and it would have to be a strong soul to carry the pain of those actions. Those actions called forth a great wave of love from humanity, in reaction to his actions. But it could not have been done by a new soul, it had to be an advanced and strong soul to carry that burden. Some advanced souls choose to come as non-awakened in this ascension, in order to experience that. They are wonderful reflections for those that are awakening, and are doing an invaluable job for the greater good, in order to create conditions that allow the awakening masses to find their own light and love. Just because someone seems to be deep in fear, and to be not awakened, does not mean that they are an inexperienced or less expanded soul. It just means they chose a different exploration in this life, and could in deed be more expanded and at a higher level of enlightenment on a soul level than many of those that are now awake.

The human you (and the humans around you) is just a small part of who you really are. The energy that is who you truly are is beyond your comprehension. But we can tell you this: your are pure power. You are pure love. And you are so much more beautiful and glorious than you can imagine from where you are now. There is so much more to come!


Spiritual Guide


      • I am ready to hear it, to know it and to be it. Your guidance is perfect in this moment; I appreciate your openness to the new energy.

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