Why you are here

Throughout time there has always been souls coming into a Human life with higher vibrations than the general masses at their time. There has always been souls coming in with more abilities, more high dimensional abilities, than those of their peers. Right now, in this Human Ascension, those souls are in greater numbers than ever before. They are here to help usher in this great Ascension, through being their Authentic Selves, showing by example, and creating the bridge from your current society and into the New Earth.  

If you chose to come in as an advanced being, ready for the higher dimensions that Humanity is ascending into, you will not fit into the norm of your current society, or of the society you were born into. You will have spent most of your life trying to change yourself into someone more like the rest of society, yet failing. And in this process of denying your true self, you lost your way. And now you are here, finding your way again, and on that journey you are discovering your Authentic self. In your Authentic self is your true power. In being your Authentic Self you ignite your true power, the power to create your reality. The more that you step into your authentic self, the more you activate your inner power. The more you activate your inner power, the more you become your authentic self. 

The more you become your authentic self, the more you see through the illusion. Seeing through the illusion happens as you use your inner discernment. This discernment comes from using your feelings and emotions, using your advanced abilities of sensitivity. Through your superpowers of sensitivity you are able to discern illusion from truth through feeling into the energies. When you tap into your energy-sensitivity you will be able to feel what is of a higher vibration and what is a lower vibration. And that is how you navigate the higher dimensions that humanity is ascending into. 

Awareness of your power

You have 100% of the power in your reality. No one else can create in your reality. That means that you also have 100% of the responsibility for your creation. And how are you currently using your power? 

You are always creating. Manifesting is the bi-product of you existing. As energy you vibrate at a certain overall frequency. This is what creates the non-physical and physical reality around you. Your world is a reflection of your vibration, it is a reflection of what you are projecting through your being-ness. In order to consciously create through your vibration, you must become aware of your vibration. After that awareness kicks in, you then get to choose if you want to continue to create your current experience, or if you want to create something different. If you choose something new, you use the same superpowers of energetic sensitivity to feel into your energetic vibration, and then adjust according to what feels right for you with your new vision/desire in mind. 

Always, always, always trust your gut, your intuition, your heart. The more you practice that muscle of trust, the easier it will be to notice when you are vibrating something that is out of alignment with what you desire to live. It takes the same amount of effort and energy to create something wanted as it takes to create the unwanted. And for sure you have experienced effortless manifestation of unwanted conditions! 

You were designed and built for effortless manifestation of your desires. The reason this is NOT happening is because you have adopted limiting beliefs around your worth, your power, and your innate abilities. Instead of putting effort into doing 101 affirmations, manifestation rituals, or cocoa ceremonies, just put that effort into removing the illusions that block your effortless manifestation of the wanted, and allow your innate powers to do the rest.

It really is that simple. You are just caught in the illusion that manifesting is hard, or tricky. If you allow it to be easy, it will be. That is your power as the creator of your reality. 

Power, purpose and your authentic self

Power is what you are. Your life essence, the energy that gives life to your heart and mind, is power. Life itself is power. When you are, when you exist, you can create, you can do, you can be. 

To exist, is to wield power.

In order to fully tap into you power, there are a few things that must be in place:

– you must be who you are, authentically, without regret, and completely. That means accepting yourself as you are today, even if you wish or want to be different. You must trust that the representation that you are today, is what is needed. You must trust that who you are today, is the best possible expression of your energy, and your energetic connection to Source. You must trust that you have it in you, whatever that it is that you seek.

– you must believe in yourself! Believe, believe, believe. If you don’t believe you have the power, it will never manifest for you. The power is always there, but your acceptance of it is what can allow it to be seen by you. Remember, the pool of energy that is YOU can bring forth anything and everything. YOU limit it by your beliefs, but the potential is close to endless. In fact, your desires are fueled by this potential, not the other way around. You will be pulled towards that which is aligned with your soul-intentions for this life, the exploration in this lifetime. So what you desire, you can be! You have the full and complete power to express your divinity in any way you want.

Power is not to be feared, it is innately yours, and it is how you navigate and create your reality.

The power that is yours, is inhibited and limited by what you believe yourself to be capable of. How you perceive yourself, as a human, as an individual, and your place in society, will determine how much of your power you allow in. The power is there, but you don’t allow it to manifest in your reality, because your reality is designed to reflect your beliefs. In order for you to fully tap into your power, you must change your perception of self. Otherwise your use of power becomes an effort. The grace and elegance of authentic power comes from the freedom of being, the freedom to be who you are, as you are.

YOU are your creation. The expression of who you are is power. You are powerful, and you are the power that you keep tapping in to in each and every moment, to create your reality. You are Source, and Source power is what is flowing through you every day and night. The very power that you fear or want more of, is the power that is your essence.

The more you accept who you are, as you are, the more you allow yourself to access the power that is innately yours.

When you act from your power, in alignment with who you are, you are always exploring something that is tied into your purpose, your intentions for this life. When you act in alignment with your inner guidance, you are allowing your power to rise forth, and you fuel yourself with this energy of the essence of who you are: Source energy.

In this you can see:
1.alignment with your purpose, 2. being who you are, and 3. your inner power, are all 3 cords twined together in a strong rope. They work together, and one brings forth the other, in a force of nature, force of Source, that is irresistible. This is the power that moves mountains. This is the power that creates planets and galaxies. This is who you are, and this is the power that runs through you, and the power you have access to.

Everything you seek, is within you. The power is not outside of you, it is found deep within your core. 

More than anything your power is connected to your being. Doing is secondary and doing is what happens as a result of being in your power. But being, being is what your power truly is. As you be, you vibrate your power out through your unique field of energy, and into the larger field of energy of the Universe, of all that is. This vibration is a calling, an instruction, and it calls all other energy into action in alignment with its intentions. Your power, the vibration of your power, calls the energy of All That Is, into action. Your vibration of power sends your intentions out to the Universes, like a command. Effortlessly you create through your vibration, simply through being.


The easiest way to access that power, to unlock your power, is to live your purpose. Before you chose to incarnate into this lifetime, you had certain intentions for exploration. You wanted (and still do) to explore yourself and express yourself in certain ways. There is a path of expression and exploration that is more beneficial for you, than any other path. Once you are on this path, the energy flows more freely, it flows quicker, you create more effortlessly, and you become more of who you are. When you live in accordance with your purpose, you feel good, because you are doing what you intended and still want to do. This is the highway to your expansion, and to fully becoming who you truly are. The more you align with who you truly are, the more energy/power you access.

For much of your life you have explored who you are in a very limited capacity. Now is the time to start exploring the power within you. The power of who you are, and the true power of you as the Creator.

Reading your vibration

Feelings are messengers. You carry within you the most advanced measuring tool there is. You have access to a multitude of dimensions through your multidimensional inner reality. YOU are the portal to everything you desire, you are the manifesting machine that creates it all, and you are the consciousness that experiences itself through both the creation and as the creator. 

In order to truly create from within, you need to remove your focus from the outside world. All the information happens within you. Your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions to the outside conditions, the messages you receive as channeled information, your intuition – it’s all happening inside of you. As and empath and as an energy sensitive being, you have taught yourself to constantly be on the lookout for what others want or need from you. You energy reading skills have been honed to perfection, through the need to understand what others are thinking, feeling, and being in every moment. You have mastered the skill of scanning your conditions in order to survive. Now, it’s time to scan your within world so that you can thrive. 

Your visions and dreams, your inner calling and your life purpose, those are all within reach. WITHIN reach. They exist as potential within you. And in order to manifest this reality, you need to move deeper inwards. Move your focus from the outside world of illusions, and start looking inwards so you can see beyond the illusion and gaze at the truth. The truth is, you create it all, and you are here to create the New Earth through becoming the high vibrational version of you, while still anchored into your physical earthly body. This version of you is ready to be birthed, and you already have the map to getting to that version, within you. All you need to do is focus inwards, energetically connect to that You, and follow your inner guidance. You have the power. You ARE that power.

Energy sensitivity

Your sensitivity is your greatest tool. This is the New Earth way of navigating life. Remember, everything is energy. You intuitively know what energy trails to follow in order to get to where you want to be. The only thing that can cloud your clarity is fear, as in unprocessed limiting beliefs, and doubt, as in doubting your own intuition. 

You have a mission. There is a purpose to you being here. Living that purpose is the path that is going to allow for your greatest expansion, and also your greatest joy. It also includes facing your deepest fears… That purpose exists as a calling within you. 

You have the calling, and you have the road map inside of you. Your inner guidance (feelings and intuition) is the navigational system that will put you on this path, and continue to guide you as you walk this path. Your sensitivity to energy makes it easier for you to stay on this path, IF you use your sensitivity. Whenever you step off of your path you will feel negative emotion. When you move in alignment with your inner guidance you will feel positive emotion. And mixed in with this is the fear that you feel as a negative emotion while walking on your path. This is challenging because you need to learn to differentiate the fear feeling from the “stepping off of your path”-feeling. This takes practice. It requires you to get comfortable with diving into your fears and noticing how your fear manifests. It requires you to open up to aaaaall the sensations happening within you, and as sensitive as you are, that process can take it’s toll. But it is a matter of learning to use the tools you have within you, and it is absolutely necessary.

Building the Bridge to New Earth

You are a Trailblazer. You clear the path for those that come behind you. In order to do this you need to understand where they are coming from, you need to understand their pain, their wounds, their limitations and their desires. True understanding and wisdom comes from experience. Your experience. You carry with you all your wisdom gained from previous lives, and through recreating similar situations in this life, you are able to access a this wisdom at a deeper level. 

You have all the tools within, and your sensitivity and your ability to tap into your own inner energy is a part of your brilliant divine design. Through accessing your own inner wisdom you create a healing pattern for all your trauma, and that then spreads out into the collective through your oneness connected collective consciousness. What you heal individually you also help heal collectively. That is why so many Lightworkers have chosen difficult experiences as a part of their life path. And the more that you heal, the more you raise your vibration. The higher you raise your vibration, the higher the collective vibration will become as you are an integral part of that collective. Your light is influencing the overall collective vibration of Humanity, and your healing creates a surge of healing in all others whether they are consciously aware of this ascension or not.

Embracing your Authentic Self

We are all equals. We are Source energy experiencing itself through unlimited perspectives. Your life experiences and your life circumstances has allowed you to dive into a million different perspectives and to constantly change your perception of self. And now you are destined to connect to the core of your own energy, and allow that energy to help you break free from the limitations of your past. 

You are not your past. You are not your past experiences, and you are not who people judge you to be. You can set yourself free from their judgments at any moment, and you can free yourself from your past too. Your experiences will always be a part of your history, but it is up to you to decide who you want to be. You choose which energy you wish to expand through your focus, and you choose how much or how little of your energy you wish to embody in this human vessel. 

But know this: you are here to embody the energy of your true, authentic self, and everything in your life is here to guide you towards that embodiment. The sooner you stop fighting yourself and accept that process of embodiment, the sooner you set yourself free. You already are free, but through accepting that your Soul energy is an energy that no life circumstances can ever imprison or change, you give yourself the conscious permission to be who you are, who you have always been. And that is the Self, the energy, that you are here to share with the world. 

Accepting your greatness

Stop being ashamed of being advanced. Stop trying to hide your abilities and your light. You cannot live your purpose while pretending to be small or insignificant. You can only lead from a height, accepting that you have been designed and equipped to be a leader. You need to accept the responsibility of being the lightworker and leader that you are. You need to accept your greatness. 

When you let your guard down and open up to the world and to the energy within you, allowing yourself to be seen for who you are and allowing yourself to feel everything, you move in to a state of receptivity. This is where you become magnetic to all that you desire, where life starts to unfold effortlessly for you. But this is all found in your authentic state of being, when you dare to be your authentic self. Authenticity can feel vulnerable because you are naked to the world, in exactly the state of existence that you intended to live. There are no more illusions to hide behind, and everything is sensed and felt more deeply. 

Right now you are hiding from yourself, hiding from the truth of what and who you are. You are pretending to be less than, pretending to be smaller. You have been designed to lead Humanity into the future. You are not the only one, but you ARE a part of the team of pioneers that are here to create a bridge to the New Earth. This means that you are here to embody the New Earth Human, to bring ascension of the human race through being that New Earth Human. 

You simply happen to be this New Earth Human before the rest of Humanity, which means most people are unaware and unawake to your greatness. YOU are the only one that needs that awareness, because YOU are the one that has to align to the power and the abilities that are a part of that greatness. Those abilities are all within you. Raise you perception of self so that those abilities can manifest. Give yourself permission to be your authentic self. 

Giving unconditional love

The energy of who you are is unconditional love. That love can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable to most people, because most people have been taught not to give unconditional love, and that they are not worthy of unconditional love. And here you are, giving it constantly, emanating it from your being like an unstoppable force. 

Other people’s inability to receive your love, or to accept you (and the love that you give simply through being you) is not a reflection of you. Their fear of you is not a reflection of you. You are here to love unconditionally, which means to love even when that love is rejected. You are not too much. Your love is not too much. You are divine.

In the meeting of energies that happen when you connect with someone else, there is an alchemical reaction. Your unconditional love meets their conditional love, and that meeting sends shock waves into this other person. It is an awakening. Through your love you awaken those that are asleep, even without a single word. It is an energetic reaction that you were designed to set off. 

If they cannot love you, there is still an energetic reaction. It is experienced as you pushing against them. Their love for you or lack of love for you is experienced as an openness to your energy, or being closed off to your energy. Your energy will still ignite an awakening process within them, but it will be experienced in two very different way depending on their own openness to your energy. 

Bridging the polarities

Awakening includes becoming aware of the darkness within yourself. So it is for others as well. Your light is awakening others, helping them become aware of their inner darkness so they can bring it out into the(ir) light and transmute it by unconditionally loving themselves. This process is neither easy nor comfortable. And the task of lighting up darkness can feel like an ungrateful one, especially if you believe you are the cause of others’ emotional pain. Which you are not. You are one of the tools that aid them in discovering their own inner light. That is very different. You are a blessing to all who get to meet you. 

In this meeting between your light and the world outside of you, there is a wide range of experiences. You are here to experience that range from within your own self love. As your unconditional love meets the conditional love outside of you, or even the fear outside of you, you create an energetic bridge from darkness to light by you existing in both. 

You exist in the darkness, as the light. 

Illusion and Clarity - Ascending into Authenticity

You naturally attract to you everything that aligns with your desires. Manifesting is effortless. The efforting only happens when you are blocking your desires through fear and limiting beliefs. This life is a journey of discovering that those beliefs are all illusions, letting them go, and anchoring into the truth of who you are, and of your own power as the creator of your reality. 

Clarity of creation requires you to consistently show up for yourself and honestly look at your own fears self imposed limitations. Clarity of connection requires your awareness and acknowledgment of your own judgments of self and others. Clarity of communication requires you to own when you are projecting your own beliefs onto the outside reflection. It all comes back to you, because you are the one creating the filter of your perception. 

That filter not only colors your perception of the world around you, it also influences your perception of self. It not only influences your perception of what is, it also reduces your ability to pick up on energies that are manifested within yourself, AND in your current conditions. It directly limits your ability to perceive potential, both in yourself and in the world around you, which means that if you can reduce your fears and limiting beliefs, you will be able to perceive more potential in your current reality, and when you are aware of more potential you have the opportunity to take more chances and walk through more open doors. You see, the truth is that at any given time there are a million open doors in front of you. But due to fear you can only perceive one or two. That same fear holds you back from stepping across the threshold, and so the illusion of a threat that exists only in your mind is what is blocking you from living your wildest dreams. Only illusions, that’s all. 

Clarity & Authentic communication

As the bridge between 3D and 5D you have to connect to people. You are after all the connection between the old world and the new earth. Energetic connection requires authenticity and communication. The more authentic, the deeper the connection. The more authentic, the clearer the communication. You communicate through words, through body language, and purely energetically. This communication builds connections between you and the world around you, both between you and another individual and between you and the collective. 

In order to create deep connections, you must be authentic so that your communication through words is in alignment with your energetic communication. When you are authentic within yourself you create more clarity in your awareness of both your inner  world and the world around you. You allow for a deeper level of understanding and love for yourself, and also create a greater ability to tap into energies around you including other people. This clarity helps you to navigate your reality, and to better utilize your innate abilities. 

When you operate from a space of clarity you are able to tune perceive more of the nuances in vibration, in your own vibration and in the frequencies around you. You will be able to change your own vibration with more accuracy due to you awareness of all the nuances, and you will be better equipped to read the energy around you in all it’s complexity. In other words: the more authentic and open you are with yourself, the greater your ability to understand and navigate the world around you. And when you understand both yourself and the people around you, you can guide them to understand themselves and their own reality. You create a bridge for them to move from the illusion of 3D into the clarity and authenticity of 5D. 

The potential in polarities

You are here to accept and love ALL parts of yourself. If there are parts you don’t approve of, or judge as wrong, you are perceiving yourself through the illusion of good and bad, right and wrong. The illusion is that this trait in yourself is bad. It is a neutral trait, and your perception of it is what determines how this trait manifests in your energy. How you perceive it determines whether you see the effects of this trait as positive and beneficial, or negative and harmful. In other words: it is up to you to use your powers to hurt or to heal. 

The concept of polarity exists within your energy. Inner balance means embracing the polarities that exist within you. You are both manifested potential and pure potential. Within your energy is the seed to your future self, and it is up to you how you want this potential to manifest. 

Through your beliefs you manifest this potential into matter. How you choose to perceive yourself will determine how that potential unfolds in your reality. Your perception of self determines your relationship to the world outside, and all the beings in that reality. 

That means that if you have experienced severe lack in your past, you also carry within you the seed for great abundance. If you have experienced rejection or abandonment in ways that greatly impacted your experience of life, you carry within you the polarity to that experience: the potential to experience being unconditionally loved for who you truly are, in equal measure to your experience of rejection.

Expand your perception of self

Expansion happens in stages of download/action and integration/inaction. At every stage you will revisit old wounds and old themes, from a higher perspective, allowing for deeper healing and a deeper level of understanding and wisdom. It is like an upwards moving spiral, where you move higher and higher and closer and closer to your core. Your understanding of yourself illuminates the illusions that you have been living in, and sets you free from your self imposed limitations. 

Through your expansion you free yourself from the past, moving into the unknown future. As you move into the future it becomes your now moment, and your presence in the now transmutes pure potential into manifested matter in the shape and form that reflects your vibration. Through your experiences, through your existence, you transmute pure potential into actualized reality.

Every time you expand into more of who you are, the potential around you changes. But in order for you to perceive this new vibrational potential as manifested reality, you must first raise your perception of self to the new and higher level of existence. You must raise your perception of self in order to be able to perceive your new and higher vibrating reality. 

Don’t let the past hold you back. Stop rebirthing your past version of yourself by constantly going back to the old perception of self. You are not the one you were last year, or even last week. This ascension is accelerating, which means your expansion is also accelerating. You have to learn to constantly adjust your perception of self to be a match to your future, so that you perception of self leads the way. Be the leader of your own life, through consciously choosing your perception of self. 

Trailblazers of love

In order to be able to guide the collective from 3D to 5D, you have to first be immersed in the illusions and experience the limiting beliefs of the 3D reality. If you want to create a path from darkness to light, you have to start out in the dark. In order to learn how to heal, you have to first be wounded. So you took it upon yourself to be the wounded, to live in darkness, to experience the illusion, in order to be a guide out of all that darkness.  You already have the map inside of you, because you have done this in many lifetimes before. It is a part of your soul energy to be a guide and a teacher. You chose this mission, but you were also chosen, because you have everything you need to fulfill this mission. If you cannot trust yourself, then trust the wisdom of those that chose you. 

Your authentic self is everything that is needed to master this mission. YOU are everything that is needed to master your mission, which is why you are the one doing it. And you are worthy of it, because you are YOU. The more that you accept your authentic self, and move into your mission work, the more your abilities will reveal themselves to you, perfectly aligned with the work that you are here to do. 

Surrender to your 5Destiny

Most of your life you have resisted yourself, trying to be who the world wanted you to be. Now it is time to surrender to who you really are. It is time to surrender into your greater destiny. 

All humans adopt several limiting beliefs as a part of the collective human experience. Many of these beliefs are grounded in the desire to belong in a tribe, both for security and for emotional support as well as love. You have been taught that love is conditional and that you must be and act in a certain way in order to receive this love. But your essence is unconditional love, which is eternal, limitless and free. This freedom and this limitlessness is a constant calling within you that is now increasing as you are being asked to move into your purpose as a part of the ascension of Humanity. 

You are being called to surrender to your destiny. But in order to live this destiny you have to give up your need to control, to know what and when. You have to accept stepping into the unknown, and you have to start trusting yourself and your abilities to navigate from your heart. You have to trust your destiny, and that you are perfectly designed to live this destiny. 

Perception of power needs to shift

How often have you asked for something, birthed a desire, and then sat back waiting for the Universe to deliver? Trusting the Universe is great, but no part of the Universe other than you can make the necessary changes in your vibration to attract anything into your reality. No guide or spirit team can go in and actively create something FOR you. Only you can do that, by changing your own frequency. Only you have that power, because you are the creator of your reality. And now is the time for you to move that perception of power from something outside of you, and on to yourself. 

Your frequency creates an energetic grid. This is the extension of YOUR energy. In this grid you attract whatever you are a match to, and you let go of that which you are no longer a match to, in a constant dance with the energy around you. This grid reacts and responds to your frequency at all times. It is alive with your energy, and you are completely in control of your experiences through this grid.

This is the lifetime where you are mature enough to remember that you are the Creator, in all ways, and it is up to you what you make of life. Your potential has already formed around you, and you are the spark of energy that ignites this potential into reality.

Being the leader

What attracts is not perfection. It is authenticity. Who you are, is what attracts. Who you are, as the complete and whole being, the mixed being of light and dark, love and fear, that is what attracts. Your acceptance of yourself, as the human AND the Divine, is what attracts. Your acceptance of the complete you, of all parts, both the truth and the illusion, is what attracts others to follow you. Your acceptance of yourself, gives others the permission to accept themselves, light and darkness, human and divine. Through your light, through your essence of being, you have the power to light up others. You have the power to help others find their power. 

That is what humanity needs at this time: guidance to perceiving their humanness as the Divine, rather than looking for the Divine somewhere outside of them, or seeing only parts of themselves as an expression of the Divine. The human is not less than the Divine, it is the Divine believing it is separate from Divinity itself. Through your acceptance of your perceived flaws or lack, as the perfect expression of the Divine in you, you will inspire and allow others to accept themselves, exactly as they are, without striving to be different. 

Within you, are divine gifts not yet uncovered. Within you, are traits and abilities you could not even dream of. They are within you for a purpose, for a reason, and they are waiting for you to unpack and utilize them, making who you are a new expression of Source, as you expand and explore yourself.  As you journey on your path, you will be challenged to step up, to show courage, to expand. In taking on the challenge you expand into new territories of who you are. You discover and uncover new traits and characteristics you didn’t even know you had. You will let go of some traits that no longer fit you, traits that feel foreign and outdated. You will change. You will evolve.

Surrender to your path. Surrender the need to know why you are where you are, and why you are the way you are. Surrender the need to know what is going to happen, where you are going, and what you will do next. here is a reason you cannot see too far ahead.  If you knew, you would limit yourself through doubt and fear. The one you are becoming, is yet out of your vibrational reach. If you knew, you would BE it. 

Basically, surrender means giving up on your plan, and aligning with the greater plan. Greater as in bigger, larger, and greater as in better, more amazing, more exciting and rewarding. It also means greater as in more fear inducing, because your fears are signs of where you need to go in order to grow. What you fear, is what you seek. Where there is fear, there are opportunities for growth. Where there is great fear, there is the opportunity of GREAT growth. And growth and expansion is what you seek, both as the human you, and as the soul you. The path to all that you desire goes through your fears. Facing your fears, dealing with them, pushing past them and learning through experience that YOU are the greater power, that is what you desire. That is where you shine, and where you get to discover the power that is within you. And as you push through fear, you discover your purpose. As you live and act in alignment with your purpose, you uncover and face more of your fears. As you face these fears, you reach the point of surrender. In the unknown, the only choice you have is surrender. On your path, exploring your purpose, facing your fears, you will surrender. The roadblocks you place in front of yourself are there by design. One of the things your soul wants you to learn is the act of surrender. Because surrender teaches you how effortlessly you can move forward. It teaches you to trust, both in yourself and the abilities that lie within you but can only be found when needed (and not a minute before). But also, to trust in the power of the Universes, the power of Source, and the loving and benevolent energies that are supporting you and guiding you every step of the way.


The new leader leads from the heart, not the mind. The mind is the organizer, but the leader is the heart. You run your state of being from the heart, and fuel it with love. The heart goes by the higher knowledge, the infinite and eternal wisdom. Your connection to the wisdom of All That Is, runs through your heart. Your heart is a portal, to connect to clarity, to the non-physical guides and supporters, to the infinite wisdom that is yours, to the part of you that is pure love.

There is a vibration within you that is of the one who leads. When you pave the way for others, walking in front regardless of who follows, that is the vibration of leading. When you move forward, regardless of your fear and regardless of not knowing how or where to go, you are leading the way. You are built for the unknown, for the exploration of what has never been lived before. The only way you can succeed is by being YOU.

Open heart and vulnerability

An open heart is challenging because it makes us feel vulnerable. Allowing love in will tear down our protective walls and expose our deep desires for love. And yet this soft place, your heart, is your greatest portal to all your inner wisdom and your greatest strength in connecting to other beings. 

When people feel vulnerable they tend to shut down or close themselves off. They create distance between themselves and the world outside through emotionally distancing themselves from the danger in their own mind. This often looks like and feels like an energetic wall, and if you are sensitive you have surely felt this in many instances. This emotional distancing is a way for the other person to try to protect themselves from hurt or rejection, and it tends to happen when they are tapping into deep and authentic parts of themselves. Exposing your authentic self can often feel vulnerable simply because it is your true self, and rejection of this true self would cut deeper than rejection of your public mask. 

Your task is to meet this emotional protective shield with love and openness. When you can emanate openness and vulnerability yourself, you will help the other to soften their protective shield. Everyone can intuitively sense vulnerability and openness, which is why most people accept almost any kind of behavior in kids and animals that wouldn’t be accepted in adults. We sense their vulnerability and that makes us relax. 

When you meet others fear with your own open heart, you soften their shield. You meet them on a wavelength of vulnerability and authenticity, and you energetically communicate that you accept and value them as they are. This is creating a safe space for connection and communication, and it allows for authentic expression of self. 

The void before the rebirth

You are a part of this revolution of Humanity. The ascension is happening through you. In order to bring in the new, you have to release the old. There has to be room for the new you, and for the new energies to enter. How do you create room? You expand to embrace all these new parts of you, AND you let go of something that is no longer in alignment with this new energy. Meaning you have to let go first. Before this new energy can enter, you have to let go, and that can be uncomfortable and scary.

We are attached to our past and our previous identity. We feel connected to the person we used to be, even if that past was traumatic and painful. We may even identify with the wounds. But if you want to allow in the new you, the healed you, you have to be willing to let go of perceiving yourself as wounded. You have to let go of attaching to your limitations, and set yourself free to embody your new Self. 

Let go of the old. Make room for the new to enter. In that void where the old self used to reside, you find stillness and peace IF you can accept the emptiness in the moment. Surrender to this void and let it be for as long as it needs. The new will come in divine timing, and you will continue on your expansion journey. For now, embrace the void and surrender to your transformation. 


Private calls are my favorite tool for transformation! These containers allow us to go to the depths, to uncover layers upon layers of gold within the client. I love these calls for their intimacy and the connection that grows from these spaces. 

If you are interested in setting up a private call with me, please use link to schedule a time that works for us both. Calls are on Zoom, 60 mins, and the recording will be sent to you after the call. 

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