If you perceive that you are not enough for someone else, it is because you believe you are not enough. What others think of you is a reflection of their own inner struggles or delights, so you can never base their perception of you on anything outside of them. What you think others think of you, that is a reflection of what you think of you. The opinions you project onto them are really yours. You are using them to see yourself.

You can never be enough to someone who is not enough for themselves. You can never be enough for anyone until you decide you are enough for yourself.

What does it take to be enough?

You have so many requirements to meet, so many ways to measure yourself. It is impossible to live up to all those requirements, and they contradict each other all the time. “Be enough, but don’t be too much”. “You are not enough, and you are too big”. “Be more, but don’t be so much that you make others feel small”. Dear one, you cannot make anyone feel anything. You cannot make others feel, you can only control your own feelings.

You are enough because you exist. If this is not enough to make you understand, then remind yourself that you are living countless lives all over the energetic reality. Remind yourself that you are the energy that creates worlds and Universes. Remind yourself that this one energy can not be wrong in one place and majestic in another. It is all one big, amazing field of energy, and that energy is pure love. Love can never be less than perfection, completion, enough. You are that same, one energy. The belief that you are something else or something less, is part of the illusion. As you are not part of the illusion because you are the one energy that IS, the belief that you are less than enough is something outside of you. Something that is not real. Something that is not part of you. Once you realize that this belief is an illusion, not real, not really existing, and not a part of YOU – you can let it go. You don’t need to contradict this belief, just see it for what it is: it is not part of you. It is not real. It is not truth. It is illusion. It is not part of you.


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