I am Source. I am here to discover and be Source. Yet, I have a limited amount of love for myself and that is something I am working through. So how does one Love Thyself? It’s not my hair, my body, my skill, my wit. It’s the Source of me. How do I move forward in learning (remembering) to love myself as Source?

It’s not your body or your skills? What do you think those parts of you are? Are you under the belief that there are parts of you that are not Source? Maybe parts that are not worthy of love? All parts of you are Source. Your nails, your skin, your ability to argue with your husband, your bad moods, your wonderful laughter, all those are parts of Source. There is no thing, no part of you, no part of anything, or any space in between parts that is not Source. All of you is Source. Every part of you is just as holy and amazing as your soul. Your toes are a divine miracle, existing as Source because of you and the creation of you. You are it in every way.

Are you seeking a deep answer or image of your soul? Do you see your soul as some mystical creature hiding in your depths? Do you believe this divine source part of you is lurking somewhere in the background, or hiding in the clouds with the angels?

My dear, you are this Source. You, with your hair, your body, your skills, your wit, are Source. You are Source manifest. You are the physical creation of Source. You are not a representation of source, you ARE source. What you perceive as some deluded and unimportant part of you, your wit, that is a key element in the divine creation that you are, as being Source. Your hair is as magnificent and wonderful and divine as the part of you that can move mountains with a single thought, or telepathically communicate with someone on Mars. It is all divine. It is all equally magical. You are just more used to seeing your hair, than moving mountains with your mind, and so to you having hair is no big deal.

We understand. You want to connect to that part of you that knows it all and remembers your grandness. But don’t you see, that journey is the reason you are here. If you could remember and embody it all right now, why would you bother being here? This discovery is so sweet that for thousands of lives you have stretched it out so you could enjoy the rediscovery in every minuscule detail. You wish to savor it, enjoy it, perceive it from every angle possible. You wish to take pleasure in the discovery of the miracle and incredible beauty that is You. You wish to share this discovery with others on the same path, to take delight in sharing the wonders of a new skill, a new insight, or the relief of another illusion. You wish to experience the heaviness of believing you are something less, only to become aware that you are more than you could ever imagine.

The lack of knowing is a blessing. The lack of remembrance is a thrill. Only by forgetting can you feel the surprise and the excitement of knowing yourself in a way that was previously not known. You want this thrill. And the intensity of this thrill is so enormous that you are more than willing to experience every moment of pain that you have had in your life. Imagine the pleasure that awaits you. Imagine the pleasure.

With all our love we welcome you back, and with a palpable excitement in our non-physical hearts we eagerly watch your journey to the unfoldment of the eternal miracle that is you.


Spiritual Guide

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