How can I follow my passion when it doesn’t provide me with an income?

What if the abundance issues are here to teach you not about abundance, but about not needing others approval?

You fear letting down others. You fear not living up to their standards. You fear not being able to give or do for them what you believe is expected of you.
Who put those expectations there? Do you have to live up to them?
You create the expectations for your life. You decide what you want to fulfill or dismiss. You decide how you want to value your worth, and what gets to add to your worth or diminish it. If you choose to believe that you must provide for others or make others happy in order to deserve their love, then that is how your reality will be created.

You can always find more demands to place upon yourself. If you choose to be responsible for others happiness you will never find peace. Those around you will feel bad regardless of what you do or say, because they are living from a different perspective and have to deal with their own issues. You cannot control how they feel, and you cannot build your life around others dreams. If you try to control their lives for them by being who you believe they need or want to you to be, you are also reinforcing their beliefs that we should all be who society wants us to be.

You have a chance here, a chance to break free and set your own standards. You can decide that your happiness comes from doing what lights your fire, and that your happiness is not depending on what others do or want from you. You can decide to believe that your value to others is by being you, and living life as you desire. You can choose to believe that you are worthy regardless of what others think of you or how they see you. You can choose to believe that you came here to expand and to explore who you are, and the one way that you intended to do this was through your passion. Certainly there are many, many other aspects to who you are and to your life, and this desire of living through your passion may change. But as for now you have a desire, and you must trust yourself to be the Master and the expert on your life. No one else can possibly know what is right for you, and certainly not those who are still not sure what is right for them. You must allow yourself to be who you are, and to accept that you have come here not to be one of the masses, but to be one of those that are awake and who live a life guided by their inner knowing.

You know which path to take and you know what is right for you. You know you cannot let others dictate your choices but you still feel guilt for being different. Find within you the courage to be different, to live as who you are in this moment. Find the courage to allow others to feel their pain if they need to, and to try to force you to change. You can allow them and accept their needs without giving in to them. They don’t know what you know. They are doing the best they can, and so must you. You have a responsibility to yourself to live by your inner guidance, and you have a responsibility to step up to this task of shining your light for others.

Abundance will come. Abundance will come in great waves when you decide to live from the guidance of your inner self. Abundance will come when you allow yourself to be who you are. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own. They must find their own way. You can help by allowing yourself to live as you desire, but you cannot walk their path for them.

You know very well that being dead inside is worse than being broke. If you do not pursue your passion you will feel dead. And you know this. Do what lights your fire. All else follows your light. Let them deal with their fear. You need to push through yours. Be who you are, not who society wants you to be. Go live your dream.


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