The only thing you can do is to accept the pain. When you resist the pain you are creating more pain. If you can accept that it is there, that it might be there for a while, it will help ease the resistance that is creating the pain in the first place. The resistance might be resistance to something that is happening, or simply old wounds letting go of old pain, but either way it is there. What is, cannot be changed. All you can do is to accept what is, and know that it will stop at some point. Everything has an end, except for you. You are eternal and the pain is fleeing. You are the greater force. You are the one with the power. The pain will end, but you will still be there. No conditions are ever more powerful than you are. No pain can ever win or outlast you. You are the one power. You are eternal.

If you see the pain as unwanted and wrong, you add resistance to the equation. If you see the pain as a sign that you are not manifesting correctly, a sign you are being resistant and not doing what you should do, you are adding guilt to the pain that is already there. You are judging the pain as wrong, and you are using the pain to judge yourself as wrong. None of that is true. The pain is an experience in this moment. It is a messenger. It is the result of what you have vibrated before. It can be the sign of your body working and doing it’s job in removing the old wounds that your are currently healing. You can choose to see the pain as proof that you are letting go of darkness.

The pain can be proof that you are ascending. The pain might very well be an ascension symptom, showing to you that your vibration is rising, that you are assimilating to higher dimensions. The pain could be your mark of honor that all the work you have done so far is paying off. It might even be your connection to others with these symptoms, a conversation starter for you to help others who suffer. It could be a tool to help you understand what others with body pains are experiencing, so that you can relate and give them the support they are not able to give themselves.

What you experience is neutral. How you judge your experience is what determines if you feel good or bad in the middle of this experience. Even more importantly: how you believe your experiences define you, is what creates more love-based perceptions of self, or more of the fear-based perception of self. As you feel the pain coming, you have the opportunity to judge it as good or bad. In that moment you determine for your future self how she will experience the pain. The pain might not be a blissful experience either way, but but seeing it as neutral rather than bad, you at least do not add judgment of self to the whole experience. When you are in the midst of this pain, you again have the opportunity to judge yourself again. You can be angry with yourself for not being able to stop the pain, call yourself weak for not dealing with the pain, and be angry with yourself for attracting and choosing this as part of your human experience. This is a choice. This is a perspective you can take. It will lead to more pain. You also have the choice to see the pain as neutral. To thank your body for the processing it is doing. To thank your body for letting go of the old wounds. To thank your body and soul for allowing this healing to take place. You can thank your spirit for being with you and allowing you to experience this, knowing it will be helpful when you work with others who also deal with pain. You can thank yourself for how bravely you deal with the pain, for your courage and for not giving up. You can pat yourself on the shoulder for all the support you are giving to yourself even in the middle of this pain, and choose to see how you are expressing compassion and love for yourself, even through this. You can thank yourself and your body that this pain will pass, and thank yourself that you appreciate how great it feels when the pain is gone. You can focus on the relief you know is coming, and be grateful for the strength and patience this has forced you to find within yourself.

Your path is unique. The tools you teach yourself and the abilities you grow due to you pains in body and soul, are unique as well. That is why your part in this magical puzzle of creation is so important: because you are unique. Because only you can give what you can give. You are like no other. And that is a gift to the world. We thank you with all our hearts for the love that you are, the love that you give, the love that you bless us with every day.


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