“There are pillars of light that are also information. This information is what is called the Truths, or spiritual teachings. These pillars of information are also Beings.

The pillars of truth, these teachings, are not only information, they are actual Souls. They are “walking and talking” information in the shape of a Soul. These pillars make up the Temple of the Divine. The Divine Being rests on this Wisdom and the remembering of this eternal truth.”

Higher Council of Wisdom/Truth Explanation: There are souls that carry within their essence the information, the eternal wisdom, about the truth of who you are. These souls came to your planet at this time, to be an integral part of your society, so as to help the ascension of Humanity. These souls carry forth teachings, from several perspectives.

These perspectives are all nuances of the same truth, and they compliment each other. In the reality of free will, the individual perspective is built on the freedom to perceive from a unique viewpoint. This freedom to perceive is the basis for the Teachings of this One Truth. Truth can only exist in the basis of freedom, where the perceiver is free to choose their perspective of the One truth. The information and wisdom about Who you Truly are, is what will help you as humans to remember your Divinity.

Through teachings of this One Truth, you will remember more of your essence. You will remember your eternal core, you will remember that you are limitless, that you are Love manifested. The teachings are rememberings. They are guidance to help you once again know yourself as who you truly are, The Divine expressions of Source energy. As these teachings help you understand and remember this One Truth, from your perspective and taught from many perspectives, you will move into the expression of this Divinity.

The Divine being rests on these pillars because the pillars that are Wisdom & Truth, help you remember who you are. As you remember, with the help of these teachings, you once again step into your Truth, into your Divine Being.


Spiritual Guide

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