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Inner Recalibration – June Solstice

June 16, 2021
Have you been feeling anxious or overwhelmed by limiting beliefs and old wounds that you thought you had already dealt with? Experiencing ascension symptoms? We explain this new upgrade and recalibration that is currently happening within all. http://

June Eclipse – Embracing the Unknown

June 8, 2021

The Eclipse brings in completely new energies, and completely new potential. If you can embrace the unknown and surrender to your experiences, this summer will bring you miracles! http://


June Energy Forecast

June 1, 2021

What will June bring? What will the June eclipse do for us? http://


Creating Freedom, Lunar Eclipse May 26

May 25, 2021

What is this Lunar Eclipse about? Watch and learn! We also discuss stepping into our power, teleportation, making decisions and what it means to love. http://

Energy Report May 18-25: Learning to Believe in Yourself

May 18, 2021

Once again moving into a new phase, as we always are. Focus is moving from boundaries into believing, from authenticity to purpose. We also get information about how to make decisions, how to follow inspiration, how potential becomes manifested and much more. http://


Collective Heart Opening

May 11, 2021
The Heart Chakra has been undergoing a huge opening again, and energies not in alignment with the heart has come up for release. Many have felt anger, frustration, or have experienced intense negative emotion for no reason. This is the inner cleansing of your energy, where you let go of the denser energies in order to rise up to the higher dimensions. The New Moon on May 11th is bringing a phase of blooming and blossoming, allowing you discover more of your true self. Divine Feminine is being anchored in the collective, which will bring on a change in leadership.
NEW Course: Embodying Higher Consciousness at https://www.coursetoconsciousness.com/ http://

May 2021 Energy Forecast

May 4, 2021

May 2021 is a magical month, opening up the portal of the Eclipse energies in June. This is where you can truly create from the new Earth energies, IF you stop resisting the energy!

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How to align with higher consciousness

April 27, 2021
You can’t align to a higher consciousness through controlling and judging. You can’t step into your authentic self if you keep judging yourself and seeing yourself as wrong. Many are experiencing unwanted behaviors or suddenly being unable to control themselves – this is all a part of the great transition into your authenticity.
NEW Course: Embodying Higher Consciousness at https://www.coursetoconsciousness.com/ http://

Stepping into Your Life Purpose

April 20, 2021

We are moving into a more polarized experience where those that choose authenticity will be able to tap into very powerful manifestations. This stepping into authenticity is then going to lead you to your unique life purpose, and this path will start to unfold in the upcoming months. Those that choose fear and inauthenticity will have a dramatically different experience. We also discuss sex and sexual energies, how to set boundaries, how to deal with anger and fear in others, and much more. http://

How to Access Your Power

April 13, 2021
There are ways to access more of your power, and to receive all the guidance you need, but it requires you to be present, to be fully aware and anchored into this now moment. http://


Why you can’t see your path yet

April 6, 2021

You are here to embody the Divine. Everyone has a specific way to embody their divine spark, and everyone has a unique path. But what if you can’t see that path yet? http://


Unlocking your Blueprint

March 30, 2021

You have created most of your life through reacting to the outside conditions. A specific lack was experienced within you, and you have then spent your life trying to fill this lack. You have lived in the illusion. That time is over. So what awaits us? http://


Dissolving Duality

March 23, 2021

When we let go of the idea of separation into good vs bad, darkness vs light, outside vs within, soul vs human, we lose a great deal of the identity of self that has limited us so far in life. We are opening up to a whole new Self, and that opening up can feel uncomfortable. Letting go and opening up means letting go of control, and it means allowing for a wider field of potential. http://


Why you experience loss and lack

March 17, 2021

As we move through this phase of death of the old Self and into the birth of the New, we are in a void where many of us experience loss. Loss of money, relationships, jobs, loss of identity etc. What does this mean and why is it like this? We also discuss attachment/detachment, ascension symptoms, upgrades and integration, and much more. http://


The Lightworker Being of Service

March 9, 2021

Are you being of service from a place of ego, or from a place of unconditional love? Wanting outside approval for your service is a common trap, and it serves no one. Being of service means being the authentic you, and the greatest gift you can give is to just be you. We also discuss the Equinox, the purge of emotions that is a common ascension symptom currently, self discipline and self control, dimensions and much more. http://


Navigating Higher Dimensions

March 2, 2021

As you move into the higher dimensions you will have to make choices. Some people won’t understand you, and you won’t be a match to them anymore. You will call in a different tribe, and a new purpose. In the higher dimensions your heart leads before the intellect, and you integrate and navigate through this heart center. http://


Creation and Non-Physical experiences

February 23, 2021

You want real, outer world changes? But your experience happens all within you, as non-physical feelings, thoughts and perceptions. How does that work, and what does it mean? How do we use that to our advantage? We also discuss self love and how to take action in alignment with self love. http://


Why you feel stuck

February 16, 2021

Sometimes it feels like all doors are closed, and we have nowhere to go, no way to move forward. How do we change our reality when we have no options? http://

Divine Timing

February 9, 2021

Divine timing is always present in our reality. The Divine part of you is in complete alignment with divine timing, and you can access this state of being at all times. We discuss what divine timing is, how it plays a part in manifesting, where our desires come from and much more! http://


Self love & communication

February 2, 2021

Self love is such a strong theme for all of us this month, and yet so difficult to master. All the things you want are expressions of self love: money, relationships, freedom, health – it is all a reflection of how you love or don’t love yourself. We also get into the topic of communication, light language, the vibration of words, and how to move into the upcoming phase of our ascension journey. http://


Paving the New Path

January 26, 2021

You will soon be exploring a new part of yourself, a new direction in your life. The upcoming months are perfect for the New Start, and you will be pushed into the discovery of a new part of yourself. Keys to this: self love and authenticity! http://

The discomfort of Change

January 19, 2021

Do you feel like you are not sure who you are, or what you want? Kind of off, or stuck, or just not feeling like you want to feel? That is because you are changing, you are moving from one form of being into a completely new one! http://

Art of Receiving

January 12, 2021

How good are you at receiving? When new desires don’t instantly manifest in your outside reality, that means you are not allowing yourself to receive it. What needs to change within you, in order for you to get what you want? New videos posted 6 days a week at my Patreon site (all Patrons can ask questions/suggest topics for videos): https://www.patreon.com/AstridHalvorsen http://


Navigating the first part of 2021

January 5, 2021

What willl 2021 be like? The first part will be a bumpy ride for most of us. The key to navigating this? Surrender. Leading from the heart. http://


December energies

December 22, 2020

The Solstice energies from Dec 21st is coming in, and it is affecting all of us. This is the perfect time to look back at this year of 2020, and re-write the story of how we experienced it all. Our reality always gives us a mix of what we want and what we need, and for many this year has probably been filled with less want’s and more need’s. But experiences that trigger us, and challenge us, is what creates huge expansion. This year has changed so much in all of us, we are still not fully aware of how much we have expanded! http://


How to move forward

December 15, 2020

This call explains what is currently happening within all of us, why we are feeling such intense emotions, why we are confused, and what to do with all of this. We also hear about how to move forward, how to change, and how to deal with negative emotions, and much more. http://


The 2021 Potential

December 8, 2020

We are still detoxing as we go into the last month of 2020. But what can we expect in 2021? And what will be asked of us in the upcoming months? We also talk about how to love ourselves, how to move the knowing from the head to the heart. We discuss shadow work, the unknown, December 21st and more! http://


The Void

December 1, 2020

Some of you feel empty, feel a void within. This is the space where your fears used to reside, and this space is there for you to expand into. It feels uncomfortable because you are not used to all this space, you are used to the tight space of limitations, and with less limitations the new freedom seems frightening. http://


Move beyond Human limitations

November 24, 2020

You limit yourself because of other people’s perception of you, and you try to control their perception of you. You are listening to their guidance and their fear, and trying to make your way to the fulfillment of YOUR desires but using THEIR navigation tools. We also touch upon moving your focus from the human being to the soul level, on doing vs being, on past vs future, and more.


What your essence provides

November 17, 2020
Who you really are, is a vibration, a specific and unique vibration. It is your essence, and you can connect to it through feeling. Once you find this place, you will always feel safe, you will always feel loved, you will always be enough.
Also discussed: how to find your limiting beliefs, why we get sick, the meaning of Covid and having to wear a mask. http://


The Inward Journey

November 10, 2020

We have entered the new phase in this ascension, the new dimension. Lightworkers are being called to action, and this calling is pulling you inward, into the essence of who you are. For you to be able to access the full potential of your future, you must let go of the glass ceiling of your limiting beliefs about what a human being, about what you, are capable of. http://

The rise of the New You

November 3, 2020
There is a build up of pressure, a build up of energies, and many feel this as a restlessness. You are being prepared to rise as the New You, to push yourself out of your cage and rise like the phoenix. With this rising of the New You, you manifest the New Earth.
Other topics: emotions and what they are, how to deal with the ups and downs of Ascension, feeling lonely and how to process that. http://

Navigating through feelings

October 27, 2020
Do you feel intense emotions? The energies are designed to open you up to more non-physical energy. You are being urged to navigate more from feelings, and to use the brilliant GPS that your feelings truly are.
We also discuss triggering others, outside approval, the feeling of losing track of time. http://


How Fear is a Gift

October 20, 2020

Fear is such an important part of our human exploration. Most of us fear Fear itself, but this is just a misunderstanding. Fear is a true gift, and a great tool to help us navigate this reality. It will help us move forward into expansion, and can light a fire in us in order to truly work for those big dreams. http://

Finding inner balance

October 13, 2020

We are going through a balancing of energies. The balance of feminine and masculine, of inner power and outer power, of doing and being… The world is changing, and so are we. In this rebalancing of energies, of power, we need to find our stability within. We need to trust ourselves and our inner power, in the changes and the instability of our outside world. http://

Discovering who YOU are

October 6, 2020

What you seek to find in your outside reality, is truly all a discovery of who you are within. You are trying to see yourself in the mirror, in order to see who you truly are. Your essence, your inner power, is leading your discovery!

We talk more about inner power, about how to recognize your essence, on being of service vs being selfish + more. http://

The magic of the Unknown

September 29, 2020
We are always living in the unknown, and how you perceive the unknown will determine how you experience the upcoming years. You can resist the unknown and see it as a dangerous thing, a future that you need to control. Or you can be excited about the unknown, trusting that it will bring you everything you want and need. You can let go of expectations, and find freedom, or continue to limit yourself due to fear.
We also discuss the Divine Feminine, intentions vs goals, fear rising in the collective, and more! http://


The Equinox Reset

September 22, 2020

This Equinox is about pausing. It can be a powerful reset, a time of inner evaluating and re-focus. We are being asked to stay open and not fear the unknown, as the next few months have A LOT in store for us! We also hear about trust, trusting yourself, about outside approval, limiting yourself, rejection, the ego, and more! http://

Accessing other dimensions

September 15, 2020
You are the portal to all dimensions, all versions of you. Within you have access to all potential and possibility, and through changing your beliefs and perspective today, you can access any version of yourself.
Also discussed: when are aliens coming, accepting what is, how to deal with physical pain, is this armageddon, and more! http://


Time & Perception of Self

September 8, 2020
Time and our perception and experience of time, is changing as we start to shift and ascend to the higher dimensions. Our definition of self is closely connected to the experience of time, and all of this is changing now.
We also discuss being sensitive and feeling vulnerable, how to let down our shield and mask, and just allow ourselves to truly feel. http://


Detaching from Duality

September 1, 2020

We are all shifting into a new version of ourselves, some sooner than others, gradually becoming more of who we truly are. For this to happen with ease, we must let go of our attachment to what is, to the outside conditions that we are currently living in. That includes letting go of our attachment to what is right and wrong! We need to move from the Duality perception and into a perception of Oneness. http://

Thinning of the Veil

August 25, 2020

The veil between physical and non-physical reality is thinning, and we are moving towards a greater understanding of who we are and how this reality works. In this call we explore this illusion of the separation between physical and non-physical, we talk about the play between power and victim, and the realization of inner power. http://

Preparing for what’s to come

August 11, 2020
This year, 2020, is a year of preparation. You are being given opportunities to practice inner peace and inner strength in the middle of outer chaos. As the bridge between physical and non-physical, you anchor the Source Self in a physical reality, and your bridge is thinning the veil between these realities.
We also discuss lower vibrations vs higher vibrations, Gaia and how humans can/can’t hurt the Earth, and much more! http://


The Path Ahead

August 4, 2020

Everything you desire is ahead of you. It is there in order to move you into BEING who you truly are. Everything you desire is pulling you forward, and what you truly want is to experience yourself on this journey of becoming, this journey of ascending.

We also talk about portals or Gateways, receiving guidance from Ascended Masters and Angels. We discuss Karma and how the soul experiences trauma. We talk about your choice of Life Theme and explorations, and we hear about trusting your own inner guidance. http://

Let go of control

July 28, 2020

In this Group Channeling we talk about control, and how we are being pushed into letting of control. The energies are inviting us to surrender into what is, into our inner power, and to let go of trying to control our outside reflection. http://

The Outside Reflection

July 21, 2020
In this Group Channeling session we hear about the outside reflection. Currently there are a lot of things happening in the outside reality, a lot of energy, a lot of emotions. The outside is always reflecting the within world. We, humanity, are receiving intense energies, creating shifts within us, and allowing us to raise our vibration. The more you focus within and become aware of these changes, the more exciting these shifts will be. You choose how you experience the changes that are currently happening, and those choices happen from within.
We also discuss limiting beliefs, perception of being a victim, how to process anger, and much more! http://


Acceptance is Key

July 14, 2020

How do you manifest the life you want? We talk about becoming a vibrational match to that which you desire. We discuss acceptance and how to get there. What is the difference between love and acceptance? What do you do with a recurring manifestation event? What if you can’t figure out which limiting belief to change? And how do you know which is the right choice? http://

The Divine Flame in You

July 7, 2020
This call was about seeing ourselves as the Divine Being, rather than letting ourselves be limited by the Human Being. We all have Divine abilities, and the more that we can let go of seeing ourselves as simply humans, and the move into the remembering of our Divine Self, the more those abilities will come forth. http://


You are about to make the Great Leap

July 1, 2020

You are leaving behind the first part of your incarnation, and are about to leap forward into the new. What awaits you there? What are we moving into? Who will we be? How will we change? Let Maximos tell you! http://

Nikki & Astrid – Weight & body, abundance, readiness

June 18, 2020

In this episode we discuss self love and self acceptance. We talk about the importance of feeling, and how that is for us Drama Queens. We discuss food and weight, and how we view our bodies and weightloss. Nikki shares her insights on readiness, how we naturally allow ourselves to receive and experience WHEN we are ready for it! We talk about abundance, and how that can show up in our lives.

Find Nikki:




Freedom – Marilyn and Maximos

June 17, 2020

Why do we limit ourselves? How can we find more freedom in our lives? http://

The Ascension of the Masses

June 10, 2020

In this call we talk about the Ascension.. again! Do you remember when you first started to awaken on this spiritual path? That is what is happening outside right now – the masses are having their spiritual awakening, and it is messy. We also talk about urges vs inspiration, how to get in touch with your power, how to deal with anger, and what it means to be in many dimensions. http://

Separation or Connection

June 3, 2020

In this Group Channeling we discuss the wave of anger and fear that seems to be around us. We hear how this is the time to choose fear or love, how our choices will create either more fear or more love. We get a higher perspective on what is happening, and why it is happening. We also discuss ascension symptoms, and what to do with recurring triggers or manifestation events. How to deal with these feelings of frustration or anger? http://

Nikki & Astrid: How do we deal with all that is going on?

May 28, 2020
In this call we talk about the many ways of dealing with all these creazy feelings. Many of us have different approaches to limiting beliefs, and we dive into that. We discuss being sensitive, being different, and how WE deal with all this, and more.
Find Nikki:


How you attract

May 27, 2020

Are you worried about your looks? About outside approval? The light in you is what attracts – that light is more powerful than any wrinkles or fat! We discuss how you attract followers on Social Media, following inspiration vs fear. We talk about evil entities and demons, are they real? We also hear more about why we can’t seem to remember all the things we read about spirituality and similar teachings. http://

Your Perfection

May 20, 2020

Everything is always perfect, and if you see anything less than perfection, you are looking at an illusion. There is always a lesson, always opportunities to let go of fear, and the unwanted experiences are there to shine a light on our limiting beliefs. We discuss how to deal with limiting beliefs, and how to not see ourselves as wrong. And more! http://

Nikki & Astrid – what the hell is going on with these energies?!

May 14, 2020

Nikki Fouere and Astrid talk about how they are experiencing the current energies. And it is intense! They discuss and share their perspectives, talk about how they are feeling, the ups and downs, worthiness, relationships, being Lightworkers, the outside reflection, and more! http://

The Authentic You

Group Channeling May 13 2020. What does it mean to be the authentic you? Who is that? How does that affect our relationships? We discuss channeling and channeling different entities, angels and aliens. The intro is about how you chose this lifetime and how you are choosing what shows up in your reality. We discuss loneliness and what it means, and more! http://


The Unknown, and letting go of control

Group Channeling May 06 2020. Once again the topic was surrender. Surrender into the now moment, and into not knowing what the future will bring. Right now we are all being forced to let go of control, and forced to surrender into uncertainty. We get clarity on how to deal with that, and we also hear about fear of conflict, worthiness issues, physical pain, and more good stuff! http://

Shifting into a new personality

Group Channeling April 29 2020

At this time we are all shifting into more of who we are. We are becoming new, someone who might be different than who we thought we were. In this channeling call we discuss how to handle these shifts, what to do and how to best navigate through the new terrain. We talk about ascension symptoms, how to handle the unwanted, what to expect from the New Me, and we gain some insights about what this is all leading to. http://

Surrender into what is coming

Group Channeling April 22 2020.
This call is about the energies coming in now, and in the next wave. How do we deal with whatever is going on, both outside and within us? Surrender is the key. Surrender and acceptance. We discuss relationships, physical pain, what is the reflection telling us? http://


Next Ascension phase, the role of the Lightworker, ascension symptoms

Group Channeling April 08 2020
Topics on this call:
– ascension symptoms
– what to do to help us remember the new approach to life
– how to not feel guilty for not doing something useful in this time of isolation
– what is the role of lightworkers- what is coming next in the ascension
– how to get over feeling like a victim – how to be your true self out among people
– being the creator of your life


Alien visits, what is next for Humanity, Power vs victims, Being the Creator

Group Channeling April 1st 2020. In this group channeling call we talk about what is coming next… Will aliens visit us, if so how will that be? We talk about the importance of seeing yourself as the Creator of your reality, and not fall into the illusion of being a victim. And plenty more! http://

Covid-19, Creating our desired future, benefits of isolation, connecting to loved ones

Group Channeling March 25 2020. We discuss: Corona, why are we in this forced isolation, how to connect with loved ones who have passed, how can we use this time positively, being a creator or a victim, what is the veil, how to view conspiracy theories, creating our future, what to focus on when feeling good, why we have to get physical symptoms of Covid-19, and why are being forced to feel fear right now? http://


Corona virus, Ascension, lightworkers role in this time

Group Channeling March 18 2020. Today’s call was about the Ascension process that is happening right now! The Corona virus was discussed, the role of lightworkers in this time of awakening, how to deal with loved ones who are reacting in fear to the Corona virus. We talk about the vibration of Gaia, about 3d vs 5d, about how we can help those that are in fear, how the collective consciousness is influenced by us, and more goodies! http://


Corona virus, shifting from fear, outside approval

Group Channeling March 11 2020. This call was mostly about the Corona virus. Does it have a purpose, why is it happening? How do we as lightworkers handle it? Also we discussed needing love from others, outside approval, and how to deal with this need for validation. http://


Aliens and Dimensions

Group Channeling March 04 2020. This call is about aliens! And dimensions! How was this planet populated, what is our connection to aliens, genetically? How do we shift dimensions? What is a dimension anyway? How can we tell if we are shifting dimensions? http://


Part 2 of 2: Signs from angels, twin flame, energy in relationships

Group Channeling Feb 26 2020. Part 2 of 2 recordings! In these 2 calls we touch upon: signs from angels/guides, living with illness, energy in relationships, twin flames, ebb and flow of life, relationships ending. http://


Part 1 of 2: Signs from angels, twin flame, energy in relationships

Group Channeling Feb 26 2020. Part 1 of 2 recordings! In these 2 calls we touch upon: signs from angels/guides, living with illness, energy in relationships, twin flames, ebb and flow of life, relationships ending. http://


Abundance and Purpose, manifesting your desires

Group Channeling Feb 12 2020. In this group channeling we discuss abundance. What if we have the belief that we need to work hard in order to create abundance? We also talk about worthiness, seeing yourself as valuable, fear of lack, manifesting and not being able to manifest what you want, and we talk about pushing through fear to live your purpose! http://


Ascension, Outside conditions, trusting yourself

Feb 05 2020. This group channeling answers questions about why we get sick, about outside conditions not being how we want them to be, not yet being where we want to be. There are insights on trusting yourself, what to do when comparing yourself to friends and feeling not good enough. http://

Mary Magdalene intro – Oneness, connection, power, outside approval

Jan 29 2020. This session started with a message from Mary Magdalene, so the start was a bit softer and more feminine than it usually is, talking about connection and Oneness. In this Group Channeling we talk about: how to find our limiting beliefs, how to deal with the need for outside approval, what is the difference between ascension symptoms and normal resistance, how do we stay in our power when those around us react negatively to that power, what to do when we judge ourselves – and more! http://

Dual Group Channeling with the Oracle Jan 22 2020

In this video we get answers from both Maximos, and the Oracle, channeled by Daniel Rodriguez! http://

Ascension symptoms, illness, ageing

Jan 15 2020. In this Group Channel we talk about: ascension symptoms, physical illness, what is ageing and why do we age, aliens, light energies and its effects on the body, what do we want for 2020….and more! http://

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