Isabelle: Is that why you say fear is nonexistent?

LAUREL: Fear is part of love. Fear is a nuance of love. Everything that exists is love. So fear is a nuance of love, just like acceptance is a nuance of love. Hatred is a nuance of love. It is two ends of the same stick. It’s unwanted and wanted.

Unwanted might be fear, and wanted will be love, but it’s still the same energy. It’s the same stick, just two ends of it. So unwanted to some people might be wanted to others. On some occasions what feels like fear to you, might be excitement to someone else if they felt it. It’s just a matter of how you choose to perceive it. And it will be felt differently to different people. And it’s still the one same energy that is love, it’s just how you perceive it and what you choose to do with. It’s all in essence a love feeling. Oh and it’s also a matter of how this energy relates to you. Because if it is limiting you, and your expression of who you are, and what you want to do in life, then you might judge it as fear. If it’s helping you and supporting you, and bringing you forward, you might judge it as excitement. But it’s basically the same energy. There are just nuances, and how you experience it and what it does for you.

.Isabelle: So Abraham Hicks, I was listening to it today and she said “Every particle in the universe has what it is wanted, and what is not wanted”.

LAUREL: Because it has potential. Everything, even manifested, that is still occurring within the potential. That’s why everything will change. A seed into the ground will grow into a tree, that grows into a leaf. The leaf falls and then becomes dirt and mud Earth again. The potential is within every part of it. Through that thread from the seed to the tree to the leaf and to the mud. The potential for all of those things is within that seed and within the leaf. And then again within the mud. But the potential needs certain other things. The seed needs certain things in order to grow into a tree, such as water and sunlight, and maybe some nutrients. The potential is always within the seed. Then other parts in its environment will limit how it expands. It will limit its journey, its path through life. The potential is always there but the choice is that the seed, or the environments around the seed, will determine what it grows into. Some seeds do not become trees. Some seeds become flowers, some seeds become trees. So the environment and also the potential within the seed is what dictates the circle of life. But once the seed is back into the ground as dirt, it starts the circle once again. Maybe not even as a seed. It might become a mountain. The potential for everything is within everything. All at all at once. I

Isabelle: And Abraham Hicks would say there is also the unwanted. Is that what Laurel is trying to explain, that the unwanted is the limitations set in the system?

LAUREL: That unwanted is unwanted based in the perception of whoever sees it, and wanted to a terrorist terrorist is very different from unwanted to a doctor. Just like wanted for a doctor working in the UN, is different from the wanted for the terrorist working against the U.N. And that is why the essence of everything, it’s pure potential, and there is no judgment in the essence of what is. What is, is neutral. It is love energy and so the essence is pure potential. Whoever perceives it will judge it as either wanted or unwanted. And so the judgment comes from the perceiver, not from the thing itself. That is why the essence is both wanted and unwanted. Because it is neither.

Isabelle: That’s cool. Yeah. And then once it sort of says that I want to be a seed, or I want to be a tree, the potential is limited. More and more and more. And once it’s a seed it’s limited. Even more with what kind of seed you want to be.


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