Power & Leading


Power is what you are. Your life essence, the energy that gives life to your heart and mind, is power. Life itself is power. When you are, when you exist, you can create, you can do, you can be. To exist, is to wield power.  

In order to fully tap into you power, there are a few things that must be in place: 

– you must be who you are, authentically, without regret, and completely. That means accepting yourself as you are today, even if you wish or want to be different. You must trust that the representation that you are today, is what is needed. You must trust that who you are today, is the best possible expression of your energy, and your energetic connection to Source. You must trust that you have it in you, whatever that it is that you seek. 

– you must believe in yourself! Believe, believe, believe. If you don’t believe you have the power, it will never manifest for you. The power is always there, but your acceptance of it is what can allow it to be seen by you. Remember, the pool of energy that is YOU can bring forth anything and everything. YOU limit it by your beliefs, but the potential is close to endless. In fact, your desires are fueled by this potential, not the other way around. You will be pulled towards that which is aligned with your soul-intentions for this life, the exploration in this lifetime. So what you desire, you can be! You have the full and complete power to express your divinity in any way you want. 

If you feel a pull towards power, it is because you are meant to wield that power. If you have tremendous resistance and fear of power, you are also meant to wield power. The resistance comes from having abused your power, been the victim of the abuse of power, and the fear of that abuse continuing or repeating. This life is then your chance to clear that resistance, and to use power wisely and aligned with love.  

Power is not to be feared, it is innately yours, and it is how you navigate and create your reality.  

The power that is yours, is inhibited and limited by what you believe yourself to be capable of. How you perceive yourself, as a human, as an individual, and your place in society, will determine how much of your power you allow in. The power is there, but you don’t allow it to manifest in your reality, because your reality is designed to reflect your beliefs. In order for you to fully tap into your power, you must change your perception of self. Otherwise your use of power becomes an effort. The grace and elegance of authentic power comes from the freedom of being, the freedom to be who you are, as you are. And in that freedom is the complete acceptance of yourself as perfect, and also indefinable.   

You are indefinable because you can change in any minute, if you choose to do so. You are indefinable because you hold the potential to all within you, and only your choice of expression is what dictates the use of this potential. In this release of definitions and limitations, you are free to express your power in any way it wants to come out. You are free to wield your power in any way it wants to be wielded, and that freedom of expression is absolutely necessary for you to dare to fully step into your power. Power is a forceful energy, and it may take unexpected expressions. The key to this is to allow your intuition, your inner guidance, to flow where it wants. You must trust yourself without doubt. You must trust the wisdom within you, the wisdom of that power, and follow that power wherever it leads you. 


Power is one of the experiences greatly changed by your physical reality. In this reality, where fear is apparent, the power of who you are, can and is limited, and used in a very different method than in the higher dimensions. Your personal power, the power of the illusion of authority or status, the power of government, or the power of your role as a leader, are all changed and shaped by the society that you live in, and the rules of that society. When fear is involved, power becomes more of the illusion, and less of the truth. 

In your history, in your genes, and in your ancestry, is the remembrance of the misuse of power. Your cells remember torture and abuse, both in receiving and in giving. This brings up fear in you, when you see others using power and believing you can be a victim to this power. The belief that you can be a victim, is an illusion, but when you believe it, it feels very real indeed. This is another example of the illusion of power: the belief in victims. To believe that you or others could be victims, means that you believe you can be stripped of your power, the power that is of your essence. When we say that your power is of your essence, that means that your power cannot exist without you, but also that you cannot exist without your power. Your essence is you, so that essence must be present for you to be. When you are, so is your essence. As your power is a part of your essence, if you exist, so does your power. The power cannot be removed or lessened, but you can greatly limit its EXPRESSION through the pattern of your beliefs. After all, this is one of the reasons you came here: to explore your own power to limit your expression. You are literally exploring your own power, as you abuse and limit that same power.  

In the same way that you fear being the abused, you can also fear being the abuser. The guilt and shame of misusing your power, is a heavy one, mostly due to the perspective of your society in large. In your society there are rules for the use of power. Some rules make the apparent abuse of power acceptable, such as in times of war. The same right of a soldier to kill another human, is unacceptable in times of peace. You create rules for the use of your power, and those who break these rules are shamed and shut out from the community. In this way you use the power of groups, the power of emotional isolation, the deprival of connection, to limit how people use their power. You control through emotions. This control is another example of use of power. The power to control the masses is accepted in governments and media, but unacceptable through individuals who seek to influence through violence. Shaming someone through public media is acceptable, even when it leads to tragedy and suicide for the ones in focus, but the use of physical force such as bombs is not acceptable. Unless in times of war. Using the masses to manipulate individuals through shame and guilt, is a use of power that depends entirely on the illusion and on fear. If shame (an expression of fear) is not a part of the human range of emotions, then controlling the masses through rules of behavior is impossible. Your world is largely run by the use of fear, and the manipulation of the emotions of the individual is a most common expression of that control.  

You fear being abused by power, and you fear abusing your power. Many stay away from fully expressing their own power due to this fear. You choose to not use power, in the fear of what might happen if you use your power. If this is not proof of your own power, then what is? You intuitively know you have immense power, and that is why you fear it. If you truly believed you were powerless, you would not fear using your power. But you do know you have power, and you greatly fear this power. So, you choose to express powerlessness, in order to soothe your own fear of abusing your power.  

With fear, you create power through threats, through physical force, and through guilt, shame, and manipulation. People pleasers use their power to manipulate people to like them, so they may get what they want. Yet in the act of pleasing, they limit their own true power, and so the power is merely an illusion. But even the expression of being a victim, is a use of power. Deliberate perception of being a victim means that you label another as the abuser. One cannot exist without the other. If you fear your own power, you create duality, where one is the abused and the other is the abuser. In Oneness, there is only expression of power, through the being of who you truly are. When all is being who they are, expressing their own inner power, there is no abuser and no abused. ALL is powerful, and in the diversity of uniqueness, you get to experience the wide range of personal power, and the unlimited expression of this essence. But for this to happen, you must stop fearing power, and dive into the exploration and experience of the power that is truly who you are. You cannot wield your innate power in truth, while being who you are not.  

To use the power of YOU, you must be that you. But who is “you”? 

When you fear power, you fear a part of yourself. You fear your own thoughts and judgments. Only you can change that. The power is not what you fear, but the one who wields it. You fear yourself. When you desire power, you are noticing how a part of your power is yet unused. You are desiring to tap into more of your power, because that is who you are. You are wanting to know more of you 

YOU are your creation. The expression of who you are is power. You are powerful, and you are the power that you keep tapping in to in each and every moment, to create your reality. You are Source, and Source power is what is flowing through you every day and night. The very power that you fear or want more of, is the power that is your essence.  

The more you accept who you are, as you are, the more you allow yourself to access the power that is innately yours.  

The limitation of that power has been a good thing to explore. When you do not know who you are, and when you believe you are someone who you are not, the use of that power will quickly go into misuse. In order to protect yourself, you limited your access to that power until you were ready to truly discover who you are. As you are discovering and allowing your true self to once again come into light, you will be able to tap in to more and more of the power that is who you truly are. The power of creation is the power that you are. Open up to the discovery of the truth of who you are, and you open up to more of the power of Source, the power of your True Self.  


What does power feel like to you? How does it make you feel physically? Can you pinpoint the place in your body where it resides?  

Your unique flavor of power will be manifested in its unique form, through your unique expression of your Divine nature. Who you are is specifically shaped to hold and bring forth your power, in this specific lifetime, for the exploration that you have decided to part  take in, in this wonderful time of the ascension of humanity.  

How do I find my power? 

Your power is within you. It is your energy of creation. It is the voice that calls all other energies into action, the one who demands to be seen and heard above all else. This energy, this voice, is what drives you forward into your purpose. When you feel yourself slip into timelessness, losing all sense of time, that is when you are aligned with your power. You are aligned with the purpose of your exploration, and in those moments, you are driven by the force of your power. Your inner guidance is aligned with your power, and following your inner guidance, your inner calling, is what allows you to feel the vibration of your power. When you act from your power, in alignment with who you are, you are always exploring something that is tied into your purpose, your intentions for this life. When you act in alignment with your inner guidance, you are allowing your power to rise forth, and you fuel yourself with this energy of the essence of who you are: Source energy.  

In this you can see:  

1.alignment with your purpose, 2. being who you are, and 3. your inner power, are all 3 cords twined together in a strong rope. They work together, and one brings forth the other, in a force of nature, force of Source, that is irresistible.

This is the power that moves mountains. This is the power that creates planets and galaxies. This is who you are, and this is the power that runs through you, and the power you have access to.  Everything you seek, is within you. The power is not outside of you, it is found deep within your core. Are you comfortable exploring the depths of who you are? Do you dare to dive deep within?  

Diving deep within means you might meet up with thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you would rather keep buried. It might lead to pain. There are all kinds of wounds and battlegrounds buried within you. Going within to find your power, means you will have to brave the pain that presents itself when you find these wounds. In the search for your true power, you must find the courage to see yourself and your past, openly and in the harsh light of how you feel about your reality today. If you do not like yourself or your life as it is today, chances are you will not like the one you used to be, and the life you have led. But you must be willing to face it. You must come to terms with your past and see that it has led you to this. Who you were, was perfect. What you did, what you lived, was perfect. You cannot change it, so you must accept it. It happened, and now it has left you with these memories and scars, and they are a part of your journey to your power. All you have been, you must accept. All you have lived, you must accept. All that is within you, you must face, and accept as a part of what you lived through. Your past does not define you, but it has left its mark on you, and it can explain why you feel and believe as you do today.  

As you look at those wounds, you have the opportunity to see all that you have survived. You have the chance to redefine yourself. You are strong. You are alive. You have made it through. You are stronger than all those wounds, that is why you are still here. No matter what outside conditions you have lived through, you have beat them all, mastered them all. You are the greater power! As you sift through your inner world, always remember: you are the greater power.  

 Within your core is the part of you that never gave up. This part is pure love and light. This part is eternal. This part is your Source energy. This is your power. How you feel it, is unique to you. It can feel like deep silence. It can feel like an ocean of water. It can feel like a fire. It can feel like sunlight, or starlight. It can feel like love. Once you feel it, you instinctively know it. It is who you are, it is power, it is love.  

 When you feel intense fear, and have nowhere to run, so you stand up and charge ahead, often feeling like you are being carried, you are in your power. When you feel exhilarated, having just achieved something you almost didn’t think you could do, you are feeling your power. When you love intensely, even though you know you can lose it all, you are in your power. These deep, deep feelings allow you to connect to the power of who you are, because the intensity of the feeling blows away all other thought. In those moments where all you can feel is the power surging through you, in your chest, solar plexus, or in your whole body as a wave, that is when you act directly from your power. When thoughts are pushed aside, when this calling within you forces you to just be – that is your power.  

More than anything your power is connected to your being. Doing is secondary and doing is what happens as a result of being in your power. But being, being is what your power truly is. As you be, you vibrate your power out through your unique field of energy, and into the larger field of energy of the Universe, of all that is. This vibration is a calling, an instruction, and it calls all other energy into action in alignment with its intentions. Your power, the vibration of your power, calls the energy of All That Is, into action. Your vibration of power sends your intentions out to the Universes, like a command. Effortlessly you create through your vibration, simply through being.  

What manifests in your reality is usually the desire to act, as your energy has been raised by the tapping into your power. When you act, you act from this higher vibration that is in alignment with your power, and your actions hold a great deal of power because of this higher alignment. Things fall into place for you, orchestrated by the command of the vibration of your power, sent to the All That Is through the force of your vibration. You create, with very little effort, and a whole lot of power.  

The more you allow yourself to be, to be in the moment and open up to the inspiration of that moment, the more you practice tapping into your power. The simple act of observing yourself and your reality, rather than reacting, will bring your awareness into the moment. As you stay in the moment, you open up to inner guidance, and to truly taking in and experiencing what this moment has to give you. That experience can be focused on what is going on outside of you, or within you, but either way, the feelings these experiences produce, are always felt within you. Everything you live, is experienced within you, and those feelings are felt within the body. And so is your power. It is an energy that creates feelings in the body, and this energy vibrates out into the rest of Source energy, allowing you to create and attract what you want and need for your exploration. But it all starts within you. Awareness of what is going on within you, of what you are feeling in the moment, helps you to tap into your power. It helps because the practice of being aware of what goes on within, trains your senses to recognize the nuances of your energy. Your power can often be mistaken for anger, or fear, or any other explosive feeling. In fact, any feeling IS an expression of your power. But in the expression of anger, if you are not aware of your power, you often act from a place of feeling powerless, and your reaction and actions are not aligned with your inner truth.  

Through the practice of being aware of your feelings, and understanding the reasons for those feelings, you will practice finding your inner power as a feeling.  

Feelings are energy. Power is energy. When you get angry, there is a surge of energy within you. Instead of acting out on that feeling, try to turn your awareness inward. Notice how it feels in your body. Feel the energy of it. This is an expression of your power. Now, you can use this energy to call someone else wrong or use it to hurt someone who hurt you. Or, you can use this to fuel a creation that is to your benefit. You can harness this energy and use it for something that is more in alignment with who you truly are, and who you wish to be. We are not saying to never call people out on their bullshit, or to allow yourself to be abused. We are saying, learn from the situation and act differently next time. BUT, this energy that you feel rising within you in the expression of anger, that is what you want to focus on! This is energy in motion. It is power. It vibrates a desire, and through your conscious choice you can decide what you want that vibration and desire to be. Instead of vibrating “I hate you”, how about you use that energy and say to yourself “Feel this energy! I am strong!”.  

And then practice holding that energy within you, practice allowing this energy to be within you without exploding. See it as a fiery globe in your center. This is power, power that is within you, power from you. What do you want to command it to do? Your intention is your command, and the energy will do as you command it. Through your vibration you control the energy you put into the world. You control your power, and how you use it. You do. Then, once you feel yourself vibrating “I am strong”, allow the energy to flow out from you. There it goes, your power, into the world. And within you is an endless supply of more.  

You can do this with any feeling, but some feelings simply feel more energetic, and so they will allow you to tap into your power more easily. Peace can also feel powerful. If you are surrounded by chaos, screaming and fighting, and you hold within you the vibration of peace, that will feel powerful to you. And as you prove to yourself that you are in command and control of your inner reality, you feel your power running through you. You are that power. It is of you. Practice being in control of your inner environment, practice creating the energies within you that you want to feel, and you are practicing the use of your power. Through your feelings you can become aware of what you are vibrating, and your vibration controls and creates your reality. Controlling your inner environment is your power in action. The more you align with who you truly are, the more power you tap into. 

The more you align yourself with who you are, and become aware of and control your inner world, the more power you send out into the world, in the shape of the vibration you wish to experience in your outside reality. And the more you see the manifestations of your power in your outside reality, the more powerful you feel. The more you believe in your own power, the more you allow yourself to tap into that same power. And so, the circle goes on, with the outside reality reflecting your vibration, creating for you what you command from your power as the Creator. 


You are constantly using your power. Everything in your life is created by your power. You attract through your vibration, and that vibration is a part of your power. Your power is a part of who you are and what you vibrate, it is the energy that makes you, you. Your power is the energy that is YOU, so when you create, you naturally attract and create from the energy that is you, which in essence is your power.  

Imagine yourself as pure energy. This energy is a beautiful and amazing energetic part of Source. You are one specific part of Source, but you are not separate from the rest of Source. This energy can shape itself into anything it wants. Anything. It has no limit in size, in expression, and it also has no limit in the amount of energy it can produce or use. Because you are the very energy of creation itself, that means you can create more energy out of nothing. You can create, produce, access more energy from the energy that is you. That is called expansion. As you vibrate, you produce more energy. As you use energy, you expand and produce more energy. You are an energy creating more energy every time you think or feel or simply be. The more energy you use through your creations, the more energy you add to All That Is. And as you have access to unlimited amounts of energy because you can create, and you do create constantly, there is also no limit to the amount of energy you can use. Energy in use is also called power.  

When you use energy to create and attract to you those creations, it is called power. You want a new mansion, and you vibrate this command through your intentions. You feel abundance, opulence, joy about having this mansion, and this energy creates that expression of abundance and joy into a physical shape of a mansion. Because of your limiting beliefs about reality, you believe you need money to buy this mansion. So, you attract more money, and use this to buy the mansion. That is power of creation. Literally just energy.  

Did you think power was the ability to control others? You can never control others. You can influence others through your vibration, the energy of who you are.  

When you tap into your power, the energy that is your essence, you can do and create amazing things and experiences. Others notice this. They notice how you seem to be magnetic. Not only magnetic as in attracting things and experiences, but also magnetically attractive to them personally. People are drawn to you, because of your use of power. They might believe, and you might believe too, that it is because of your success or abundance. But what the soul is drawn to is the use of energy within you. The soul recognizes the energy emanating from you, and your ability to utilize more energy, or what you call power. The light in you, that essence of energy/power, is literally drawing people/other souls to you. This is part of the game, of the design of your reality. In this game of awakening, where every soul in every lifetime wants to be who they are, the light in you will attract the light in others. Through your energetic vibration you remind others of something deep within them. You remind them of their own light, of their divinity, of their origin, of who they truly are. The more energy you access and use, and most of all be, the more you attract people to you, in order to help them see their own power.  

Your attraction is not due to your abundance or charm, it is due to your light, and your ability to remember and shine this light. When you are being who you are, or at least being more of who you are and less of the illusion, you shine and vibrate more intensely. You have access to, and tap into more of the power of who you are, the energy that you are. This lights you up vibrationally, so that other energy-beings out there (souls) feel that heightened vibration and are attracted to it. Many spiritual leaders have very little material goods, and they rarely look like a pop star. So, what is it that draws people to them? It is their light, and their authenticity, and their ability to tap into the energy of Source, the energy of who they truly are. It is their power, that draws people to them. Their high vibration is attractive and magnetic, because they are living examples of light. They shine their light to guide the way to those who have not yet found how to be who they truly are. These guides vibrate power because they are being their essence, they are accessing and utilizing more of the energy of their true essence.  

Their power, and your power, lies not in outside conditions such as money or fame, or looks. Their power, your power, comes from being the light that you are, from accessing more of the energy that you truly are. When you ARE more of that energy, you can access more of the infinite energy of who you are (Source), and you vibrate this energy throughout your energetic being. Your intentions, thoughts, actions have more power, because you are vibrating higher and more forcefully. There is less fear to dim the light in you, and your vibration is sharper in the sense that it is more directed towards what you want, rather than what you don’t want. This means that the creational signal is clearer, and more energy is condensed in every “light beam” that you energetically send out to the Universes.  


Your ability to create what you want to create is depending on your clarity of desire or intention. It depends on your ability to detach from the outcome, and it depends on the amount of power you have access to when you create. It depends on your ratio of love vs fear.  

When you have a large amount of fear in your vibration, you limit yourself. You have limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. This means that you do not allow yourself to create greatness, because you do not believe you are great or capable of greatness. Your reality must reflect your beliefs, and so you limit your creations through fear, expressed as limiting beliefs about yourself. You want abundance, but don’t believe you deserve it, and don’t believe you are capable of creating it. Your commands (desires of what you wish to create) are mixed and weakened by the amount of fear you hold within. Your vibration is a mixture of love and fear, and the energetic signals that you give are mixed and working against themselves. The results will be accordingly. You created a mixed result, reflecting your beliefs about yourself.  

When you feel fear, you believe you must have this thing that you desire. You need. You believe that something outside of yourself can and will control how you feel. You believe that if you don’t get this thing, you will suffer, and if you do get it you will feel better. You are giving your power away, to outside conditions, believing something outside of you is greater than you are. You are attached to the outcome of your intentions. This limits the power/energy that you create from, and due to your limiting beliefs about what you deserve or can achieve, you vibrate a very unclear and weak creational command.  

When you are not being who you are, when you believe you are unworthy and useless, you are limiting yourself from tapping into the full power/energy that is at your disposal. Naturally, when you believe you are worthless, you don’t believe that you have access to divine powers of creation. You have a very untrue image and idea of who you are, so you live in the illusion of being less than Source energy, only allowing yourself access to a very limited amount of power. In other words: there is less force behind your command, and it creates smaller results, because there is just less energy within your creation.  

 If you want to create more of your desires, if you want more power of creation:  

– discover who you are, and be that one 

– let go of fears, change your beliefs into empowering ones 

– detach, stop needing 

– allow the energies to work for you – TRUST YOURSELF AND YOUR POWER 

All creation is energetic creation. You have unlimited energy at your disposal. That is power. You are that power. And the only force that can limit your use of that power is you. The power is always there, but you rarely tap into all of it, due to what you believe about yourself.  


The easiest way to access that power, to unlock your power, is to live your purpose. Before you chose to incarnate into this lifetime, you had certain intentions for exploration. You wanted (and still do) to explore yourself and express yourself in certain ways. There is a path of expression and exploration that is more beneficial for you, than any other path. Once you are on this path, the energy flows more freely, it flows quicker, you create more effortlessly, and you become more of who you are. How and why? Because the part of you that is pure love, pure Source, is always guiding you. This part of you wants to explore according to your Soul’s intentions. Remember, this part is still, and always you. It is not some part outside of you, it is you.  

This pure love part of you wants to explore according to these intentions, and so when you act and be in alignment with these intentions, you unlock more of your energetic power. You act and be in alignment with your truth, with who you really are. When you live in accordance with your purpose, you feel good, because you are doing what you intended and still want to do. This is the highway to your expansion, and to fully becoming who you truly are. The more you align with who you truly are, the more energy/power you access. The more energy you access and use, the more easily you create what you wish to experience, because you have more force behind your creational powers. You vibrate at a higher vibration, attracting more forcefully and quicker, and this creation exhilarates you! Watching your power, seeing your power, feeling your power, feels good. Seeing the manifestations of your power in your outside reality fuels your beneficial beliefs about your power, and this again raises your perception of self to a higher vibrational perspective. You fuel yourself through your own power, and through the use of your own power. It feels good because this is how you are supposed to live!  

You are supposed to be who you are.  You are supposed to tap into more of the energy that is YOU.  You are supposed to use the power that you are.  You are powerful!  

You, as the Source expression, want to explore certain things in this life. When you explore in alignment with these intentions, you enjoy life more. You access more of your power, you find it easier to be who you are, you want to be who you are because you see the value in who you are. When you live in alignment with these intentions, living your purpose, you let go of fear as you explore your purpose, and you give yourself access to more of the power that you are. You explore more of the power that is you, literally exploring who you are, through this specific path. You unlock more of your power because that is a part of this path, and because your power is essential to exploring life and yourself.  

For much of your life you have explored who you are in a very limited capacity. Now is the time to start exploring the power within you. The power of who you are, and the true power of you as the Creator.  


Who leads? Who do you follow?  

Great leaders have one thing in common: they lead by inspiration, by their light, not through the force of fear. Love will always be stronger than fear. Leading through inspiration will always be greater than leading through fear and threats.  For someone to appear as a leader for you, there needs to be a certain match in vibration. There needs to be something in them, that finds a match in you. There needs to be a connection, a vibration that enables you to see in them, what you are searching for in yourself. In every single being that you follow, that you choose to allow to lead you, there is  a match. There is a trait, a quality in them, that connects to you. Their light calls to you, and you answer. You follow.  

You lead from within, and you follow from within. The attraction is vibrational, it is an energetic connection between two parts of the One Source. It is a reunion of the whole, the oneness that is your home. You follow someone because they are being something that reflects you. You follow because they captivate you in one or many ways. You follow because they give you something, energetically. They make you feel certain things, and those things matter to you. They are desirable to you. They do something for you.  When you lead, you provide that same connection to others. You attract, you inspire. You show something to others that reflect something in themselves that they want to be, do or activate within themselves. The leader is a guide, and the light in you as the leader, will light up within them what needs to be brought to their attention. Sometimes your light provokes them or triggers them, but you are guiding, nonetheless.  

What attracts is not perfection. It is authenticity. Who you are, is what attracts. Who you are, as the complete and whole being, the mixed being of light and dark, love and fear, that is what attracts. Your acceptance of yourself, as the human AND the Divine, is what attracts. Your acceptance of the complete you, of all parts, both the truth and the illusion, is what attracts others to follow you. Your acceptance of yourself, gives others the permission to accept themselves, light and darkness, human and divine.  Your ability to love yourself, gives freedom. This love in the shape of freedom draws people to you. They want to learn. They want to be inspired. They want your fire to kindle their own fire within. Through your light, through your essence of being, you have the power to light up others. You have the power to help others find their power.  

That power is within you. Do you accept the challenge?


Who chooses the leader? The ones who follow, right? It makes no difference if you call yourself a leader, but no one wants to follow you. The leader is not necessarily the one who wants to lead, or the one who wants followers. It is the one who shines so brightly, being themselves, that others can’t help but be inspired. The leader doesn’t choose to be the leader, but rather is chosen for it. You can see yourself as a leader, but until others see you as that leader, no one will follow. How you see yourself will be reflected back to you from your outside world, yes, but you cannot control how others see you, just because you feel like a leader. And needing something, needing to be perceived as a leader, does not produce a following. Need and attachment keeps the wanted away from you.  

You become the leader by being you. You become the leader by not needing to be followed. Detaching, being authentic, living your purpose, those are the ways of a true leader. When you need to lead, you vibrate that need. That is not attractive. But when you do your thing, when you live and love your purpose, following your passion, doing your mission, this will light you up. This light within you inspires others, it is a signal strong and clear, vibrating power and success. Why does it vibrate power and success? Because you are on your path, and you are tapping into large amounts of energy. This energy is felt and sensed by others, because you are truly all One. As One energy, you can all sense what is energetically going on in others, and in the collective consciousness. When you feel a light going on somewhere out there, and that light represents something you desire or want to explore, that light will be like a magnet to you. You are being attracted, pulled towards that light, and the Universes will create opportunities for you to find this light in your outside reality. You will be guided to the right books, websites, videos or people, on your path towards this leader.  

And so it is for others, when your light gets lit. When you are being who you are, doing what you love to do, aligning with your purpose, this lights a fire within you. You tap in to great amounts of energy. This lighting up is signaled all across the collective consciousness. The signal is vibrationally unique to you and your mission. Those who want what you offer, those who want to be inspired by your words, music, paintings, or whatever you have to offer, will be drawn to you. As you share your unique gift, your beauty of the soul, others will want what you are offering. Others will find you, and look to you for guidance or inspiration, whatever you are giving. Your light becomes a beacon, so others can be guided to their own paths and their own inner fires.  

You lead by example. What you share is not only your words or paintings, it is your energy.  You may think that what you offer and give is primarily your products, but that is just the tool used for your energetic exchange. What you are giving is your energy. Your attention, your time, your love, your power, all that is captured within your vibration. As you connect to your followers you instantly take part in an energetic exchange. Your energy is in your words, your paintings, whatever you offer. As your followers read or watch what you have put out there, they connect to your energy. In that connection is a vibrational exchange of energy, where your energetic being is giving and they are receiving. You are literally giving energy to those who connect to you. Your vibration offers certain gifts, and they are wanting those gifts. In every connection there will be something in you that is desired within them. They might want love, or hope, or the energy of being inspired to act, or they may want comfort and support, or yet again they might need your light to provoke and trigger something in them, so they can become aware of their own fear. Through your vibration you offer a multitude of gifts, and each connection to another individual will bring forth something unique to that specific exchange. Each interaction will offer something that is needed at that time, for that person.  

But remember, you cannot control what the other person receives, or is willing to allow in. You can only give and be, detaching from how this is received in the world outside of you. You cannot control what others are able to receive or understand, and you cannot control WHEN they receive or understand your gifts. As a leader you must detach from the receiving end of your offerings, and you must allow others to receive or reject your energetic gifts. You cannot force anyone to accept, and you cannot control how they accept what you are giving, or how they perceive your energy.  

If you want to motivate others to change, you must accept that they cannot or will not change. And you must accept that they might not be ready for that change until much, much later. You can plant the seed, but you cannot force the seed to grow, or control when the plant chooses to bloom. To lead people is not the same as controlling them. Leading is to inspire. To guide. You can inspire forcefully, or gently, but you cannot control. Control is an illusion, and the vibration of control is not attractive. Control vibrates fear, and will limit your access to your own energy, limit the energy that you vibrate, and thus limit the energy you are giving through simply being.  


You cannot force others to follow you, but in order to lead others, you must trust yourself. You must be able to be the leader of your own life. What you feel and believe about yourself is part of your vibration. If you see yourself as small, insignificant, with nothing to give, that will be a part of your vibration. Sure, others will still be able to see the light in you if they are a match to it, but your energetic charge will be much less, as it is limited by fear.  If you cannot trust yourself, how can others? If you keep doubting yourself, doubting your value and worth, doubting your abilities and what you have to offer, that will be reflected back to you. It does not make it impossible to lead, but it makes it much less enjoyable, because you will feel doubt and fear at every turn when you lead.  

As a leader you will be visible, you will be seen and heard. If you keep doubting yourself, the energy that is transmitted will be weaker, and your vibration will also transmit your own doubt in your message. That means that as the followers receive your message, they also receive the doubt. As a leader, your inner landscape is visible to all who follows you, even if they are not consciously aware of tapping into your energy. Being a leader means you are open and visible, what might be interpreted as vulnerability. You might feel vulnerable to scrutiny, or vulnerable for attack. Because others look to you for guidance and inspiration, you might feel pressure to be a certain way, a way that you do not feel like you are, naturally. You might feel vulnerable, because your insecurity is seemingly not aligned with the strength and courage of a leader.  

Once again, this is all an illusion. Once again, what people truly want and need, is authenticity. Perfection is found in the acceptance of an appearance of imperfection. Your imperfection, your truthfulness, your felt vulnerability, is what attracts. However, you might be perceiving yourself as flawed or less than perfect, remember that there is something desirable in you that is attracting others to you. People follow you because you have something to offer, not because they despise you. Embrace the perceived flaws in you, so others might be guided to do the same for themselves. Acceptance leads to understanding – understanding and clarity of how your perceived flaw is actually a strength within you, and within them. That is what humanity needs at this time: guidance to perceiving their humanness as the Divine, rather than looking for the Divine somewhere outside of them, or seeing only parts of themselves as an expression of the Divine. The human is not less than the Divine, it is the Divine believing it is separate from Divinity itself. Through your acceptance of your perceived flaws or lack, as the perfect expression of the Divine in you, you will inspire and allow others to accept themselves, exactly as they are, without striving to be different.  


Leading can be lonely and make you feel vulnerable. You are exposing yourself to be seen and heard, so your message can get through. Would you let us explain how vulnerability is just an illusion?  

To be vulnerable means to be exposed, in risk of attack or danger. It means you are exposing something that can be seen as wrong. In order for you to feel vulnerable, there must be the belief in you that you are being exposed, that something wrong is out in the open, that something bad could be criticized. You don’t feel vulnerable showing off your best side in the best possible lighting, do you? Feeling vulnerable only happens when you believe there is something in you that is not good enough, or that should be different. When you believe you are not good enough, and you bare this perceived imperfection to the world, you feel vulnerable. It is a feeling based in fear, in the illusion that something about you is somehow wrong, lacking, or less than perfect.  

The interesting thing about vulnerability is that others love it! When you are being vulnerable, daring to show yourself to the world, as you are, you are inviting in love. You are showing trust in the good in others, you are showing courage in being naked, and you are allowing others to see the parts of you that bring you shame. Through your willingness to be vulnerable, you invite in acceptance and love. You allow others to give love and acceptance, you allow others to support you. 


The role of being a leader is not only about giving. You are not just a soul who gives energy, clarity, wisdom, love. You are also a soul who opens up for others to give to you. Allowing others to give is also part of leading. To show yourself worthy of love, to allow others to give love, is part of the role of a leader. In order to practice the energetic exchange, you must also learn to receive. Energy wants to move, to flow, to recycle. The more you tap into the energy and power within you, the more energy you create and allow to flow through you, into the world. This means that energy is flowing from you, but also to you. It flows to you from Source, but it also flows to you from those who come to you for guidance. If you do not feel worthy of receiving, you resist the energy coming to you. You create a block in the middle of the river, where the water wants to flow freely. It literally clogs up the energy within you, creating feelings of not being appreciated, giving without rewards, and an overall feeling of resistance. You are resisting your natural state of being; of allowing energy to flow through you as the energetic being you are.  

Give, but also allow yourself to receive.


Every human is unique, and every leader is unique. What you have to offer, is uniquely yours. There can be no one like you, just like you can never be anything other than what and who you are. You can try, but you will truly never succeed at anything that is not your authentic expression. Your being, your essence, your unique expression of Source, is the gift that you bring to all other parts of Source. Without you, Source would be incomplete. The world does not need another copy, it needs YOU, exactly as you are. Within you, are divine gifts not yet uncovered. Within you, are traits and abilities you could not even dream of. They are within you for a purpose, for a reason, and they are waiting for you to unpack and utilize them, making who you are a new expression of Source, as you expand and explore yourself. Even though you are perfect just as you are today, there is so much more to come. There is so much more to you, there is so much more within you. You have barely started to scratch at the surface of all your gifts and attributes.  

 Your path is unique. As you journey on your path, you will be challenged to step up, to show courage, to expand. In taking on the challenge you expand into new territories of who you are. You discover and uncover new traits and characteristics you didn’t even know you had. You will let go of some traits that no longer fit you, traits that feel foreign and outdated. You will change. You will evolve. Be malleable. Be open to this change. Do not cling to any definition or label. Allow your personality to shift. As you push though fear, as you always will, you will find yourself in need of new qualities. You will perceive a lack within you, fearing that you might not be enough, or be right for this task. How can you of all people lead?  

 As the need arises, your soul expands and allows your question to be answered! As you find yourself across from another gaping cliff, the soul opens up and shows you the bridge: a part of you that you didn’t know was there. A trait, an ability, a part of your personality that you did not know you had. The need within created the desire, the calling for help. And you answered yourself. The frustration and the need within you allowed you to surrender, and in this surrender, you gave up the resistance. As the resistance disappears through your willingness to surrender, you open up another doorway within yourself, and you discover that you are once again all that you need to be. The key to this is surrender.  


The new leader is someone who goes with the flow, rather than against it. You allow yourself to be led, as you lead 

Surrender to your path. Surrender to the moment. Surrender your need to control where you go, how you go there, how fast or slow you go. Surrender the need to know why you are where you are, and why you are the way you are. Surrender the need to know what is going to happen, where you are going, and what you will do next. Simply surrender. There is a reason you cannot see too far ahead. There is a reason why you don’t know how to get there. There is a reason why things don’t seem to go as planned. If you knew, you would limit yourself through doubt and fear. The one you are becoming, is yet out of your vibrational reach. If you knew, you would BE it. Through the act of accepting what is, accepting your reality, the outside conditions, and yourself as you are, you allow change to come. When you resist, you hold on. When you resist, you energetically attach yourself to what is, and you keep creating the same conditions. When you accept, you allow the energies to flow, to change and adapt as is needed. This is how you move forward, with the flow, and not against it. The more you can accept and let go of control, the easier the ride and the quicker the current takes you forward. So often the only times you allow yourself to surrender is when you are at the limits of what you can take. You push yourself to the edge, and you only surrender when you can finally take no more. Surrender might feel like defeat, but it is in fact an act of victory. Surrender means letting in help. It means aligning with the force and power of who you are in your essence: Source energy. 

 The simple, but not easy, act of surrendering brings relief. It helps you to release resistance, it reduces fear in the sense that you cannot hold on to the fear anymore because it is just too much. You don’t know how to fix or resolve, or find your way forward, and so you surrender control. CONTROL. You surrender control to the pure love part of yourself. Not to any force outside of you, but to yourself, the Source part of you that has complete clarity of what is going on, where you want to go, and how to get there. This means that your path is very likely going in a different route than what you have imagined. It very likely means to do something slightly different, and probably sooner than you had planned.  

Basically, surrender means giving up on your plan, and aligning with the greater plan. Greater as in bigger, larger, and greater as in better, more amazing, more exciting and rewarding. It also means greater as in more fear inducing, because your fears are signs of where you need to go in order to grow. What you fear, is what you seek. Where there is fear, there are opportunities for growth. Where there is great fear, there is the opportunity of GREAT growth. And growth and expansion is what you seek, both as the human you, and as the soul you. Expansion means excitement, more knowledge, more courage. Expansion means new abilities, new interests, new insights about what you are truly capable of.  

The path to all that you desire goes through your fears. Facing your fears, dealing with them, pushing past them and learning through experience that YOU are the greater power, that is what you desire. That is where you shine, and where you get to discover the power that is within you. And as you push through fear, you discover your purpose. As you live and act in alignment with your purpose, you uncover and face more of your fears. As you face these fears, you reach the point of surrender. In the unknown, the only choice you have is surrender. On your path, exploring your purpose, facing your fears, you will surrender. The roadblocks you place in front of yourself are there by design. One of the things your soul wants you to learn is the act of surrender. Because surrender teaches you how effortlessly you can move forward. It teaches you to trust, both in yourself and the abilities that lie within you but can only be found when needed (and not a minute before). But also, to trust in the power of the Universes, the power of Source, and the loving and benevolent energies that are supporting you and guiding you every step of the way. But in order for you to allow that guidance and support in, you must surrender.  

How do you surrender?  

Giving up on the need to control your future past this moment. Accepting that you cannot control past this moment. Trusting that all will be well, because you are One with the Love energy that has put you here. Knowing, believing, that there is an easier and better way, through giving in. When you have done all you can do, give in, and detach from the outcome. Embrace not knowing. The unknown is where all your potential lies. Once it is known, it has manifested, and it cannot be changed. But while in the unknown, your potential can change, adapt, expand and grow. The unknown is where your treasures are. Accept not knowing as part of your path, and most of all, believe that the unknown is GOOD! Trust that the unknown is good. Trust that you are supported, that you are worthy of the life you desire, that you are enough for your mission. Trust that you, as you are, are enough for anyone who follows you. You are enough.  


The new leader leads from the heart, not the mind. The mind is the organizer, but the leader is the heart. You run your state of being from the heart, and fuel it with love. This may seem irrational, or simplistic, or unobtainable. How can you govern with the soft and mushy part that does not follow reason? Because the heart goes by the higher knowledge, the infinite and eternal wisdom. Your connection to the wisdom of All That Is, runs through your heart. Your connection to Source, to the Love that you are, runs through your heart. Your heart is a portal, to connect to clarity, to the non-physical guides and supporters, to the infinite wisdom that is yours (called your inner being, which is still YOU), to the part of you that is pure love. This wisdom and clarity that is found through the heart, that is beyond the mind. This energy that is found through the heart, that is the source of your power, the energy that keeps you alive. This is the energy you want to connect to as often as you can. This is the energy you want to align with, and to listen to. This is the energy you want to live. This is who you truly are.  

Connect to your heart, to your inner guidance. Go within, be in stillness, and connect. Listen. This is your guidance. Then let the mind organize what the heart instructs and let the Universe supply for you whatever you need outside of yourself. 


When you surrender, you accept what is. You give up fighting against, and you let go of needing something to change. Surrender is the state of being that allows what you truly want, to come to you. In your surrender you let go of control and allow in what is for your highest good. What is needed will come to you either way, but you can choose to fight it and create resistance and struggle for yourself, or you can choose to accept and surrender, and receive with ease.  

The normal state of being is resistance. You resist what is, you get upset over what happened, you wish you were different… so many things seem to be not right in your reality, and you find it difficult to stay in acceptance. Why? Because you believe your idea of what is best for you, and what is wanted, is the one, true image of happiness. You believe you know best, and you want to control your reality so that it matches your idea of “right and good”. But do you really know best? Looking back to the many wonderful things that have happened in your life, and how they have shaped you, are these situations and incidents the things you would have chosen for yourself had you not known how it would all turn out? Would you really have chosen to experience that one traumatic incident that led you to your spiritual quest, if you had not been able to see where that path took you?  

In trying to avoid pain, you limit yourself. Because you are so focused on minimizing pain and the risk for potential pain, you make the choices that seem to be the safest one. The choice that holds less potential for pain, and the choice that is most alike the choices you have made before. You want more and better, but you still choose to walk the same path that has left you feeling dissatisfied. All this because you believe you need to control your journey, that you know best. Because what is the option? 

 The option is surrender. To surrender into the greater power, the greater plan. This greater power is not a power outside of you. YOU are that greater power. But not the limited version of you that wants to play safe. The larger part of you, energetically speaking, the part of you that is Source energy and is always in alignment, that is the power that you want to surrender to. In surrendering to this higher dimensional part of yourself, you align with the Love energy that runs the Universes. You align with eternal and limitless wisdom, and you work along with these energies instead of resisting them. Even if you resist, you will still get what you want. The change is in how it feels, how you experience your life, and with how much ease or struggle you journey on your path. Through surrendering into the greater plan for your life, you accept what is. In this acceptance of what is, you allow the resistant energy to leave your field of energy. This creates a vacuum, a void where the resistance used to be. Source energy swoops in to fill this void with love, or as you might call it: the wanted. But you need to let go of your resistance to the unwanted, before the energies can be replaced. Your resistance is fear. When you resist, you are holding on to the energy of fear. This does not allow in the love energies of what you judge as wanted. Letting go of fear allows new energy to come in and replace that old resistance, and your life will change into one of more wanted and less unwanted. IF you let it. IF you accept what is. IF you accept the process of change, without trying to hold on to the old version of your reality, once again resisting what wants to come. Acceptance is key in any manifestation process, and you are constantly manifesting your reality.  

 You can accept what is, and yet resist any changes. When you desperately try to hold on to what is, refusing any changes, you are trying to control your life from a lower vibration. Fear of change, is fear. Resistance to change, is fear. Controlling the conditions, or trying to control, is fear. In order to allow in change, you must surrender. In order for your life to change into more wanted, you must surrender. Or you can resist and go the path of struggle. The changes will come either way, but your choice of resistance or surrender determines how quickly things can change, and how you feel going through those changes.  

You have certain desires for your future, for you own expansion. You have certain things you want to experience. You have dreams of what you want to accomplish, or who you want to be. Those desires and dreams are pulling you forward. In order for you to get to this point, you need to change. If you were already a vibrational match to these things, you would be living that reality now. If you are not living it, it means you are not yet a match, and so you must change to become this vibrational match. The problem with this is that you do not know exactly what needs to change. You cannot point to the many parts of your vibration that needs to change in order for you to become that match. You have no idea which beliefs need to change, how many beliefs to change, or how they need to change. And if you did know, you probably would not go ahead and do it, because the enormity of the task would overwhelm and discourage you. But the whole point of this design of life is that you do not have to know! And you do not have to orchestrate those changes yourself. You do not have to plan ahead or control how it all unfolds. All you have to do is surrender to the plan that has already been made for you, and that is constantly evolving in order to support your journey. Giving up control can feel very scary, but please remember that you are not really giving up control, you are just giving up on the illusion of control. Who you really are is in fact always in control, and the one you are being today is also fully in control through your vibration. That is the real and true control of the Creator that you are. What you are giving up is the human need to control the conditions. These conditions are there in your life for a purpose. This purpose is most likely not evident to you in your limited perspective, but it is there none the less. These conditions are in your life to help guide you to the one you want to become. When you resist these conditions, and try to control yourself into safety, away from fear and emotional pain, you are resisting your growth and expansion. You are trying to stop the events that are needed for you to evolve and change your vibration.  

When you reach a point of being overwhelmed, when you have pushed yourself into a corner and cannot find a way out, that is when you surrender. When you have tried it all, and still cannot fix your reality, that is when you surrender. Because of your inner wisdom, you know how stubborn and resistant you are. The stronger you are, the more you will resist the changes, and the bigger events your inner being needs to create for you to finally give up and surrender. You do this for yourself, in order to create the conditions that will force you to surrender and change your approach to life to one of ease. At least for the short while right after you surrender, and until you once again start to try to control your way through life. But you can surrender without this trauma and drama. You can choose to surrender and let go of controlling your way through life. You can surrender into the wisdom of your higher self, the part of you that knows all and sees all. You can trust yourself, that inner wisdom, your guides, the benevolent Source energy that you are part of, and you can choose to relax your control. How does this feel? It will probably feel terrifying at first. For a controller to finally let go of control, that is going to bring up fear. And that is OK. Feel the fear and deal with it. And to a certain extent, just get used to it. Stop fearing the feeling of fear. It is just a feeling. The more you can accept that you will feel fear at certain times on your journey, the easier it will get to deal with it so you can let go of the fear.  

And how do you actually surrender? What is the action and act of surrender? It is to mentally let go of the idea that you must know what is going to happen. Accept the unknown. Let go of needing to plan and predict, because the only thing you can know is that you have no idea what will happen and when. You cannot possibly predict how things will turn out for you, and how your path will unfold. If you knew, you would be a vibrational match and already living that part of your life. The future would be your present. But because you have not yet changed into your future moment vibration, that future has not been created. As you change in your now moment, the future vibration becomes your now, and the future reality suddenly is your present. Let go of the belief that you must know what is going to happen, in order to survive it. You do not need to know, you will survive it either way. And you might even enjoy it! There is no need to plan ahead, use that planning energy to focus your awareness into this moment instead. Be present. Use that awareness to change your beliefs, as the fear comes up and alerts you to what needs to be dealt with.  

Surrender into what is. That means to accept that your current conditions are necessary for you in some way. It is what it is, because this is beneficial for you. When it is no longer needed, because you have changed your beliefs and your vibration, what you are no longer a vibrational match to will leave your reality. If it is there, it is for your benefit.  

And with the acceptance of what is, you will also surrender into who you are. You are, in this moment, the perfect vibrational representation of the one you wish to become. Who you are now, is the perfect starting point for your further expansion. You are perfect. Everything about you is perfect, exactly as you are. If you need to change in order to become the one who receives all you wish to live, then you will change as you walk your path. The life you live will change you, step by step, until you become the one you truly are. You do not need to control this change, or to resist the parts of you that you feel are wrong, or not aligned with the one you want to be. From your limited perspective you cannot see which parts of you are needed and which will be left behind, or which parts of you are going to change and which will stay the same. Whatever is needed, will happen for you. Let go of the idea of fixing yourself, because you are not broken. Your vibration will change as you live, and as you surrender into the perfection of who you are today, you will slowly shift into more of the wonder and magnificence that is you. As you surrender who you are, surrender your life and your dreams, into the energies of Source, allowing for change to happen when and where it needs to, you let go of resistance and allow in more love. You allow love to heal what needs to be healed, you allow love to teach you what you need to learn, and you allow the circumstances of your life to shape you into the one you have always wanted to be. Surrender into the unknown, and life will give you exactly what you desire.  


You have the calling, but you fear the path. You have the desire, but you doubt your gifts. Who am I to lead? Well, why not you? And probably you can list a million reasons why you are not good enough. You have an idea, that in order to lead you need to be perfect. You need to be better, or best. You need to have or be something out of the ordinary, to justify the attention. Why do you not feel worthy of being the leader, just as you are today?  

To lead means: to influence, to show the way, to be in the front. That is all you need to do or be. You are not being asked to be more than you can be. You are not being called to control. You are being asked to lead the way. You are being called to guide. You are being called forth in order to show the way, to be one of the first, to pave the path for others to follow. You are pioneers. There is no recipe for pioneers. There is no recipe for the special kind of wayshower that is your calling. There are no standards for your success, and so there is also no possibility for failure. YOU decide the path. You create the recipe. You make your way of leading the way you lead. You create yourself into the leader you want to be. There is no wrong way to be you, and there can be no wrong way to be you the leader. You lead through being who you are, and through the power of who you are. The light that you shine is what and why you are being followed. The light that you shine is what guides those behind you, and also those beside you. For you are never alone, even as the leader. Right now you cannot see your supporters in full numbers, for many are in other dimensions, or in the non-physical. You chose to come to lead, and you were chosen to lead. If you cannot trust yourself, trust those that chose you.  


What is it that creates this courage that you long for? Fear. What is it that creates this confidence that you want, in order to do your task? Pushing past fear. Fear is the necessary ingredient to your task at hand. And you have much experience with this. Without fear there is no courage, there is simply doing a task you are not afraid of doing. 

Fear is a sensation, a feeling, a friend. It comes to you so that you may discover your courage. Without the darkness it can be difficult to see the light. Without fear it can be difficult to recognize your courage. The nuances of duality have taught you to see fear as the opposite of love, but fear is also a nuance of love. Darkness lets you see light, and fear allows you to create love. When love is who and what you are, what better tool is there than fear, to bring forth that essence in you?  

Are you afraid of putting on your pants in the morning? If no, then that is not an act of courage. Are you afraid of baring your soul and sharing your feelings? If you are, then that is an act of courage. And how is this courage created? Through doing what you fear doing, but doing it regardless. As you do this over and over, again and again, you change your perception of self into one of a courageous human being. You have proof of your courage, because you have faced fear so many times, and yet you pushed through the fear and did what you were so afraid to do. As you learn through experience that you can do even the things you fear doing, you grant yourself another gift: the gift of confidence.  

Confidence is also built through experience. Without fear, confidence would just be a state of being that was normal for you, it would not be anything out of the ordinary. With fear you get to discover your strength in overcoming that same fear. With courage you learn that you are greater than fear. With fear, and the courage to push past fear, you experience the sensation of confidence. You find confidence within yourself, knowing that even when fear presents itself, you will not be defeated. The fear in itself is not what makes you great, it is the ability to see yourself as the greater power, greater than the fear. You find confidence in your greatness, because of the fear within you. Confidence is the love of who you are. It is knowing you are enough. It is accepting yourself as you are. The confidence in knowing you do not have to be different, or change in any way.  


There is a vibration within you that is of the one who leads. In other lives you have explored what it is to lead, in so many ways. Who you are, is a consciously, and carefully chosen collection of energy. In this choosing of energy, the energy of a leader, one who leads, is included. Your desire to lead the way, is your remembering of this vibration within you. You may not yet consciously be able to recollect those lives, or straight away identify that vibration within you, but it is there. When you pave the way for others, walking in front regardless of who follows, that is the vibration of leading. When you move forward, regardless of your fear and regardless of not knowing how or where to go, you are leading the way. That is the vibration of the leader in you, charging ahead even though there are few or no others who have walked ahead of you. You are the pioneers of life. You are built for this. You are built for the unknown, for the exploration of what has never been lived before. You are created with the desire to explore new lands. It is part of who you are. The vibration of leading is within you.  

What we are wanting you to explore, to understand, is that the vibration of leading is within you. It is a string of a specific vibration, or rather a collection of strings due to your wide experience. We would like for you to go within and find that vibration. It might bring forth fear, because of the force of that vibration. But that is a good thing, because once that fear is brought out into the light you can release it. Once you have brought awareness to that fear, you can let it go. The vibration will be strong, reaching deep within. It is one of the prominent strings of your vibration, so it will be deeply connected to all other parts of you. It is one of those strings that tie it all together for you.  

Go deep within your core. Silence the chatter. Search for that vibration, deliberately, and then let it come forth. Once you have hold of it, pull on it or go deeper within following that string. It is going to lead you to the well of your power.  

Who you have been before is what gives you the confidence you now seek. Within you is that experience that you search for, and once you connect to that vibration, all that experience will be brought forth into a secure trust in your own abilities. It will feel like a weight inside of you, grounding you down into the Earth. This weight is not a burden, it is a feeling of security and of being home. It is the power of your past, and the experiences that have gained you clarity and wisdom. That wisdom and that trust in yourself, that blind trust in knowing what is right for you and what is Truth (the infinite truth, not true as in the better perspective, but the One Truth), will help you to lead without doubt.  

Do not be frightened of the power and feeling of importance that comes to you. It is not arrogance, it is knowing your worth, and knowing your place in this tapestry. Yes, everyone is equal in value and worth, but you do not have equal tasks in this Universe. You have chosen different explorations, and some chose to lead while others chose to follow. To be sure of yourself as a leader is not arrogance, it is simply stepping into the role you have chosen, once again. You cannot lead with a bowed head, and there is no reason to feel guilty for your abilities. To lead is not to set one’s self above others, it is to accept a bigger burden of the load to be carried. As one of the pioneers, the leaders, your role is heavier and more difficult as you will have to pave the way. As a leader there is no safe road to follow, no maps and no signposts to guide you. You have to be your own guide, and to do that you have to trust your own power. Remember that you do not force anyone to follow you, you simply offer them a path that has already been paved, if they choose to walk it. That is not arrogance, that is giving a gift of your clarity and wisdom.  

Find the vibration within yourself. Lift it out of the memories, out of the dormant state. Now is your time to lead once again. Find the vibration and be it. Feel it within you and consciously be it, sense it, over and over again, until it becomes part of your everyday existence. You will notice the difference it makes within you, and then reflected back to you in your outside reality. But you must release the fear. There is nothing to fear within you, not even your power. It is who you are. It is the love that you are.  

That is what you came to experience. To be one of the first. To be the pioneers. To lead the way, so others may follow you. The only way you can succeed is by being you. YOU. You are enough. You are worthy. You were chosen for this, and you can do this. You are always supported, in more ways than you can imagine. And you already are that leader, even if you cannot yet perceive it. Whatever you are drawn to, is what you are. Whatever you feel called to do, is your purpose. Don’t count your followers by numbers, count them by the joy you feel leading. Lead for you, not for those that follow. Lead regardless of those behind you, if they see you yet or not. Lead because that is what you do, as a leader. You go first, and they will follow. You are enough for this. You are, in your essence, love. That is your power.  


Private calls are my favorite tool for transformation! These containers allow us to go to the depths, to uncover layers upon layers of gold within the client. I love these calls for their intimacy and the connection that grows from these spaces. 

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