Pushing through fear is rarely the bliss you might believe it is. Pushing through fear is difficult. It’s hard and there is a push. It is a push because you need to use force. You need to force yourself to do it. Pushing through fear sounds glorious. It sounds like this wonderful action. This wonderful action of love and joy. But it rarely is. Most of the time pushing through fear is very very uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable because of the fear. Often when you push through fear it doesn’t feel thrilling. It just feels like hard work because you are so consumed with the fear, you’re finding it difficult to take in anything else that goes on in the moment, except for the act of pushing through the fear. When you push through the fear you probably have expectations of this great feeling of victory and a great feeling of accomplishment. You have created expectations that if you push through fear and follow inspiration, life will be easy and blissful. Well, it could be, but that would not be for your highest good.

You still have fear left in you, even though you were able to push through one fear. You still have other limitations, even though you removed one. Because of your nature, of who you are, you wish to expand into love, and that means letting go of more and more fear, continuously. This means a bumpy ride. This means to get used to fear, and to get used to the unpleasant feelings that pushing through fear can give you.

Pushing through fear is an experience, like all other experiences it is neutral. How you choose to label and judge your experience is what determines how you feel about the experience. If you judge it as a success, which means that you judge yourself as good enough, then you will feel good. The way you feel is not determined by the outcome of the action, but by your expectations to yourself and the situation, and by how you choose to perceive the execution and yourself through it all. You have the choice to support your growth through choosing the higher perspective that accepts what happens in any moment, and that declares that you are enough, you are worthy and wonderful no matter the outcome of your action. You get to choose to see yourself as good enough, and to judge the situation as a success, regardless of what happened. That choice, that perspective, will help you to continue to push through fear. That is the perspective that is going to lead you to everything you now desire.

You push through fear every day in your daily life. Usually the fear is tiny, because your life is routine. But sometimes you are faced with a lot of fear, often when wanting to try new things. As you push through the fear, you expect to feel bliss or joy, sort of as a reward for pushing past fear. What usually happens is that you will end up feeling empty. You end up feeling nothing or feeling empty, or just feeling lack or a loss. What was once fear is now just empty space. There is a void within you where this fear used to be. And so, because of the expectations you had that pushing through fear would feel exhilarating, you’re now confused. Here you are, having pushed through fear, and all you’re left with is this feeling of nothingness? This empty feeling inside of you. Does this mean you failed? Does this mean that it didn’t work as it should have worked? Does it mean that you did something wrong? Are you once again a failure? No that’s not what it means. It just means that you did what you were supposed to do and now the fear has left you. Now there is a void where the fear used to be. This void is for you to fill with other things.

Very possibly this void will be filled by your realization that you have courage. The courage that it took you to push through the fear is now suddenly an integrated part of your personality. Where there used to be fear there is now courage. As a result of pushing through fear you will find confidence within you, if you allow it. As you look back at the event where you are pushing through fear, you must allow yourself to see that what you did was a success.

If you insist that this act of pushing through fear did not occur as you expected it to do, if you insist that this was not good enough, the confidence will not appear. Confidence is a feeling that you create. You decide that what you did was brave, that it was a success because you did it and not as a result of whatever came from this act. Confidence and courage are now a part of you because of what you did, because of the simple act of pushing through fear. The realization of the part of you that is courage, that is confidence, that does not come from whatever happens after you push through fear. That success is not from the moments after you pushed through fear. The success is in the act of doing it. The success is in the moment where you actually do what you want to do despite the fear.

This is not a blissful experience. It is an experience of fear and pain. But if you allow it to, if you allow yourself to feel good about daring to push through the fear, then you can fill this void with confidence. This feeling of confidence, of courage, will lead you and guide you on your next step. There is always more fear. There will always be more fear to push through. But as a result of your first step of pushing through fear, because of this experience of pushing through fear, because of you daring to feel this emotional pain, this discomfort, and still pushing through, still acting – because of this extraordinary courage, and this extraordinary experience, you now know that you can do it again.

You realize that you were brave. That you have this courage within you. You gain more confidence in your ability to act on your next inspiration. This confidence is what will guide you through your next step. It will help you push through fear once again, even though it feels so uncomfortable, even though you know it’s going to feel more uncomfortable. And even though you know that the bliss that you expected would be on the other side of the fear, that bliss might not even be there, what you gain instead of the bliss is more confidence. You gain a feeling of trusting in yourself. The more you push through fear, the more you trust yourself. You trust your abilities, you trust your wisdom, and your trust your power.


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