Before I found out about the teachings of Joshua, I came across Law of Attraction in books. Quite many of them mentioned the process of thinking from the end or something similar, for example, focusing on the vision what you want, or acting as if you already have it. As I have been absorbing the teachings of Joshua, these processes look now like just another way of controlling the conditions. But there seems to be some truth in them too. For example, when I get an inspiration and I choose to act on it, I visualize the result to some extent. For example, if I were inspired to build a house, I would visualize it at least to some extent, or if I’m inspired to write a novel, certain outlines of the plot are clear to me from the beginning. So, my question is: At what point does acting on inspiration morph into controlling the conditions, if I try to apply the process of thinking from the end or something similar to it? How can I make sure I stay on the allowing side of that aspect?

When you desire something, anything at all, what you are wanting is the feeling of it. The feeling can come in a multitude of ways, and your mental image is only one answer to your desire. So from an unlimited potential of ways you can achieve this feeling, through your mental image you are limiting yourself to this one outcome. This is not a negative thing, it is just the way your mind works. If you can be aware of this, and allow in other ways this feeling can manifest, you are heightening the chances of actually living it.

From this mental image of the end result you often try to figure out a path to achieve this goal. You think of several paths, and through logic you resonate your way to the easiest or most likely path to getting to your goal. This is your next limitation. Why? Because you are discounting the myriad of ways that you are not able to imagine.

What you desire is of a vibration that you are not currently holding. If it was, you would have it in your life in this now moment. This means that you must change your vibration to get to the place where you have this manifested. As you cannot see beyond your vibration, it is impossible for you to imagine how to get there. Why? Because parts of your path is also unknown to you, just as the vibration of you having your desired fulfilled is unknown to you. So no matter how hard you try to think, you cannot conceive of the actual path to the manifestation.

By using your logic you decide on one or two paths to this manifestation, both paths of course being not the path that will be taken, but simply being the path that you believe will be walked by you. You now attach yourself not only to the manifested result of a feeling that you believe will be best expressed through for instance a house, and you attach yourself to how you will get the house, for instance through a mortgage. This narrows down the manifestation event to a tiny, tiny portion of what you could have experienced if you had not locked yourself down to first a house, and then the mortgage. You now become focused on getting a mortgage, and you experience all kinds of resistance talking to banks and worrying about interest rates. Again, you are attracting more resistance, doubting yourself as a creator and your creative abilities, as well as being attached to the idea of getting a mortgage so you can buy a little house and in this way feel good.

What if the easiest path was to win the lottery and buy a mansion by the sea? You discounted this because you didn’t believe it likely. You limited yourself by trying to achieve something from your current vibration that could only come to you through a higher vibration. You basically downgraded the feeling you wanted from a huge mansion to a tiny house, including a mortgage instead of being a billionaire. All of this because of your lack of trust in yourself.

And that is exactly it: your lack of trust in yourself. The Universe might be seen as the bringer of your fortune, but in fact you are the one organizing and leading yourself to whatever kind of manifestation you desire. You are the creator, and you are the one who guides yourself to the feeling you seek to experience. You must trust yourself and your own abilities.
Accept the unknown. Desire a feeling but keep yourself open to what could bring you that feeling. Wanting a house is great, but make sure you don’t discount the mansion when someone draws your attention to it. Don’t cling to your limited way of living. Allow for the possibility that tomorrow you will be expanded. Allow for the possibility that a week from now you will be totally changed, maybe a billionaire., and that the mansion by the sea is in Laguna Beach. If you try to imagine the details from your current vibration you will limit the outcome. Do not tie yourself into one dream, or one specific house. If you find pleasure in dreaming of the house, make sure you dream something wild and crazy, and don’t allow yourself to wonder how or when. You cannot possibly imagine the journey to get there.

Lastly remember that the reason for your desire of a house is so that your inner being can push you to walk the journey to get there. The house is just a crumb you pick up on your way to the real prize. The manifestation events you have to go through to get there is more the prize than the house, but the actual prize is to be who you will be when you are the expanded being who just happens to live in the mansion in Laguna Beach. All you want is to be the expanded you. Your expansion is always your desire. The house is a great way to get you to move forward, and in this way the inspiration to always reach for new experiences is an incredible help to get you to move ahead on your journey to enlightenment. Just remember that once you are living in that mansion you will very soon wake up and desire something even bigger and better. And that is exactly how it should be! For you are an ever expanding being, in an ever expanding Universe, in the ever expanding oneness of Source. And whatever you desire shall be yours.


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  1. Marilyn Decalo Reply

    What a wonderful and expansive message! I am willing to allow for the possibility that tomorrow I will be expanded. Thank you for helping me realize the joy and power in trusting myself, and encouraging me not to cling to a limited way of being. This is gold!

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