I was previously Christian and am trying to understand if there is any way to conceptualize my previous faith in conjunction with this new way of life. The community I previously had as a part of my faith (mainly family) is where I’m having a lot of difficulties in balancing them both. 

I’m curious if there is a good way for me to look at this issue or understand that my “old beliefs” are no longer valid. 

Laurel’s answer:

All religion is based on the same idea: one of unity and love. God is Source. It is the same creator of all that is. And like man is created in God’s image, so are you the image of Source. It is the same religion everywhere, just with a slight twist of perspective. The basis is that all is good, all is love, and all is equal. You might see this new information you are now aware of as the adult version of your prior religion. In this new approach you are consciously aware that you must take responsibility of your own life. You are no longer a child living in ignorance, you are the adult who knows the truth of life, of love, of unity.

Your previous faith prepared you for the knowledge you have now. You are praying to the same God, the one energy that is all that is. You are one with this energy, so no longer are you praying for something outside of yourself. This can be frightening and overwhelming, and the contrast can be great when compared to the God you were used to. Most of all is the change in how you see yourself. You are no longer a victim, and you are no longer wrong. The belief in the devil and evil is an illusion. Being aware of the illusion is a step closer to freedom, but awareness is only the first step. 

You have a new community of supporters, but you must be your own supporter as well. The center of your new beliefs is the importance of self love, and self acceptance. You must now give to yourself what your old beliefs told you to give to God and to others. This is a radical change. To believe that you are worthy of love, of acceptance, of abundance and of freedom is quite the turn around.

Who you are is no longer a child of God, but God himself. Can you wrap your head around that? This shift in perception is massive, and will take some time to truly accept and then to live from. When you know that you are Source, God, All that Is, your perception of yourself and of all that is will change radically. It is like going from complete darkness to brilliant sunlight all in one moment. You can never go back to your old ways, you know too much, but you also have a journey ahead of you to integrate all of this. See the journey as exactly that: a journey. It is not about mastering all at once, it is not about perfection or winning or being the best and the purest. It is all about accepting who you are. Accepting what you thought was your darkness, the traits you thought were bad and the parts of you that you tried so hard to change. Now you must accept those parts, love them as a part of you instead of trying to make them go away. This journey is one of expanding love. Once you expand your love to include yourself, you will love all others as well. It is impossible to love all others and not yourself, just like it is impossible to love yourself and not love all others. Love is limitless, it knows no separation. Love is outside and above the illusion, so it includes all that is. When you truly love, you love all that exists. 

Accept your old community and their beliefs. They are doing their best to feel safe, to walk their path, and to accept the new you. Don’t ask from them what you cannot give yourself. Only when you fully accept yourself will you see their complete acceptance of you reflected to you. They are there mirroring to you what you have yet to accept. As one of those who walks ahead of the mainstream you will face their disbelief. That is yours to carry. You are the adult and you cannot ask the children to understand at your level. Accept them for who they are, and where they are. Love does not require their acceptance or understanding. Love is love no matter the reaction. You must be the example, you must shine your light even when you are not wanted. You can not be different than what you are, and you must accept who you are. This is your path now. Look ahead and feel the thrill of what is to come. It is all for you. It is all you ever dreamed of.


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