Restoring balance when it comes to personal power means to take full responsibility for your creation.

For centuries humans have given away their power to men in authority. For centuries humans have chosen to perceive themselves as victims, instead of seeing themselves as the creators of all in their reality. Now, as you are all going through this ascension, you are restoring that balance of power: you are reclaiming your inner power as YOURS. You are beginning to understand that YOU and only you, are the creators of your lives. YOU create your reality. With that understanding comes the responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are taking back the power that was always yours, and letting go of the responsibility for how others think, speak, feel and act. As you restore the balance of power, through taking responsibility for YOUR creation, and YOUR feelings, you slowly stop trying to control others, because you know that is NOT your responsibility. You take responsibility for what is yours, and release that which is not yours. You restore the balance back to inner power, as opposed to outer power.

So how do you do this? How do you start taking responsibility for your creation?

You stop blaming others for how you feel. You stop blaming them for being or doing or saying things that trigger fear in you. You start by accepting that your feelings are the result of your beliefs and your thoughts. You accept that only you have the power to change or not change those beliefs, and those feelings. You accept that by not changing your thoughts and feelings and beliefs, you are choosing to keep creating and keep feeling the way you currently feel. You also accept that your perception of others, is YOUR choice and your responsibility, no matter how annoying they are.

You stop trying to change other people, and you start changing your own beliefs. You accept you power over yourself, and that you have no power over others. You accept that they are equally as powerful as you are, and that you therefore don’t need to save them. Through this acceptance of your own power, and letting go of the responsibility for others, you discover the freedom that was always there. The freedom to be what you want to be. To do what you want to do. To say what you desire to say. The freedom to be who you are, right this minute. This freedom comes from the power of creation that every being holds. When everyone has full and complete power of their creation, of the creation of their lives, it means you no longer need to spend any of your power on trying to create for others. You can focus only on creating for you.

This means that you need to let go of trying to control your way to a safe and trigger-less life. If you want to be in your power, to be in the flow of life, you must stop micro managing life. You must stop trying to avoid the unwanted, to avoid triggers, to avoid the reflections of your fear. The triggers are there to guide you towards more freedom, so that you can see what needs to be let go of and changed. The more you try to avoid the unwanted, the less you allow your power of creation to guide you towards that which you desire. Your power of creation means that you as your Soul create these triggers in order to let you know what to change so that you can manifest the life you want. If you try to control your life so that you can avoid the unpleasant unwanted’s, that means you are intentionally trying to avoid the manifestation of your desire. Your power of creation is not afraid of change, and it is not afraid of facing your fears, but YOU are! This ends up with the human you fighting your own Inner Power, and the human you will always lose. Instead of fighting and resisting your creation, lean into it! Lean into the wanted and the unwanted, for they come from the same power of creation: YOU. You created both the wanted and the unwanted, in order to move you towards more wanted. Trust your creation, trust your inner power that created and keeps creating exactly what you need, and stop resisting your own creation.


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