What you are is all you are. You are all parts of you. Do not reject a part of you because you think it doesn’t fit in. You cannot see what we see, you cannot see how just this part of you will soon become your cornerstone, your absolute tool, your necessary part.

When you reject a part of you, thinking it is bad or wrong, you reject a part of the Universe, a part of Source. You are Source and Source is all love, all right and all good. Everything else is just an illusion, it is just make belief. When you return to where we are you will see the truth of this and the greatness of all that you are.

What we propose is that you do this now. A large part of your resistance is due to you not accepting what is. What is, is you. You are it. When you resist parts of what is you are resisting you, and vice versa. Judging the world around you, the people around you and yourself as wrong, as bad, only brings pain and suffering. You cannot judge something as wrong and have a good or pleasant result. This is not possible in this Universe. When you judge you are spending time and energy on being someone other than who you really are. You are playing a role, and this role is not serving you or doing you any good. This judgment creates a dark spot in your aura, it creates pain in your body and it creates heartache.

Most of all we want you to stop judging yourselves. This pain is the deepest pain, and it is so unnecessary. You are making it all up! Can’t you see that the reflection you deem as wrong is all an illusion? Can’t you see how the parts only needs love to be release from their bonds?

When you can look at yourself, all the parts of yourself as good and worthy, as right, indeed, as an expression of the Divine itself, you will see the divinity reflected back to you through the world around you. Your greatness, your power, your beauty and your endless love, will embrace you through the world around you and you will see all that you are.

You are safe in this world, you belong in this world. Let your true essence be what you allow yourself to be. Embrace and accept, indeed love all of you for you are truly the Divine manifested into being.


Spiritual Guide

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