1. How your self perception shapes your experience

1.1 You are the Creator and the Creation 


Self-acceptance is the key to your reality. How you perceive yourself will define how you perceive the world around you, and how you judge what happens as wanted or unwanted. Your perception of self colors the way you judge your world as adequate, as great, or not good enough. The perception of self as not good enough leads to an assessment of a reality outside of yourself that is not good enough. Your reality must reflect your beliefs, and it does so down to every minute detail. It is the perfect reflection of how you feel about yourself, and it is so in order to make you understand your own perception.

When you see yourself as wrong, as less than, as not good enough, this is reflected in outside conditions that seem lacking to you. The Universe will do this so that you can become aware of your choice of perception, because yes, it is a choice. You may feel like it is not a choice, but rather the truth. That belief is also a choice. How you see yourself and what you believe about yourself is a choice that you make every single day. Every day you wake up, and you either repeat the choices you have made the previous day, or you decide to make different choices.

——- You can choose to wear a new set of shoes today, and if this is the first day you wear them, they will feel slightly off. They might be a bit stiff in the stretch, or just feel very different on your feet, or they might be so different that they don’t match any of your old clothes. You still have the choice to wear these new shoes, or you can go with your old ones. If you go with the old ones, you will feel safe. You will feel slightly uncomfortable as the old shoes are worn out, but you will feel like you are used to feeling. Discomfort, but known.

The other option is to put on your new shoes. Putting on your new shoes will feel scary at first. Uncomfortable because they are not worn in. Uncomfortable because you have not received any compliments or praise from outside conditions yet, so you don’t know if you look okay. It will feel like these shoes are not really you, simply because you have not yet worn them enough. You have not experienced yourself and your life in these shoes before. And most likely, it will take some time before you feel comfortable, safe, and like yourself in these new shoes. Most people accept this period of adjustment when it comes to shoes. Why do you not accept it when it comes to how you perceive yourself?

How you perceive yourself is so much more important than your new shoes. How you see yourself will determine if you feel cool and attractive in your new shoes, or if you end up feeling like a fool for daring to wear something so different.

If you feel bad about yourself, you will beat yourself up for even daring to believe you could ever wear these new shoes. If you feel good about yourself, you will feel like the shoes are finally matching the level of cool that is you! Walking around in your new shoes, feeling like a king, the world around you seems bright and fresh. You smile because you are happy with how you look in your new shoes, and people notice your happiness and smile back at you. Life is good.

If you feel like an idiot for daring to wear new shoes, you will walk in shame, hunching over and trying to be invisible. You don’t look up to see the approving glances of those who like your shoes; they become invisible to you. Instead, you look down at the ground, seeing the dog shit that the rain has failed to wash away, and your world is a gloomy reflection of how you see yourself.

The shoes are the same in both stories. You are the same in both stories. Your world is the same in both stories. How you experience yourself, the shoes, and your world are very different in these two stories. It all comes down to how you perceive yourself. Your perception of self is what creates your experience of life. It is what dictates how you explore your reality and how you attract potential new avenues for exploration. How you perceive yourself today, literally dictates what you will live in the future. If for no other reason, let that be your carrot to improve your perception of self: the enticement of a brighter tomorrow. You have the opportunity to feel better about who you are. Take it. 

1.2 VIDEO: You are the Creator and the Creation

Do you understand that you either choose to let others hurt you, or you choose not to care what they believe? What others believe about you, or how they feel about you, is based on their own limiting beliefs. They don’t dislike you because of you; they dislike you because they see in you a reflection of something they do not accept within themselves, just as you dislike some people because they reflect your own limiting beliefs back to you. What you judge in others is based on your judgment of yourself. Everything in your reality is about you.

Who you are is Source. Source is one energy. There is no separation.

The idea of separation is a part of the illusion. That means it is not real; it is an illusion.  As there is no separation of the energy that is Source, this means that if one part of this energy is bad, all of it is bad. If you are bad, that means a newborn baby, a puppy, the sea, is bad. You are not bad.  You are perfect, because you are Source, and Source energy is perfect. This energy is complete within itself. It is all that exists, so that makes every representation of it also a complete and perfect representation; otherwise, it would not be a representation of Source energy. What you are is a perfect part of the whole, you are the whole and the part; the complete and perfect representation of the energy that is All That Is. You are Love. When you perceive that you are not enough, wrong, less than perfect, you perceive something that is of the illusion. That means that even though it feels and appears to be true, you feel like you are not good enough, but it is, in fact, a part of the illusion. When you feel not good enough, you perceive a creation that is not there. You are looking at an illusion. For instance, if the part of you that you are looking at, is your body, it is real. But the idea that it is wrong or ugly or bad – that is the illusion. Try to separate the thing itself from the belief. The thing you are looking at is neutral. It just is. How you interpret it, how you perceive it, is the illusionary part of it.


You might ask, “Am I enough? How can I be enough?”, but that is not true. To be enough is another definition. Enough is a meaningless label. Enough for whom? How can you ever be enough for someone else when everyone has different desires, and expectations of who you should be? You can never be enough for anyone who is not enough for themselves. The only one you can be enough for is you.

Can you be enough for yourself? That is a meaningless question because you are. You are eternal. You are limitless. You are All That Is. There is nothing more than you. Yet in this life and this exploration, you are experiencing yourself as something less than All That Is. You are experiencing yourself in an individual limited package. You believe there are boundaries and limits to who you are. So how can you be enough if you have flaws or if there is some lack in you? How can you be enough if you are not who and what you think you should be?

Because enough is an empty word, it is a meaningless label. It is a definition that is meaningless. You cannot fit into any definition as you are more than a definition. Definitions are limiting and no definition can capture or hold you. You are more than any definition. To be enough is a variable. There is no set description for what is enough because it does not exist. It is not real. It is just a word. It is a collection of expectations that differ from one person to the next. Even to be enough for yourself is just a meaningless word, a meaningless definition.

You are. That is all. You are. Enough does not exist. Enough is an illusion. You can never be enough because enough does not exist. You can never not be enough because that does not exist either. All that exists is you. Love. You are you. You are Love. You are.

There is no enough; it does not exist. Don’t let these words limit you. Don’t let these concepts of the mind limit you as they are not real. You are real, and you are.


          • How is your reflection describing you today? Does that feel true to you?
          • Do you agree with other peoples’ perception of you?
          • How do you believe others perceive you?
          • How do you want to be perceived?
          • How does your “want to be perceived” version match who you believe you are?
          • Why do you want to be seen in this way?
          • How do you perceive yourself? Who do you believe you are? What are the things about you that are so bad that it justifies you not accepting yourself?
          • Are there traits from that list that you can accept in others? Why can you accept them? Why can’t you accept these traits in others? Ask yourself why these traits are bad. Do you believe it hurts other people?

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2. The illusion that you should be different

2.1 How to love unconditionally


You may believe you are ‘too much,’ ‘too emotional,’ maybe too much of a drama queen? There are several layers to this:

1. you are emotional, and you express your emotions

2. you have been taught that expressing emotions is bad

3. you have been taught to believe that having intense emotions is bad

4. you compare your ‘within world’ (how you feel) to the ‘outside world’ of someone else  (how they act and behave in front of you)

 5. you believe that these parts of you may make you bad

These beliefs are all tied to the illusion. You have adopted beliefs from the reality around you, and internalized them, and now you judge yourself from the rules that have been created to ensure that others feel good. Remember that their reaction to you is dependent on their personal issues and struggles. No matter how much you change and adapt, you will never be able to please everyone, or even just one person, all of the time. So the idea that you will ever be able to be someone pleasing to anyone at all is also an illusion. The ideal human is an illusion. It is impossible to be ideal because everyone has different rules for who you should be, and they keep changing these rules based on how they feel about themselves in the moment. If they are angry one day, everything you do will annoy them. If they feel good, you can do whatever you want, and they will just laugh.

1. Expressing your emotions is neither good nor bad; it just is.

You do not need permission to be who you are. You are an equal part of Source energy and you have the same right to be here, to be you, and to express yourself as anyone and everyone else! In fact, the whole idea of Source expressing itself through individuals is built upon the diversity of the many expressions. You are here because you are like no other. If you were like someone else, you would not need to be here. Your uniqueness is your value. Your expression of that uniqueness is why you were given a ticket to come here. You are meant to be unique, and you are meant to express who you are. That is your gift to the world. 

2. Expressing emotions has been ruled bad so that you would not trigger other people into having to deal with their own issues.

By being invisible or as small as you can, you are doing others a disfavor.  Everyone depends on other people to reflect their own limiting beliefs in order to be able to become aware, and then deal with those same beliefs. It is not your job to deal with their beliefs and limitations.  Your job is to deal with your limitations; one of those being that you need others to approve of you. You do not! Again, that is an illusion. You were approved when you were created. The fact that you exist means you have already been approved for existence, just as you are today.

3. Having intense feelings and emotions is a good thing.

Intense feelings are guiding signs. The more intense they are, the easier it is to become aware and to act on them. Intense emotion is a sign you are experiencing something. Dig into it! Ask why! Why are you feeling this? Do you want to keep feeling this? If so, allow it. If not, what is the message it is carrying? Every feeling is a messenger.

Good feelings are telling you that you see yourself and the world in a way that is helpful and beneficial to you. Negative feelings are telling you that you are perceiving the world and yourself in a way that is detrimental to you, and that you need to change. Sometimes a feeling holds both of those perspectives. Sometimes you are feeling both pain and pleasure. Experience it and decide what feeling you wish to continue to feel, and which you wish to let go. Feeling, in itself, is not good nor bad, it is neutral. It is just an experience. What you do with your feelings is what creates your next experience

4. You can never know what is happening within someone else.

You can never truly understand what others are feeling. Their past, their memories, their beliefs, their experiences, their thoughts, the depth of their feelings, the details of their inner life, all of this is uniquely individual. Only the one who has lived and experienced the same thing can understand what is being felt. As each human is individually shaped, with unique traits and a personality of their own, each experience will be lived and felt within this unique perspective. This perspective has never been before and never will be again. There are no copies, no duplicates. There are similarities, but never anything completely the same. This means that what someone is experiencing, they are experiencing it from their own unique perspective. What is easy for one person will be extremely difficult for another. What is fear-inducing to one, will be pleasant for another. This is why you can never compare what is happening within you, to what you perceive from the outside of another. People share their feelings to different degrees, just like everyone feels things at different levels. It is useless to feel shame for feeling sad over something that doesn’t bother others because your feelings are created from your unique perspective. Your perspective, your experiences, your personality, it all builds a unique and wondrous reality, that no one else can ever fully understand. Who you are and what you feel is yours to own. What you experience can never be wrong, because it is a unique expression of All That Is. It simply is.

Do not compare your inner life. It is not a measure of your worth. Your worth is already given. You are worthy because you exist. You are an expression of Source. What you feel and experience does not define you. It does not say anything about who you are. You are All That Is, and none of it. You are eternal. Thoughts come and go; feelings come and go. They are finite. They are transient. They do not define you, the eternal One. You are experiencing, observing, creating, but you are the eternal part of that experience. Everything else is simply passing through your existence as transient expressions. You are the constant, the eternal, the One. Do not define yourself by what is simply passing by.

A car passes by you on the street. You notice it, observe it. You like the color of it. It passes you and is gone. Does that encounter define you? Are you now a car?

That was an experience. You liked it. It does not mean anything about you. It just was. And now you are once again open to other cars passing by, or the silence of no cars. The cars pass by, you like them, or you don’t, who you are is the eternal observer.

Things happen. You experience. You feel. You think. It passes by. You keep existing, being, observing, expanding. What happens to you, within you, what you feel, does not define you. It is an experience. You are not the experience; you are the one experiencing it. You are the one observing. You are the eternal One. Do not define yourself by the one sad feeling, or the many traumas you have experienced. Do not judge yourself for feeling down or thinking negative thoughts about yourself and your worth. You are not your thoughts. You are not even your feelings. They just pass through you.

5. Having negative or painful thoughts and feelings about yourself does not make you bad or wrong.

You are God. You are worthy. You are complete. Your thoughts and your feelings do not make you bad. Not being able to accept yourself is not something you need to feel shame for. You don’t need to judge yourself for feeling this way. You are not a failure for having these thoughts. Not being able to accept or love yourself does not define you. It does not mean anything about who you are. It simply is. We can change that.

Do not believe that this train of thoughts means anything about you. These thoughts do not define you.

2.2 VIDEO: How to love unconditionally

Audio copy of video:



          • How do you define yourself? Write down the labels you use, what you feel describes you.
          • Every single definition you use is a limitation. Every label you use for yourself is limiting you. What happens if you do not live by the expectations that labels hold for you?
          • Think about what rules you believe in. For example, should you be kind to others?
          • Do you define yourself as kind?
          • Could this limit you?
          • What happens when you perceive yourself as not kind?
          • What does it mean to be the type of person you perceive yourself to be?
          • Who you truly are is different from who you believe you should be. Can you not become that person if he/she breaks the definitions you now have for a ‘good person’?
          • Are there parts of you that needs to be hidden or denied?
          • Do you wish some parts of you would disappear?

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3. Your rules and expectations

3.1 The illusion of unworthiness


The things you do not like about yourself is not the issue. Those things or traits are fine. The issue is your perception. You have an idea that you should be different. You are either too much, or not enough, or both at the same time. You see yourself from a viewpoint where you are wrong, where you are different from how you should be.

As you grew up, you created an ideal of who you should be. Based on how other people gave or withheld their love, you decided on a certain recipe for who you should be. Their feedback became instructions for how you should behave in order to make other people happy. If you could make them happy, they would love you, and that would prove to you (and others) that you were worthy of love, and by that, you would be good enough. If you did not make others happy, or even made them feel bad, you were not worthy of their love, and you were a bad person. At first this was being taught to you from the outside world. As you grew and evolved, you became so good at this that you started punishing yourself when you did not follow these rules. You had internalized the outside rules, and now you were able to punish yourself for not following the rules. This internal dialogue where you decide you are bad and wrong when you don’t follow these rules for behavior are now YOUR rules. These rules even allow you to punish yourself for your thoughts.

It is no longer your actions that give you cause to punish yourself; it is also your thoughts. If you judge others, you now judge yourself for judging. When you think a negative thought about someone else, you feel bad, because you know you “shouldn’t” think these thoughts. When you feel sad or angry, you know you are breaking the rules by feeling this way, and you punish yourself by telling yourself you are not good enough. Every day you remind yourself that you are not worthy of being loved because of how you think and feel.  By not allowing yourself to feel how you feel without judgment, you are punishing yourself and saying to yourself that you are not worthy of love as you are. When you feel angry, you judge yourself as wrong for that anger, and you label yourself as being wrong and unworthy of love, simply for how you feel. You not only judge yourself as unworthy of other’s love but because you have internalized these rules, you also judge yourself as not worthy of your own love!

And this is the key! To believe that you are worthy of your own love!  If you do not believe you are worthy of your own love, it is as if you have so little love to give that, you must not squander it on yourself!  As if loving is somehow a limited ability! You believe this because you are not able to love yourself. The process of punishing yourself has turned into a process where you dole out and limit your ability to love, thus giving yourself the impression that love is a limited ability and is a limited quantity. Love is unlimited in quantity. You have an unlimited ability to love. By withholding your own love from yourself, you are buying into the illusion of limitations on love.


The ideal that you have created for yourself, the idea of what it means to be worthy of love; does not exist. No one in your life is living up to that ideal. If it seems like they are, it is because you do not know them. You cannot possibly know their every thought, their judgments and their feelings. You can only know yourself. And you have measured yourself and decided you are not good enough. You do not live up to this ideal that you  created.

You have so many definitions tied into the roles you believe you are in this lifetime. You see yourself as a mother, father, woman, man, daughter, son, husband, wife, friend, colleague. These roles come with identities and expectations. You believe these roles are who you are. You then adopt the beliefs that are tied to these roles, and you believe you need to fulfill these expectations of who to be. You believe that being a woman means you should be feminine, loving, nurturing. Being a man is to be strong, powerful, loud, fearless. You have all these definitions for each role, and you believe you MUST live up to these definitions. But all definitions are limiting. A woman can be loud, fearless and not nurturing. A man can be loving, nurturing and not loud. You are who you are because that is who you are in this moment, not because of any roles you identify with.

You have a physical body. This body has gender identifying traits. Who you truly are is gender-neutral. Your soul is neither female nor male; it is pure energy. Who you are is not masculine or feminine energy; you are both. You are the united parts of All That Is, in a unique mixture, and you are changing into something new every minute of your existence. You have been all of it, and you will continue to become more. But do not allow these roles to define you. Do not allow the definitions that come along with being a man or a woman, to change who you are. You do not need to be different than who you are. You do not need to be defined or changed or shaped into anything other than what you are. Who you are is perfect and divine, and you are this way not through error but by divine decree. You are meant to be this way. You are exactly what and who you should be. And if you change you will still be perfect. But do not try to be different from what you are, in order to fit into any definition. You cannot be defined.


Because you have lived around other people, there are expectations about who you should be. Based on who you were in the past, there is an image for you to live up to, being the same today as you were yesterday. This is to make yourself and others feel safe. If you were good enough yesterday, you must be so today. Does that mean that if you were not enough yesterday, you could not be enough today?

You decide how,  when and if to change. If you want to be the same as you were yesterday (mostly) then do so. If you wish to change by becoming someone else or showing that other side of you, then do that! You decide who you are. You decide what you want to live out. You decide if you want to change. Just because you were pretending to be who you were not yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to keep on pretending today or in the future. You can change at any minute. But to do that, you need to allow yourself to change. You need to lessen the judgment and criticism for a minute so that you can test the waters in your new Being. You need to allow yourself to test who you are, to test what you truly like and dislike. You need to give yourself time and space to explore the real you, without constantly commenting on how wrong you are for not already deciding or knowing. You are meant to explore. You are meant to try new things. You are meant to expand into the unknown. Part of the fun of expansion is not knowing who you are becoming. The potential in front of you changes as you decide where to go and what to do. The potential is constantly changing and shifting along with you.

That means that every decision you make is changing the potential you have in front of you. By choosing to limit yourself through creating more rules and regulations for who you can be, you are limiting the potential of who you can be tomorrow. By staying open and not limiting what you allow yourself to explore and express in this moment, you are opening and expanding the opportunities and the potential for your future. The more you allow yourself to try out new sides of who you are, to explore different traits within yourself, the more you will find the confidence to accept all parts of yourself.

Exploration leads to acceptance. Acceptance of what is leads to a new perspective, where you, through the eyes of unconditional love can truly see the perfection that you are. Once you allow for the possibility that you are perfect, enough, and complete, you will be led to see it with clarity. But you must allow for that possibility to occur first. You must shape your perception today, into allowing for that potential to be created for tomorrow.

3.2 VIDEO: The illusion of unworthiness

Audio copy of video:


          • How about if you change the ideal? What are the risks of changing that ideal? Ask yourself, what are the dangers in changing your ideals?
          • Can you come up with any good reasons for holding on to the ideals you have today?
          • Are there areas where you feel like you don’t fit in with the expectations?
          • Where you do not live up to (or feel not enough), compared to who you imagine you should be?
          • Why do you decide to follow these expectations? Why are they “good” and “right” expectations? What happens if you don’t live up to these expectations? Who are you, if you don’t live up to these expectations? Knowing that you do not live up to these expectations, is there freedom within that knowledge to shape yourself as you wish to be?
                    • The list of definitions you have made is a small part of the expectations you have of yourself.
                    • Are they reasonable? If they are, that means you regularly live up to them. If you do not, they are obviously not reasonable for you.
                    • Do you want to keep these definitions? What would happen if you let them go?
                    • How do you express those definitions and which traits do you express more often, and which traits more rarely? Why?

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4. Pushing through fear

4.1 The discovery of your own magnificence


Pushing through fear is rarely the bliss you might believe it is. Pushing through fear is difficult. It’s hard and there is a push. It is a push because you need to use force. You need to force yourself to do it. Pushing through fear sounds glorious. It sounds like this wonderful action. This wonderful action of love and joy. But it rarely is. Most of the time pushing through fear is very very uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable because of the fear. Often when you push through fear it doesn’t feel thrilling. It just feels like hard work because you are so consumed with the fear, you’re finding it difficult to take in anything else that goes on in the moment, except for the act of pushing through the fear. When you push through the fear you probably have expectations of this great feeling of victory and a great feeling of accomplishment. You have created expectations that if you push through fear and follow inspiration, life will be easy and blissful. Well, it could be, but that would not be for your highest good. You still have fear left in you, even though you were able to push through one fear. You still have other limitations, even though you removed one. Because of your nature, of who you are, you wish to expand into love, and that means letting go of more and more fear, continuously. This means a bumpy ride. This means to get used to fear, and to get used to the unpleasant feelings that pushing through fear can give you.

Pushing through fear is an experience, like all other experiences it is neutral. How you choose to label and judge your experience is what determines how you feel about the experience. If you judge it as a success, which means that you judge yourself as good enough, then you will feel good. The way you feel is not determined by the outcome of the action, but by your expectations to yourself and the situation, and by how you choose to perceive the execution and yourself through it all. You have the choice to support your growth through choosing the higher perspective that accepts what happens in any moment, and that declares that you are enough, you are worthy and wonderful no matter the outcome of your action. You get to choose to see yourself as good enough, and to judge the situation as a success, regardless of what happened. That choice, that perspective, will help you to continue to push through fear. That is the perspective that is going to lead you to everything you now desire.

You push through fear every day in your daily life. Usually the fear is tiny, because your life is routine. But sometimes you are faced with a lot of fear, often when wanting to try new things. As you push through the fear, you expect to feel bliss or joy, sort of as a reward for pushing past fear. What usually happens is that you will end up feeling empty. You end up feeling nothing or feeling empty, or just feeling lack or a loss. What was once fear is now just empty space. There is a void within you where this fear used to be. And so, because of the expectations you had that pushing through fear would feel exhilarating, you’re now confused. Here you are, having pushed through fear, and all you’re left with is this feeling of nothingness? This empty feeling inside of you. Does this mean you failed? Does this mean that it didn’t work as it should have worked? Does it mean that you did something wrong? Are you once again a failure? No that’s not what it means. It just means that you did what you were supposed to do and now the fear has left you. Now there is a void where the fear used to be. This void is for you to fill with other things.

Very possibly this void will be filled by your realization that you have courage. The courage that it took you to push through the fear is now suddenly an integrated part of your personality. Where there used to be fear there is now courage. As a result of pushing through fear you will find confidence within you, if you allow it. As you look back at the event where you are pushing through fear, you must allow yourself to see that what you did was a success. If you insist that this act of pushing through fear did not occur as you expected it to do, if you insist that this was not good enough, the confidence will not appear. Confidence is a feeling that you create. You decide that what you did was brave, that it was a success because you did it and not as a result of whatever came from this act. Confidence and courage are now a part of you because of what you did, because of the simple act of pushing through fear. The realization of the part of you that is courage, that is confidence, that does not come from whatever happens after you push through fear. That success is not from the moments after you pushed through fear. The success is in the act of doing it. The success is in the moment where you actually do what you want to do despite the fear.

This is not a blissful experience. It is an experience of fear and pain. But if you allow it to, if you allow yourself to feel good about daring to push through the fear, then you can fill this void with confidence. This feeling of confidence, of courage, will lead you and guide you on your next step. There is always more fear. There will always be more fear to push through. But as a result of your first step of pushing through fear, because of this experience of pushing through fear, because of you daring to feel this emotional pain, this discomfort, and still pushing through, still acting – because of this extraordinary courage, and this extraordinary experience, you now know that you can do it again. You realize that you were brave. That you have this courage within you. You gain more confidence in your ability to act on your next inspiration. This confidence is what will guide you through your next step. It will help you push through fear once again, even though it feels so uncomfortable, even though you know it’s going to feel more uncomfortable. And even though you know that the bliss that you expected would be on the other side of the fear, that bliss might not even be there, what you gain instead of the bliss is more confidence. You gain a feeling of trusting in yourself. The more you push through fear, the more you trust yourself. You trust your abilities, you trust your wisdom, and your trust your power and execution.

The power of execution is something that you cannot read your way into. You must experience it. You must experience it through practice. You must push through fear over and over again. You must push through fear to gain confidence in your abilities. You must push through fear to gain confidence in your ability to push through fear. As you push through fear you understand and realize the courage that was always within you. This courage laid dormant because you lived in fear. This courage laid dormant because you allowed yourself to live within the cage of your limitations.

4.2 Freedom

As you push through fear you open the door and you step out of the cage. The world outside the cage is probably equally scary or scarier than life within the cage. The fear is not gone, but what you now have is freedom. You gained freedom, you gained confidence, you gained the knowledge and trust in your own courage. You gained the belief in yourself, you gained awareness of more of who you are. You gained a clearer perspective of who you are because you stepped out of the cage, and you can now see yourself compared to the world outside the cage, not just compared to the world within your tiny cage. You have a wider and larger reflection. There is more potential for you to experience outside the cage. There are so many more things that you can allow yourself to do, that you can explore now that you have stepped out of the cage, out of the limitations that you once put on yourself. The wider reflection allows for more triggers, and more possibilities for you to discover your own limiting beliefs. There is more potential for fear, and so much more potential for growth and excitement and bliss!

As you start to explore the world outside of your cage of fear, the fear is not gone, but you can find a way to control the fear through pushing through it every time you feel it. The fear is still a part of your life. But you don’t have to fear the fear, because you now have the tools to overcome it. As you feel the fear you acknowledge it. You know it’s there. You can feel it very clearly, even physically. But this doesn’t have to stop you. Fear is just an experience. It’s not a roadblock. As you push through fear you feel these intense emotions, but you don’t let your emotions control you. You don’t let fear control you.

On the other side of this pushing through fear there is more freedom. Not necessarily bliss, but there is more freedom. If you allow yourself to feel good about pushing through fear, you will feel better about who you are, and you might even feel this bliss. But this bliss is determined by how you perceive yourself as you push through fear, and how you perceive yourself as the result of pushing through fear. If you allow yourself to feel that you are a success for pushing through fear, you might feel bliss. This is good. This is a part of the confidence that you want to build. If you don’t feel bliss that is equally good. You don’t need to feel bliss in order to keep moving on your path. The only thing you need is to find the courage and own the courage that is always a part of you, so that you can push through fear once again.

There is momentum in this pushing. Once you start pushing through fear you will feel the courage. You will gain confidence, and this is going to fuel your desire to push through more fear. It is in a way addictive because you feel yourself grow into more power. That is not really true, but you are coming into your power in a more direct way. The power was always there. Just like the courage was always there but now you are allowing yourself to become aware of it. You are allowing yourself to become aware of your own inner power. You are allowing this power to become manifested into your reality. Once again you are growing and expanding into who you are, who you really are. Who you really are in this life is not someone without fear, it is someone that feels fear and then pushes through the fear. It is someone who is not dictated by fear, but sees fear as an exciting thing to move past. You are someone that sees fear as a sign that there is something for you in that area.

Where there is fear there is great potential for growth. You might even make it a choice to follow your fear, because the fear is going to lead you to great expansion. Every time you push through fear you are choosing the path of the most expansion. Every time you push through fear you are choosing from a wider range of potential, of possibilities that are now open to you. The more you push through fear, the more you expand the potential that is in front of you. Fear is in fact a guide to your highest good, to your highest potential. That is why fear is a friend. It’s leading you in the direction of the most growth.  Fear is there to guide you into the direction that can help you evolve into who you want to be. Use it to push through it, and then to gain more knowledge about who you really are, for you are so much more than you imagine. Push through the fear. In doing, acting and being, you gain confidence in who you are. 

You allow yourself to see yourself from a higher perspective. You didn’t change but you became more of who you are. That courage was always there within you, and as you allow yourself to push through fear, that perspective changes into a more empowering perspective of who you are now. You did not change, but you started to accept more of who you are in this moment. That is acceptance. Acceptance of self. That is acceptance of the self that feels the fear but still chooses to push through it. It is acceptance of this moment that holds fear within it, and of the you that still chooses to act on inspiration. You are choosing inspiration over fear. You are choosing to be who you are, and you are choosing to accept who you are in this moment. That is courage, that is confidence, that is power. That is the love energy that you are vibrating every time you have the possibility to push through fear.

4.3 VIDEO: The discovery of your own magnificence

Audio copy of video:


        • How do you react to fear? Do you avoid it? Do you try to move around it?
        • How does it feel to be afraid? What labels do you use for fear?
        • What is the worst that could happen if you pushed past the fear?
        • Why are you NOT pushing past fear?
        • Who would you be if you pushed past fear more often?
        • What would your life be like if you pushed past fear more often?
        • What are some of your biggest fears? Why are these fears so intense?

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5. Outside approval and authenticity

5.1 Your Authentic Self


When you are constantly seeking approval from the outside world, you are asking the reflection to create something for you that is not already within. The reflection is the mirror. It cannot create something that is not first within you. You’re asking the conditions to make you feel good without first feeling good. The more that you seek this approval outside of you, the more you are turning your focus on the outside world and away from what is going on within you. This is not the path to feeling good. You must first create that approval within you, and then it can be reflected back to you from your outside world, as you start to see that you are enough. As you give yourself the approval you need, that outside approval will no longer matter as much. This is the path that you’ll want to walk, where you can follow your own inspiration, your own guidance as to who you want to be, to where you want to go, without needing others to approve of it.

Everyone has their own perception of you. Everyone sees you through their own filters of fears, limitations, and desires. What they need from you will never be what you want to give, because what they need from you is based in their own fears. They need to be triggered by you not giving to them what they want, so that they can come out of their own limitations. They need you to be different from what they want, so that it can create this conflict within themselves, so that they must find their own path. You are there to trigger them. To reflect both love and their limitations back to them. Yes, you are a being of love, but love also enables you to reflect their fears back to them. That is an act of love.

To be a Being of Love is not all flowers and sunshine. It is also to be a mirror of what is going on within them. For how else could they expand into who they truly are, just like you are now expanding into who you truly are? You want to be a trigger, you need to be a trigger. This perfect dance where you are not who they want you to be, and where they are not who you want them to be, is what is moving you forward. You both need that conflict in your reflection, so that you can come become aware of the conflict that is going on within you. You want others to approve of you, but you do not want to give that approval to yourself. That is a conflict and it can only be resolved within you. It must be resolved by you first giving that approval to yourself, before it can be reflected back to you.

You don’t really need or want the outside to approve of you, because the outside world cannot understand your inspiration. Other people will have a different perspective and so they can never truly understand why you want to do anything, why you want to act this way. They cannot understand because they have not experienced what you have experienced. Every being is a unique package of experiences, of a past, of desires, of wanting, of fears, and so your path will be uniquely yours. Your inspiration is going to be uniquely yours, and so they cannot understand why you want to do this. They do not have the same experiences, the same fears, the same desires, and so their inspiration will not be the same that your inspiration is. When you want them to approve of your path, or approve of your choices, you are asking the impossible. They have their own path that they must walk. They cannot walk your path, for you must walk your path for you.

Your choices must be based in your own desires, not in the desire of wanting to be approved by those that can never create that approval within you. The need for approval is the need for love. The need for their love, is in truth the need for your own love. You want your own acceptance, your own approval. That is what your soul is asking you to give. The need for outside approval is in truth the need for your own love, the need for you to accept who you are in this moment, so that you can become more of the unconditional love. That is what you are seeking.

It’s what you are searching for, but currently you are searching for it in the outside world. You are searching for unconditional love in outside conditions. You are searching for unconditional in conditions. The conditions can never give you unconditional. The outside world can never love you unconditionally, like you deserve to be loved. You are unconditional love, but that love can never be reflected to you, unless you can give it to yourself first. That is how this reality works. You want approval so that you can feel that you are good, so that you can feel that you are right. You want approval so that you can feel that you can trust yourself. You believe if others approve of who you are, approve of your choices, that must mean that you are doing it the right way. You believe if others approve of your choices, they must be the right choices. But no one else can know what is the right choice for you, because they don’t have your guidance system. Only you can know where your path lies, only you can choose what is right for you. Others cannot approve these choices because they are not you. They do not have the same inspiration or the same fear.

You must approve for yourself, you must approve of yourself. You are the one that knows what is right for you. Your approval starts by trusting your inner guidance. You choose to trust yourself. You choose to believe in yourself.

You choose to approve and accept who you are today. You choose to believe that who you are today is equally good as anyone else, through accepting and believing and trusting that you are equally valuable, equally worthy, and equally good as anyone else. You are the one with all the knowledge about who you are. Only you can approve of your choices because only you know all there is to know about you. No one else can truly see you. They can only see their own reflection in you.

As you start to trust yourself, as you approve of who you are in this moment, as you accept who you are in this moment, you will see this acceptance reflected back to you. But that acceptance is just the reflection, so never mistake that outwards approval for real approval. The real approval is found within you. The reflection is simply the mirror. The approval that you’re getting from the outside world does not mean anything, because it’s a reflection of the approval that you have within. All it means is that you are gaining your own approval. It is just a reflection. The real changes happen within you, not in the mirror. Outside approval is simply a reflection of what you are giving yourself. It is not the truth. The truth is within you. The truth is that you do not need approval from the outside conditions because they are not real. It is simply a reflection of the approval you need, which is the approval of self, to tell yourself and to know “I am enough”. “I am”. That is all you need.


          • Do you ever alter your behavior to please others?
          • If someone tells you that you are wrong, or that you are too angry, or too emotional, do you believe them?
          • Do you know how to separate your own perception from that of others?
          • What would happen if your close friends & family stopped loving you?
          • Who would you be if you were away in a new city/country for a month, and no one knew you? Would you be different from who you are today, if you could start all over?

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6. The power of vulnerability

6.1 How vulnerability is an illusion


Vulnerability is an illusion. In order for you to believe that you are vulnerable you must believe there is something about you that is shameful, or bad, or wrong. Something that needs to be hidden. Because of this belief you try to hide this part. And when you are exposed, or expose this part of you, you feel vulnerable. You feel like you’re showing your weaknesses, your flaws to the world. You’re opening yourself up to be attacked, because there is something about you that you believe deserves to be attacked. That there is something wrong about you. But there is nothing wrong about you. You are Source. You are a part of this perfect, united love energy that is in everything. That controls everything. That creates everything. You are pure love. Everything about you is perfect, and good and right. If you perceive yourself to be anything but perfect and good and right, it is because you’re living in the illusion. And a part of the illusion is this feeling of vulnerability. This feeling of being vulnerable.

Often this feeling comes when you are being you. When you are being authentic, when you’re being genuine. When you’re showing parts of yourself that you believe are different. When you show your genuineness, your uniqueness, the traits that you believe make you different from others, there is a part of you that feels vulnerable. Because by being different, by being your unique you that you surely are, by exposing and showing this to the world, you place yourself open to criticism and attack. What you need to remember is that any criticism that comes your way is simply a reflection of your own fears. It’s a reflection of what you believe about yourself. So, if other people use these moments of vulnerability to attack you or point out what they see as wrong in you, that is not real. Those are not facts. They are simply reflecting your own limiting beliefs. And this reflection is there so that you can become aware of these beliefs. So that you can change how you perceive yourself and see that even though you might have these traits that people call you out on, these traits are nothing to be ashamed of. These traits are not wrong. These traits are perfect, and they are a part of what makes you unique, and perfect and wonderful. The reflection is there so that you can become aware of the parts that you feel are vulnerable. That you feel are somehow wrong. That you feel the need to hide. Because if you didn’t feel the need to hide, you wouldn’t feel vulnerable. The illusion of vulnerability is there because you believe there is something wrong within you, something that needs to stay hidden. And that is the illusion. There is no wrong part of you. There is no weakness in you. You are the one power.

6.2 VIDEO: How vulnerability is an illusion

Audio copy of video:


As you push through your fear and live in this vulnerability, being more and more vulnerable, being open to whatever may come as a reaction to how you are opening yourself up. As you stay open, authentic, expose yourself, you will find confidence. Through this acceptance of yourself that you discover in the confidence, in this power of being who you are, in this courage of being who you are even though you feel fear, you will find strength. When you can be who you are, even though it feels vulnerable to you, you will find courage. You will find confidence. And you will discover more of the power that is truly you. Being who you are is what you came here for. You intended to be exactly who you are. Who you are might change tomorrow, or the day after or a year from now. But you will still be who you are. And in this moment, you are just as perfect as you will be in a year or 10 years from now. And you are just as perfect as you were when you were born, as a little baby. There are no wrong parts of you. There is nothing that needs to be hidden.  Vulnerability is an illusion.

What you feel vulnerable about, are those beliefs about who you are. Because you believe there is something wrong, something that needs to be hidden, you feel vulnerable. The more you accept yourself and understand that there is nothing wrong, that there is nothing that needs to be hidden, the less vulnerable you will feel. This will change how vulnerability feels to you. And it will feel more like power. Through acceptance you transform the feeling of vulnerability, into the feeling of power. The feeling of confidence, the feeling of courage. The feeling of fire within you. You may not feel less fear, because as you find your power, as you grow more confident, you will push through more fears. Deeper fears. Bigger fears. And there will always be fear there, to reflect what is happening within you. It may not feel as if it gets easier. But you will feel more powerful going through these fears, pushing through these fears, and so vulnerability will no longer feel as painful or as raw. It will no longer hurt as intensely as it used to hurt.

Within this feeling of vulnerability, the nuances will change. And it will be coupled with this intense feeling of courage and power. The power that is you. The power and the strength, and the courage that was always there within you. It just had to be ignited by you daring to be vulnerable. Acceptance changes vulnerability so that you can find that inner power that was always there. The more you fuel this power, the more you fuel the flames, the more it will light you up. The more you agree to expose yourself, to be in your perceived vulnerability, the more you will feel the power that comes from pushing through fear and daring to be you. Even though it is fearful, even though you’re afraid, you find the courage, and you build confidence.

As you become more of who you are, as you live in this vulnerability, as you expose yourself and feel your power within you grow, you will be able to hold more light. More light will be able to come into you, and more light will be filtered out from you. You will shine even more intensely than you have ever shone before. Your ability to project love and light out to the world, expands as you show who you are to the world. Your light grows stronger and you become even more of a beacon than you have ever been. In this way vulnerability leads to the acceptance of who you are. Which leads to power. Which again leads to you shining even more brightly. Exactly as you are.


          • When do you feel vulnerable? Why do you feel vulnerable?
          • What do you believe you are showing to the world that makes you vulnerable?
          • Would you want to remove this part or would you rather stop being ashamed of it?
          • How would it feel to have this part of you and not feel vulnerable about it?

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7. The unknown and trusting yourself

7.1 Trusting yourself and creating safety from within


You don’t know who you are becoming. You cannot possibly know who you are becoming because you don’t even know who you are. And that is by design. You are supposed to live in the unknown. You are supposed to accept each moment and only focus on this moment. The more you have that is within your field of knowing, both in your past and your future, the more you’re going to focus on those areas. If you know what’s going to happen, you will limit the potential because you will cling to this knowing. You will cling to the potential that you believe is going to happen this way. As you believe you know what’s going to happen in the future, you project these feelings, these images, these known incidents into the future, and so you limit yourself from experiencing very different opportunities and situations. You limit your future by believing that you know what’s going to happen.

You may limit your possibilities by believing that you know what is going to happen, but the truth is the future is always unknown, for all of you at any time. The only thing that limits the potential, the potential possibilities, the potential outcome for your future, is your vibration. You limit the potential by believing that you know what’s going to happen. As you vibrate this knowing into the next moment, you then of course limit what is going to happen because it has to be aligned with what you believe is going to happen. And it has to be in the vibrational vicinity of your beliefs, for it to manifest into reality. You create your future in this now moment. Your vibration and this now moment is what dictates what is going to happen in your future. As you are shifting and expanding, as you are changing into a part of you that you don’t really know, as you experience these shifts, you let go of parts of you that you used to cling to. You are opening up to new possibilities.

These shifts, these expansions where you let go of parts of you that you thought were you, or you let go of limiting beliefs and thought limitations, these shifts are allowing you to expand into parts of you that you don’t already acknowledge. These parts of you are already there. They are waiting for you in the unknown, and they are unknown because you have not acknowledged them as a part of you. Yet these parts of you, are parts that you will grow into as you accept who you are today. It can feel scary to not know who you are, but this is part of the thrill of discovering who you are. If you already knew, if you already fully understood that you are Source, there would be no thrill of exploration.

The thrill of discovering that you truly are this Source, that is what you came for. Your beauty and your power are so intense, that you chose to live lifetime after lifetime just so that you could rediscover this. Just so that you can experience the thrill of once again knowing who you are. That is your magnificence.

As you shift, as you let go of parts of you, parts of you that you identified with, you let go of these old definitions that you thought told you who you were. You become someone different. You thought you were maybe a good mother or father, or a good friend. You thought you were a certain kind of woman or man. You thought you were in a specific way. You had expectations of yourself based on these definitions. You had expectations from your outside world that you needed to live up to based on these definitions. These labels caged you in because you had to live up to these definitions. As you are now starting to let go of these definitions, you change your expectations of who you should be. The more you allow yourself to let go of definitions of who you should be, the more you allow yourself to discover who you can be. You get to choose who you want to be in every moment, and in every moment, you get to choose how you want to express yourself, how you want to express your thoughts and your feelings. And you get to choose what you want to experience. Your vibration, the feelings and thoughts that come to you, are a part of that expression. You get to choose how to act on these thoughts and feelings, and how to express who you are being in this now moment.

7.2 VIDEO: Trusting yourself and creating safety from within

Audio copy of video:


And remember, who you are being in this moment, does not mean anything for who you need to be in the next moment. You can change who you are expressing, and who you are being, in any moment. You don’t need to follow up on one step, and then do the next step in the same way. You can change around and be someone completely different, if you choose to. There is a wide range of potential for you to pick and choose from, for what you wish to express in every moment. As you find your way into the future, of who you want to be, you always get to choose from fresh and new potential. The more you allow yourself to not identify and label yourself into who you are becoming, the more you are opening to becoming all and being all that you wish to be, the more possibilities and potential you will have to choose from. The more you accept the unknown, the unknown parts of you and the unknown future, the more you allow in different possibilities and different future outcomes compared to what you have already lived.

If you cling to your past, believing that your past somehow defines you, you’re going to create your past once again in your future. If you release yourself from the past, knowing that that has already been experienced, and that it does not define you, you will be able to create a future that is different from your past. Because why would you choose to relive your past? Why not choose to live your future as someone different? Because you do get to choose. And in the unknown lies the traits and the abilities of the part of you that you have not yet explored. That is why it is called the unknown. There is so much more to you than what you know at this point in time. There are parts of you, that you have never yet touched upon. There are traits in you, that you have not recognized and acknowledged as  yours yet. Don’t cling to any definition but allow the moment to change you as you change the moments.

How you perceive yourself, and every moment, is what determines how your reality shifts. Your reality will always be aligned with your perception of self. For you to see a different reality, means that you need to perceive yourself in a different way. As you change your perception of self, in every moment the reality outside of you will need to change in order to match this. If you want to see a reality where you are the superstar, or where you are loved and adored, simply change what is happening within you. Change your perception of self, into a perception that is aligned with loving yourself, with accepting every part of yourself, and feeling like a superstar. Believing that you are a superstar simply because of who you are. As you change this perspective of yourself within you, the outside reality world changes.

Who you are within is someone much larger, and more loving than you can imagine. For you to be able to open up and see and perceive this part of you that is yet in the unknown, you must accept who you are now. Through learning to love these parts of you, these conditions that you now see as wrong, you discover what unconditional love is. As you discover unconditional love you realize that this is who you are. This unconditional love allows you to perceive yourself through the eyes of unconditional love. That is when you discover who you really are. As you hold this unconditional love within yourself, you are able to perceive more traits and abilities within yourself. These traits were hidden from you, because they seemed scary to you. You did not want to acknowledge these traits, because you could not see how they were good and right. You thought these traits were bad and wrong. They seemed frightening and so you rejected these traits.

7.3 Into the unknown

As you accept yourself today for who you are, you change your perspective. You will now be able to see how these traits are indeed good, and powerful and beautiful, and thus it makes it easier for you to accept these new parts of you. In this acceptance of all parts of you, remember to stay open to new parts. You are never done exploring, you are never done discovering. There will always be the creation of new parts of you as you expand. There’s always a new field of the unknown, outside of the known field of who you are. There will always be more energy of who you are for you to discover, to get to know, to acknowledge as your energy. The field of potential is always growing and expanding. Just like the energy of you is always growing and expanding, the field outside of you, that unknown part of you will always be larger than the known part of you. Because all that exists is expanding, just as you are expanding. What you don’t know about yourself is going to become more and more, as you dip into the unknown, and change the unknown into the known. There is always more potential and more possibilities for you to discover, and play with, as you are expressing who you are in this moment.

You explore the unknown. But you also fear it because you know you have no control over it. How can you control what you do not yet know? And that is the problem: your desire to control it. You fear it and so you want to control it. But as you cannot control it, you fear it even more. And the spiral goes on forever. Unless you choose to stop the fear. Unless you choose to change your perspective of yourself, as one who needs to be controlled or protected. The unknown is not dangerous. It is not unsafe. There are no conditions outside of yourself that is ever more powerful than who you are. You are the most powerful being in your reality. Nothing outside of you can ever threaten or hurt you. You are the one power in your reality. You are the sovereign king or queen in your reality. There is nothing to fear in the unknown. 

The unknown is simply undiscovered pleasures, that you get to play with, as you delve and dive into the unknown. The unknown is love energy just like you are, the unknown is potential and possibilities that you want to explore. There is no point in exploring what you  already know, what you want is the unknown. This is where your power can fully expand and create what you want to explore, what you want to experience, what you dream of living. Everything that you dream of is found in the unknown. Everything you desire is found in the unknown. Otherwise you would already have it and the desire would now be known. It would be a part of your life. If you have it, you do not desire it anymore. It is part of your life. It is known to you. If it is unknown that means it has not yet manifested. And so you desire it. Everything you desire is in the unknown. This is why you need to discover and dive into the unknown, so that you can manifest what you want because everything you want is in the unknown. Everything you wish to be that you are not yet being, is in the unknown. Everything you want is in the unknown. The unknown is what holds your treasures. The unknown is your potential for everything you can become. Choose which part of the unknown you wish to explore and dive in the unknown. It is there for your pleasure. It is the exploration of who you truly are.


          • Do you fear the unknown? Or do you seek it out? How would it feel to not fear the future?
          • You know one part of your future: that you will be in it. Do you not trust yourself to handle it? Why or why not?
          • Are there any ways you are limiting yourself when you think of the future? Are there certain things you need to have in your future? Your house? Any house? Do you need to have a certain job, or any job? Do you need any people to be in your life, and how often do they need to show up?
          • Do you have an image of who you want to be in the future? What is that image? How does that feel, to be that one? Why do you want this?

If you’d like additional guidance, reach out to schedule a private channeling session: or go to booking

8. Control vs acceptance

8.1 Acceptance of what is aligns you with your higher consciousness


Control is acting from a place of fear. Control is not only trying to control others, but also controlling yourself. When you feel the need to protect yourself, you do so through control. Control is only necessary when you resist what is, and fear what will come. Control is the belief in a power, or powers, outside of yourself, and the belief in your own unworthiness.

If you believe that the world outside of you, including the people around you, need to be controlled, then you are doubting your own inner power. Your reality is created and attracted from your vibration, not from your efforts of outside control. But if you doubt that power, your own inner power, then you will try to control the outside reality through effort and restraint. You will try to control other people, control what they do and say, rather than controlling how you react to them. You believe that you need to control other people and that you need to control what happens in your reality. This is because you doubt your own power of attraction. This doubt allows you to believe that what is happening is not always for your highest good, and you take on a perspective of needing to remove some things from your reality and add others that are currently lacking. You want to control other people because you are unable to control how you feel when they act or say things that trigger fear in you. Instead of dealing with your own power, you choose to effort and struggle to control and limit their expression of self.

In the doubt of your own power of attraction, you choose to control. You choose to believe that there is a power that is greater than your own power, and that your greatest power is to try to control that other power. Instead of focusing on your vibration and what you attract through that vibration, you choose to see yourself as a victim, efforting to limit others. You cannot control others. You cannot make anyone feel any specific way. You cannot save others or force them to see you or themselves through a different perspective. You cannot force your perspective onto their reality, and you cannot remove their fears for them.

You cannot control others. You can only control yourself. Most of the self-control is done from a place of fear. Self-control, self-discipline, restraint of being, and restraint of expression, all come from a place of fear. You are who you are, and you believe that is wrong, so you try to control that wrongness from slipping out and being apparent to the rest of society. You try to control who you are, to limit your expression of self, because you believe that who you are is wrong or not good enough. The popularity of self-control in your society is proof of the widely held belief that who you truly are is bad, and the only right way to deal with that is to limit yourself in any way you can. The more self-control and restraint, the better. You look at thin bodies and admire them, for you believe they restrain themselves with food, or what many of you see as pleasure. You look at muscular bodies and admire them, for they have self-control and can endure pain and boredom in acquiring these muscles. You admire people with long working hours and stressful jobs, for they are able to deal with a lot of pain, and the worse conditions you can take, the more powerful you must be. Self-flagellation is admired, and too much enjoyment is frowned upon. You believe self-control is the goal and to limit one’s self-expression the ultimate proof of inner power. But to limit one’s self is not power. To control who you are being and how you express yourself is fear, not power. Who you are cannot be denied, and the longer you try to deny yourself, the harder the one within you will fight back.

8.2 VIDEO: Acceptance of what is aligns you with your higher consciousness

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There are no wrong or bad parts within you. Everything about you is exactly the way it is supposed to be. It is only your perspective, shaped by decades of fear from the world around you, and fear within yourself, that give the illusion of wrong within you. There is nothing lacking, no trait that is missing in the creation of who you are. Everything about you is perfect and just right. If there are traits that you wish you had, but cannot see in yourself, then that illusion of lack is proof that you have this trait. You cannot recognize in others what is not in yourself. If you perceive it in others, it must also be within you. The traits that are not a part of you; they are simply not needed for you to explore yourself and your reality in the way that you intended to. You are perfect. There is no need to control yourself. Control your perspective yes, but do not limit your expression of self.

What is the expression of self? To express yourself is to share yourself. To remove the mask of who you believe you should be, and instead be who you are, allowing yourself to express that being. To allow yourself to express your feelings without needing to make the feelings or the expression of them wrong. There is no wrong. In the expression of the self that you are being in the moment, you let the outside world into your inner world, the inner reality where you truly are the one you created yourself to be. In being naked to the outside reality and allowing yourself to be seen, in expressing yourself as you are rather than as you think you should be, you build a bridge of connection to those who vibrate a match to you. You find your tribe, the ones who are attracted to who you truly are, as opposed to who you try to be when you wear your mask. In this allowing yourself to express your true colors, you attract the ones who appreciate and want what you have to give, and through this reflection of appreciation for who you truly are, you can raise your own appreciation for yourself. When you limit your expression of self, only showing to the world the parts that you have deemed appropriate, you deny yourself and the world your own gifts. All parts of you are good, all parts of you are valuable and precious. All parts of you make up the whole, the completeness that is sent to your world to heal others. You are not only here to explore yourself, you are also here to heal the wounds in yourself and in others. Only through daring to show yourself as you truly are can you start the healing, both within you and within the collective consciousness that is at one with yourself.

When you try to control yourself, and your expression, it creates resistance and pain within you. The physical body is the carrier, and the keeper of these wounds and any prolonged restraint will leave scars and wounds in the body. Aches and pains are very common in your world, as is limiting one’s self. Everyone holds back; everyone restrains themselves; everyone limits their expression. The fundamental belief that you need to control who you are is the basis for a lot of pain, both physical and emotional.

8.3 Your inner control

The limitation of expression also affects how you deal with inspiration. You are constantly receiving inspiration, but most of this is met with fear, and never explored. You have so many beliefs about what you cannot do, how you cannot express yourself, that most of the inspiration triggers one of these beliefs, if not all, and you stop yourself before you even notice the message. Every single thing you do or say will be going through your filter of what is an acceptable expression of self, and this filter is extremely limiting. Think about what young children say and do, and how much more they allow themselves to express, on a daily basis. Then compare how quickly and completely you teach them to limit this expression and how many rules you want them to comply to in order to make life easier for yourself and society in general. Everyone controls themselves and creates a mask of who they are that they present to the world. Society is a game of costumes, where each individual plays a role, a part of who they believe they should be, all the while hiding their true expression.

You can be the one to change this game. You can be one of the first to throw away the masks. You can be one of those pioneers that allow themselves to be who they are, refusing to play the game as someone less than who they are. For the mask and the costume will always be someone less than who you truly are. No costume can ever outshine your true nature, your true beauty. No mask can ever be as charming and magical as the one you really are, the one hiding deep within your shield and shell of protection. Through letting go of some of that inner control of the expression of who you are, you can allow your true self to be seen. To be seen as you are, rather than who you believe you should be. Letting go of controlling yourself in every moment, both when you are with others and alone, will release a river of joy in simply being. That joy in being is already present within you as a seed, but it cannot grow in the darkness where you hide it away. You need for it to see daylight, to see the world outside of your cage.

You do control yourself even when alone. You have integrated the rules of society so well, even when you are alone and unseen. Do you keep to the conventions? Even when you are all by yourself, do you limit your expression? You do not allow yourself to be who you are, and to express that one, for fear that it is bad. Not even in your solitude do you accept yourself. The restrain of your emotions, the shutting down of fear, the glass ceiling that you create even when daydreaming or imagining yourself in different conditions, all of that is a limitation of self. You do not allow yourself those wild and wonderful daydreams, because you tell yourself you are crazy to believe you could ever achieve all of that. You negate your power because you have been taught to stay small. Staying small is self-control. Staying safe is self-control. Protecting yourself from fear and emotional pain is self-control. There is nothing outside of you that can ever hurt you! Everything you fear is found in your own self-judgment. The way you talk to yourself, the thoughts you attract, they are mainly centered around controlling yourself. YOU are the one holding yourself back. 


        • Instead of controlling your reactions through denying your pain, your fear, or the desire to act out in anger – try to control your inner talk. Be aware of the inner dialogue. Take notice of when you shut down or hide your feelings in order to not show the wrong reaction or to show the right reaction.
        • When you do limit your expression of self, find out why you believe you should be this way?
        • Are you afraid of hurting others? Do you believe you have the power to make others feel in a certain way? Do you believe you can somehow control their reactions to you through limiting and controlling your expression?
        • Why do you believe you should be different, and why should you not express and show to the world how you are feeling right now?
        • What do you believe would happen if you did not limit your expression, but were honest in your expression of self?
        • What is it about you that you need to control or limit? Why do you need to limit the expression of this part?

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