Private Channeling Sessions

Private sessions are available. In a private call you can go more in depth compared to group calls, and the session will be recorded and sent to you after the call.

To book:

Written Q/A channeling: USD 60 per question 


45 min Private channeling session via Zoom: USD 100


FOCUS TO CHANGE – 3 months commitment

For a select small group I will offer private coaching through my channeling, with a commitment of 3 months.

Basically, it takes several weeks of committed work before we hit a deep trigger, and once that wound is triggered people tend to run away. By committing to 3 months, you have nowhere to escape, and force yourself to do the inner work. You will chose a couple of topics you want to focus on, and our weekly calls plus your homework, will be tailored to challenge your perspectives, to help you uncover your limiting beliefs, to help you CHANGE those beliefs, and to push yourself towards more freedom. This is only for those willing to dig deep, for those willing to change, to challenge themselves. Your 3 months focus on inner change WILL challenge you, and trigger you, but most of all it will change your potential future, because you change your perception of Self.

To book:

«Focus to change»: 60 min call each week, commitment of 3 months = $100 per week.


4 x 60 minutes calls (1 call per week for 4 weeks) = USD $400

Daily Messages on Patreon

Find us on Patreon for exclusive content.  We have several tiers with unique offerings, with the lowest rate at USD 10 per month, providing you with daily video messages 6 days a week, AND a weekly Group Channeling open to all Patrons.

Patreon Community

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