I do channeling on request. Please be aware the answers you will get are not “the one and only truth”. They are simply a higher perspective.

Each question is USD 40 for written answers. Package of 4 questions/USD 140

I also do Skype/Zoom meetings, 45 mins is USD 60.


Do you know who you are? Do you understand the reality you are creating and what the reflection is telling you?

Through this daily communication with Laurel you will be guided to see yourself from a higher perspective. When you understand what you are creating and why you are creating this, you can change your perception and find a way out of limitations. The path to freeedom goes through understanding and practice. The daily Q&A’s will help you walk this path, as you learn more about who you are and practice acceptance of what is today.

Laurel provides guidance, but the work is all on you. Only YOU can change your beliefs. Do you want to?

4 weeks/$399

5 Q&A’s per email a week + 2 Zoom calls (45 mins) a month.