You do not need to envision a goal. Any goal you set your eyes on will be an illusion. You are not yet at the vibration that can manifest the dreams you now envision, so any dream or goal would be limited by the vibration you are currently in. What you dream of today is a result of your vibration today. Your ability to create a dream is limited by how you see yourself and what you believe today. The dream you wish for from this current vibration will be smaller, to match that your vibration is smaller than it will be a year from now. 

As a being, not just a human being, but a being of creation, you expand all the time. All that is expands all the time. As you expand your vibration changes. It will adapt and expand towards more love, because that is the way of expansion. All beings seek to become more love and less fear. As you expand into more love you will gain more freedom and abundance, and let go of more and more fear. Fear is what creates limiting beliefs about yourself and what is possible. As you let go of more limitations you will realize more of what is possible for you, and your dreams will expand and become greater than they were yesterday. The dreams will now be larger than they were before your expansion. They will be something you could not imagine in your past, because your limiting beliefs were blocking you from perceiving this would ever be possible. Remember, if you can dream it or imagine it, it is within your vibrational reality, and it can be manifested in this now moment. But these dreams of the future you are so grand and magnificent that you cannot yet see them from the perspective that you hold in this current vibration. And that is how it should be. You want to stretch. You want to grow. You want for your future self something so magnificent that you are yet unable to see it. 

If you envision something and set a goal, you limit your future creation. By using the vibration you have today to create a goal for the future, you are limiting your future outcome to match todays vibration. A year from now that goal will seem small and insignificant, because you have expanded. If you can stay detached to the outcome, not setting a goal, you will allow the Universe to create a manifestation that matches your future vibration. If you need to point yourself in a direction, aim for a certain feeling. Aim for a feeling of greatness, of freedom, of abundance. You can dream of and imagine many ways this can manifest, but do not attach yourself to any image or idea that comes up. These ideas will be of your current vibration, and what you want is to expand and create from the higher vibrations of the future you. You want to expand your powers, and become a match to a vibration of the version of you that is more of love and less of fear compared to who you are now. 

Everything you seek is waiting for you. But you are not in the vibrational vicinity of it, so you cannot yet taste it. But it is there, and even more to come. All you need to do is to listen to inspiration. All you need to do is that step one, and stay detached from how you believe this should unfold. Do not attach yourself to any idea of what should come as a result of your step one. Let that go, and just do it because it is fun, interesting, or exciting. Act on your inspiration, but detach yourself to what it might lead to. Understand that what comes of it does not mean anything about you, it is just a link in a long chain that you cannot yet see where is going. As your vibration expands, as you expand, you will allow in more and more ideas and opportunities. Every step you take today is changing your vibration so that you will be ready for the future steps. Those steps could be completely different, seemingly of a different path, but that is irrelevant. What matters is the changes within you. What matters is how you will expand into more love and less fear. This expansion will create a vibration in you that allows for bigger and better manifestations. Your vibration holds all that you need, all that you dream of. As you expand your vibration expands to hold more of this. More opportunities and more of what you want, what you truly want. 

Stay open. Stay curious. Detach from any outcome. Allow yourself to follow the daily inspiration without judging what comes from this. Allow yourself to be changed by what you create and experience. Allow yourself to perceive who you are from a more expanded perspective, and your reality will expand too. Greatness is waiting for you, allow yourself to expand into it, and to vibrate more and more in tune with who you really are: a master of creation, a master of love. 



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