The presence of money or the lack of money is still seen as proof of who you are. You believe adults should provide for themselves. In most cases through work, a job, but if you have kids you are allowed to be provided for by your spouse. You have all these rules for abundance. How much you are allowed to have, not too much or you will experience the wrath of your fellow humans who do not have as much. Not too little or you will experience the sneers and perceptions of being less than your fellow humans. No, you need to have the exactly right amount of abundance, and you need to acquire it in the right way. In other words: be as similar to others as you possibly can, and make sure you do what everyone else does.

This acquiring of money is very closely tied into your own authority. You see yourself in a certain way, you have expectations of yourself as an adult. When you fail to live up to these expectations you feel a lessening of authority. Authority is a key element in how you see your self, and in your self acceptance. When you feel a lack of authority because of this change in your relationship with money (the outward sign of abundance) you feel a shift in your identity. How you identify yourself is tied into your self worth.

A shift in your ability to acquire money causes a shift in how you see yourself. If you are able to acquire more money you will feel more important and more successful, and you shift how you perceive yourself and your worth. If your ability to acquire money weakens, you will feel less worthy. To you money is not only a sign of security and being safe, it is also a sign of your worth, and of your right to belong in society. To belong you must be able to provide for yourself through money. To be allowed to stand within your own authority and be perceived as someone who has the right to respect, you must provide your own money. Your ability to attract money into your life is dictating how much or little respect you deserve from others. Isn’t this an interesting measurement of worthiness?

What you need to understand is that these perceptions are flawed. How others see you is determined greatly by how they see themselves, but it is also influenced by the opinion of the society in large. If a prominent member suddenly approves of someone who has little or no money, the others will follow and adapt their acceptance of this individual, despite him or her not following the rules. The acceptance of individuals into a group has been the basis for your survival for thousands of years, and so the instinct to fit in is very strong within the human mind. You want to fit in so you can survive.

In the new era of humanity the individual must create his own attachments. You decide what group you want to belong to, knowing that you are the timeless Source that is any energy and all energies. You are all of it. Whether or not you choose to define yourself as a part of a group, you are a part of all groups yet not defined by any. The attachment to any defining traits is an illusion. You are undefinable. You are in truth pure energy and any choice of attachment is only of this moment.

When you attract money you are experiencing yourself through the energies of abundance. When you attract a lack of money you are experiencing yourself through the necessity of detaching yourself from the identity of money. You are not money. You are energy. Money is energy too, but it does not define you. Not when you attract it and not when you are not attracting it. The energy comes and goes, but you are still the truth of who you are, regardless of what comes into your reality or not. Your attachment to money as a providing source for you desires is an illusion that is limiting your experience of yourself. When you can disregard money as a source to your desires, you move closer to the truth of your powers of manifestation. You have the ability to directly and instantly create what you desire to live, and money is a slowing down and an over-complication of this manifestation. If you are to discover this instant manifesting ability within you, you must let go of the need of the authority and recognition that money gives you in the eyes of your peers. You must let go of the need of approval for your ability to attract money, and the need of approval in general. You have the ability to create from pure energy into whatever you desire, but you must allow yourself to let go of the illusion of money as the tool for creation. The direct manifestation of what you desire has no use for money. Money is a distraction and an unnecessary complication. Money is only a means of gaining approval, not the means to the fulfillment of your desires.

You must detach from the idea of money, both as the way to your fulfillment and as the way to love. You already are loved. The only thing in lack is self acceptance. Once you are living in full self acceptance you will discover that money is not necessary. You already are the proof of your magnificence, through your state of being. Your existence is proof of your worth. You are what you seek: love. Money is the illusion just like lack of acceptance is a part of the illusion. Let go of both. Go for the direct manifestation of what you desire. Go for love.


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  1. Thank you Astrid and Laurel. I have most certainly experienced the illusion of identifying my worth and value vis a vis money. I really love what you said: “You have the ability to create from pure energy into whatever you desire.” I am letting go of the illusion!

    • Thank YOU Marilyn!
      I find this idea of direct manifestation to be exciting, yet also scary. It is difficult for me to let go of believing I need money – but I guess to just allow in that thought and ponder it, that is at least a start😉

      • Maybe we can explore the idea of direct manifestation in a Q & A with Laurel? The idea excites me as well and maybe it’s time to bring it forward?


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