Whatever you want to do you can do. You are capable of doing whatever you wish. There are no limits to what you can achieve. Instead of asking which area will make you happy, why not make yourself happy now, and do what you want to do in the moment?

Happiness will not be found in the career or the activity you choose to do. Happiness is a creation of the soul, a creative energy that you produce within you. Happiness is what will lead to a successful career. Happiness is what makes you happy. If you do not feel good about who you are, you will never find happiness from a career or any activity you choose to perform. If you do not love and accept yourself, you will never find success. You might make a lot of money, or be highly successful seen from the outside, but what does that matter if you are unhappy within? 

The old way of looking at success is seeing someone as finally worthy. The outside conditions of someone perceived as successful is what proves to the rest of the world that this person is worthy of love. Someone who has a lot of money, or is famous, or beautiful, or preferably all three, is seen as worthy. The outside world collectively agrees that due to the money this person has accumulated, they are good enough to deserve respect and admiration. Your society uses outside conditions to feel worthy. What is so interesting is that this popularity of fame and fortune clearly points out how widespread the feeling of unworthiness is. Why do you all worship fame and fortune? Because so many of you feel unworthy, and you try to make outside conditions prove your worth.

But this will never work. If you do not feel worthy first, no career will ever make you happy. If you do not love and accept yourself completely, no outside success will matter to you. Sure, creative activities can help you discover who you truly are. Sure, doing something you enjoy and find pleasure in can help you see your own greatness. But at some point on the journey of making this passion into a job, you will have to address the issues that stand between you and this inner contentment. And this block is not your lack of money. It is not your lack of a job, a career or a passion. It is how you perceive yourself. It is based in your feeling of unworthiness. It is a result of not believing you deserve all the beauty life can give you.

When you find yourself at the place of accepting who you are, and feeling worthy of a good life, you will easily slip into the passion and career of what brings you the most joy. When you find the inner peace and contentment in being exactly who you are, you will naturally flow into activities that bring you joy. When you can see, feel and know that you deserve all that you now desire, you will create a reality where you receive all of it. But first you must process this fear. First you must change your perception of yourself. First you must allow yourself to see your own worthiness in this unique tapestry of reality. First you must come to love yourself, just as you are today.

There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing lacking within you. There is nothing you do not have, nothing you can’t do, that proves your unworthiness. There is nothing in this reality (or the next) that can prove to you your unworthiness, because it simply is not true. Your feelings of unworthiness are of the illusion. They feel real, but they are not. Feelings come and go, just like thoughts, but you have created a pattern where some feelings stay around for much longer than they should. You have allowed the feelings and beliefs of your unworthiness to linger. Now is the time to let them go.

Who you are is perfect. Who you are is complete. Who you are is magnificent, and who you are is the One. You are one with the one and only energy that is. You are that energy. To believe that you, as this one energy that exists, is unworthy, is an illusion. And you are clinging to this illusion. If you let go of the feeling of unworthiness you will have to face so many of your inner fears, and so you choose to stay in the feeling of unworthiness. You choose to linger, because it feels safe, because it is familiar. The familiar feelings of shame and unworthiness makes you feel secure, just because you have made a habit of feeling this way. But in order to move ahead to happiness you need to let go of the illusion that you are anything less than perfect. You need to let go of this feeling of unworthiness. You need to let go of feeling held back and helpless. You need to let go of feeling caged in within your own prison of pain.

You are no longer in this cage. You are no longer a victim. Your past is no longer alive. Every day you wake up and create yourself anew. Every day you wake up and decide how to see yourself. Every day your reflection is created fresh. Every day you have a new opportunity to accept yourself and to see the beauty that is the truth of who you are. Every day you have the chance to let go of your feelings of not being worthy, and to step into the power that comes from being authentically who you truly are. Every day you can create a lighter, more light filled you. Let go of the old pain. Let go of the illusion. Let go of the self blame. See yourself as perfect. Because that is what you are. You are a light. You are the light. The more you believe in yourself and your worthiness, the more it will be revealed and reflected back to you. Allow the reflection to raise your vibration and your acceptance of who you are to new heights. Allow yourself to be the receiver of your love. You are worthy of it. You do deserve your own love. You deserve to be respected, and heard. You deserve to be cared for and loved. You deserve to be the center of your attention. You are worthy of this. You are worthy of your own love. You do deserve this.

It is safe to love yourself. It is safe to be you. No one can harm you anymore. Only you create your own pain. Let go of this. You don’t need this pain anymore, you are safe. You deserve your own love. Accept yourself as you are today. See your own value. See your strength in making it here. See your beauty and perfection in having overcome so much. Love the fighter in you, and then let her go. The fight is over. Now you are a lover. And you deserve your own love.

Find that love for yourself and you will guide yourself to the perfect outlet for your activity. Allow yourself to love who you are today, and who you will be tomorrow will be someone more aligned with your truth.

She is in there. But you have to let go of the pain of unworthiness in order to let her out. You need to let go of those thoughts. You need to let go of the pain.

Who you are is perfect. You are the one. You deserve your love. You are worthy of it.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Dearest Astrid, Thank you for bringing in such powerful, beautiful energy in this channel. I find my connection to Source in me through your loving words and guidance. xo

    • Oooh Marilyn! Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words! I am so grateful for having you in my life!💖 Keep shining your light✨

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