You are preparing for a very important and more active part of your incarnation. In this coming part you will be living your purpose, your mission, in a more active way than before. The past has been your preparation part of your mission, and now you are going into the execution phase. This phase has been prepared, orchestrated by you and your team, and is all ready and waiting for you. An important part of this mission is surrender. In order for you to be able to fully flow with and execute this mission that you have intended to live, you need to be able to surrender. To fully surrender into this mission, to fully surrender into who you are, into the role you have chosen for this life, and to surrender into the plan that has already been created for you, and the unfolding of this perfect plan. You need to understand that this mission requires you to fully trust and surrender! To completely surrender! And so, in order to make sure you are ready, and to prepare you for this surrender, you are required to surrender in order to even start the phase. The eye of the needle is the image of the task you are going into. You are fully capable of this task. All it requires is your surrender. Through your surrender you will be flexible enough, relaxed enough, so malleable that you can squeeze through that tiny hole at the top of the sewing needle. If you resist, if you hold back, if you control, your shoulders will be too broad and stiff to make it through. You must surrender to what is. You must surrender to the forces that are carrying you through the hole, the eye of the needle. You must surrender to the unknown, and fully accept not knowing.

And there is no duality. You must exist outside of duality, within the Oneness state of mind. Yes, there is still wanted and unwanted, but there is not good or bad. This is part of the surrender, to accept it all as it is being perceived. Understand that it is the perceiver who creates the duality, and so the perceiver can also let go of duality. There is no other thing you need to do: just let go. Let go of what you thought you were, let go of your beliefs that hold you back, let go of the defending and proving, let go of the efforts. Just surrender into your creation, and allow your creation to take you through the eye of the needle. That is where you are going, that is where the flow is taking you, that is who you are. You are the surrendered one, because you have already created this life for yourself. This life that will take you to your mission, this life that will help you see yourself, to BE yourself. You are the Surrendered, and you find yourself in the surrender.

Let go of trying to be more, to be enough, to please others, even let go of trying to help. Let go of chasing, let go of wanting, let go of needing, let go of all the illusions that you have been surrounding yourself with. Just let it go, and fall back into the warm embrace of the love that was always there for you, the love that is yours, the love that you are. Let go of trying to prove yourself, to improve, to expand, to raise your vibration, and just surrender into the inevitable: you are becoming who you truly are.

Shut out the comments, the remarks, the opinions, the judgments. Shut out all that is of the illusion, and be safe in who you are. For she is you, and you are becoming yourself.

But you need to surrender. You need to surrender, wholeheartedly and fully. It is for you. For you. And it will feel so good.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Justin Land Reply

    Great article! Bashar just had a talk titled ‘Eye of the Needle” and this is indeed part of our 2020 experience. Being in some sense forced to finally surrender to who we truly are 🙂 Thanks!

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