When you are being guided by the Divine plan you are following the path of your inner being. Your inner being knows more than you do, about where you want to go and how to get there. Your inner being wishes to guide you to the easiest and most joy-filled path available to you. But you resist. You resist out of fear, trying to control your life, because letting go of control seems too scary. It seems impossible to just give up.

Giving up, giving in, surrendering – you can call it whatever you want, and it will not change it’s essence: to admit that you may not know what is best for you, to allow yourself to be led by the higher power, and to accept that what comes to you is for your highest good. There is a plan. You are being guided. You do not have to control your way through life. You do not have do plan it all out. You only have to follow the breadcrumbs.

The breadcrumbs are always there, and plenty of them. But in your efforts to figure it all out, to make life go along with your plans, you tend to not notice the big loaves being thrown your way. Most of you do not see the bread until you are knee deep in it. And that is okay. It just means that most of you struggle and effort more than you need, but then again that is just an experience, and it is valid and worthy just like any other experience.

If, however, you are ready for ease and magic, you need to choose the path of the Divine Plan. It sounds all fancy, but what it means is simply to let go of control, and allow yourself to be led to your next exploration. Life will always provide you with everything you need, including lessons to learn from and breadcrumbs to follow. Your awareness is key in this part of your execution. You need awareness of what is happening within you, awareness of the signs, or the loaves being catapulted your way non-stop, and the stillness and space within you to process what these signs are trying to tell you. If there is constant chatter inside of you, you will not have the quiet background to separate the signs from the normal chatter. Your signs will disappear in the everyday nagging and worry and confusion, and you just continue struggling.

Through the practice of stillness, of going within and allowing silence to occupy your inner world, you allow yourself to become aware of the signs that are being put in front of you. You can hear the shouting from your guides, see the towers of loaves all around you, and you find the inner voice that reminds you that this sign has been coming up for you all around. There are no coincidences. There are no accidents. There is only synchronicity and the elegancy of divine timing and divine orchestration. You are part of that Divine stream of love energy that creates it all and makes all play in perfect harmony. It is impossible for you to not be a part of the macro-edition of Divine planning, and the divine plan will play out for you as you live your life. The difference between struggle and ease is how much or how little you choose to follow this Divine plan. The Divine order will help you become who you are and who you are meant to be, with ease and abundance. If you struggle and resist this plan you will experience more suffering simply because you are resisting your very nature, your essence, your path and your destiny. You always have a choice, because you have free will. This free will is expressed in how you experience and perceive what comes to you through the divine plan. The plan will play out regardless of your will, but how you accept or resist this plan will make a very different experience for your life and your well being.

At certain points in your life you will find yourself at a crossroads. You always have the choice to continue controlling, or to surrender to the forces that guide you. One is ease and one is struggle. One is acceptance and one is resistance. Ask yourself “Can I accept what is in my life right now? Can I accept not knowing what is going to be? Can I accept what is even though it feels unwanted? Can I accept the uncertainty and the unknown? Can I trust myself? Can I trust the powers that guide over me? Can I trust the Love energy of all that is? Do I believe all that exists is love, and so all creations must also be of that love energy?”. Everything that comes to you is part of this plan. How you deal with it, how you choose to perceive it and how you choose to experience your life is what determines how much joy or how much pain you live. You can choose surrender and joy, or resistance and pain. As you let go and surrender into the acceptance of what is, of not knowing what will come, but trusting that all is well, you willingly dive into the stream of the Divine Plan. You go along with the energy that creates all life, and you can go in a slow stream or in a powerful waterfall. What is meant to happen will happen, but you have a choice of how to experience that journey.

Accept what is. Truly surrender into the energy that creates this wonderful gift of exploration for you. You are a part of that energy, and that energy is love. Your life is a creation of love. You are surrendering into love. Trust that force, and let go of the need to control in order to feel safe. There is nothing to fear, and the sooner you surrender the sooner you will feel yourself relax into the bliss of being carried forward. You do not have to struggle, or do the heavy work at all. You can be carried! But you have to choose that way of transportation. You have to choose to surrender. You have to choose that what is, is. And that it is for your highest good. And that it and you are part of the Divine Plan. Surrender into the knowing that you are taken care of. You are the Divine plan in expression, and your life is the Divine Journey in action.


Spiritual Guide

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