When you surrender you open up to opportunities and solutions of a higher consciousness. Surrender helps you let go of resistance and open up to inner guidance. Allow yourself to be guided upwards and into new frequencies of inspiration and experience. Control is you fighting against yourself, against what your vibration is creating. Surrender brings relief through you letting go of trying to hold back your own creations. Surrender allows your reality to change into more of what you desire.

Through the act of accepting what is, accepting your reality, the outside conditions, and yourself as you are, you allow change to come. When you resist, you hold on. When you resist, you energetically attach yourself to what is, and you keep creating the same conditions. When you accept, you allow the energies to flow, to change and adapt as is needed. This is how you move forward, with the flow, and not against it. The more you can accept and let go of control, the easier the ride and the quicker the current takes you forward. So often the only times you allow yourself to surrender is when you are at the limits of what you can take. You push yourself to the edge, and you only surrender when you can finally take no more. Surrender might feel like defeat, but it is in fact an act of victory. Surrender means letting in help. It means aligning with the force and power of who you are in your essence: Source energy.

The simple, but not easy, act of surrendering brings relief. It helps you to release resistance, it reduces fear in the sense that you cannot hold on to the fear anymore because it is just too much. You don’t know how to fix or resolve, or find your way forward, and so you surrender control. CONTROL. You surrender control to the pure love part of yourself. Not to any force outside of you, but to yourself, the Source part of you that has complete clarity of what is going on, where you want to go, and how to get there. This means that your path is very likely going in a different route than what you have imagined. It very likely means to do something slightly different, and probably sooner than you had planned. 

Basically, surrender means giving up on your plan, and aligning with the greater plan. Greater as in bigger, larger, and greater as in better, more amazing, more exciting and rewarding. It also means greater as in more fear inducing, because your fears are signs of where you need to go in order to grow. What you fear, is what you seek. Where there is fear, there are opportunities for growth. Where there is great fear, there is the opportunity of GREAT growth. And growth and expansion is what you seek, both as the human you, and as the soul you. Expansion means excitement, more knowledge, more courage. Expansion means new abilities, new interests, new insights about what you are truly capable of. 

The path to all that you desire goes through your fears. Facing your fears, dealing with them, pushing past them and learning through experience that YOU are the greater power, that is what you desire. That is where you shine, and where you get to discover the power that is within you. And as you push through fear, you discover your purpose. As you live and act in alignment with your purpose, you uncover and face more of your fears. As you face these fears, you reach the point of surrender. In the unknown, the only choice you have is surrender. On your path, exploring your purpose, facing your fears, you will surrender. The roadblocks you place in front of yourself are there by design. One of the things your soul wants you to learn is the act of surrender. Because surrender teaches you how effortlessly you can move forward. It teaches you to trust, both in yourself and the abilities that lie within you but can only be found when needed (and not a minute before). But also, to trust in the power of the Universes, the power of Source, and the loving and benevolent energies that are supporting you and guiding you every step of the way. But in order for you to allow that guidance and support in, you must surrender. 


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