New souls and advanced souls

There are new souls being birthed constantly. Source energy is infinite. The energy that is Source, is expanding at all times. When you think or desire something new, you create new energy, called expansion. This energy is not just a desire, it is also pure Source energy. All energy is pure Source energy. As all of Source energy expands in a multitude of ways, this … Continue reading New souls and advanced souls

Control and shifting into the unknown

Transcription from a Group call/video: Question to Laurel: So, lately, I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I could just jump out of my body and I understand that this could mean some type of a shift. Is this truly a shift to a different level or is my Inner Being trying to like shake me up and say, ‘Hey, you need to pay attention in … Continue reading Control and shifting into the unknown

The nuances of ascension

Transcript from Laurel Group Channeling Session: Isabelle: All right Laurel, you said this was specific for Tina. Do you want to show the nuances between my ascension, and how it differs from Tina? LAUREL: It doesn’t differ very much because it’s the same process, and you also go from unworthiness into worthiness. From not accepting who you are, into completely loving who you are. There … Continue reading The nuances of ascension