What does it mean to be in alignment with your power?

To be who you truly are. To live in love, being love, giving and receiving love. Your natural state of being is a being of love. You allow all your desires to come to you when you desire to, and you allow all things that come to you to be what you desire. You are in love with the moment, with who you are, with … Continue reading What does it mean to be in alignment with your power?

The twisted path to your desired manifestation

How do I change my body? Through your thoughts. When you believe there is something that needs to change, you are creating resistance. Through resistance you are not allowing in this very change. You are creating a standoff that resists the change you desire. Change must come from acceptance. Change must come from a place of love. Your thoughts and beliefs dictate your reality. Your … Continue reading The twisted path to your desired manifestation

The process of manifestation

How specific or general do I go when manifesting my desires? When you manifest, when you create, you do so from your vibration. Your vibration is made up of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings, and your desires and fears. When you desire something there is usually a mental image of that thing or situation. That is fine. However, the important thing is how this … Continue reading The process of manifestation

Q/A to 3rd YouTube video

Q;Before I found out about the teachings of Joshua, I came across Law of Attraction in books. Quite many of them mentioned the process of thinking from the end or something similar, for example, focusing on the vision what you want, or acting as if you already have it. As I have been absorbing the teachings of Joshua, these processes look now like just another … Continue reading Q/A to 3rd YouTube video